Good Signs

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

The Guardians were out and about in the neighborhood today and once again they brought home photos of signs that were posted on telephone poles. But this time the signs were not as depressing because they showed that our neighbors are looking out for kitties! The first sign showed a handsome Orange Tabby that two kind people had found. They were trying to help him find his people.

Found Cat, Orange Tabby

Two kind people found this handsome boy. They are trying to find his family.

The second sign was a warning meant to help keep both dogs and cats safe from a common danger. See, we kitties and small dogs… what Thomas?… Oh… yes, I know wiener dogs are small dogs… anyway, we kitties and wiener dogs… I mean… any small dogs… are seen as prey by coyotes, eagles, bobcats, and a number of other wild predators. Someone saw a coyote in their neighborhood and posted a sign to let dog and cat guardians know about it.

Coyote warning sign

A neighbor posted this sign in an attempt to encourage others to keep their pets safe.

In reality, the sign should have said, “Car, mean person, toxin, wild predator, dog, cat, and countless other dangers warning in this area! Keep small dogs and cats safely confined at all times and keep dogs and cats on leash if you take them outside.” It’s a little wordier, but much more comprehensive than the poster above. Still, the fact that people are thinking about kitty (and dog) safety and sharing it with others at all is something to celebrate! So, if you will excuse me, I’m off to find myself some celebratory catnip.

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Oliver

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12 responses to “Good Signs

  1. Sandy

    Hope the handsome cat finds his way home. Very good way to ease into the weekend knowing that people care. Thank you Brother Oliver.

  2. rhiannonpaine

    Thanks for this post, Brother Oliver. It’s good to know that people in your neighborhood are looking out for kitties and wiener dogs. I mean SMALL dogs.

  3. It’s good to see some good signs for a change. 🙂

  4. there are some good peoples out there.

  5. Brother Oliver, I always get stumped when peeps from other countries have a culture that days “cats must live naturally” …meaning indoor, outdoor. And then they state that their country is not filled with predators like the USA. Why do they not see that when a beloved cat is slaughtered by wandering dogs not confined that this is the same world wide? Cars, wandering dogs, cruel people, snakes, venomous spiders etc exist all over. I have no way to try to convince them otherwise, even when a beloved cat has been killed purely due to the fact that it was allowed outside unsupervised…so very sad

    • Hi Savannah. I always hear the Guardians reply to this by saying that “living naturally” doesn’t have to mean “living unsafely”. They tell people if they really believe that cats must have access to the outdoors, then build them an enclosure, walk them on a leash, basically do what you need to do to let them enjoy the outdoors safely. The Guardians also say that for cats to truly “live naturally” we would need to turn the clock back at least 12,000 years and make sure that people never domesticate cats and spread them all over the globe. When we were truly wild and still only found in our natural habitat we were quite capable of taking care of ourselves outside. These days we need the people who we rely on for food and shelter to also give us safe boundaries. We really don’t know how to do that for ourselves. 🙂 – Brother Oliver

      • We understand, but find it difficult to deliver the message in such a way others can “hear” it before rejecting it. Especially those I other countries such as those touched by the culture in the UK…perhaps they are not aware that wild animals are far from being the most dangerously harmful threat for cats.

  6. We love people and good news!


  7. Brother oliver, thanks for the share. I miss getting the updates about Weiner dog invasion training. Maybe sir Thomas can give me tips?

  8. We iz glad dat peeple are tryin to find Orinche boy’z ownerz. We haz a pale orinche tabby who wandurz around here. So now we haz 3 feralz n dey iz too scared to come neer Mum….so we just putz out food n milk n kibble…iz bettur den nuffin butt we wishez we cuud REELLY help n get dem off da streetz 😉
    Mousiez Coyotez!!! Ackshully we haz dem here too…well out in da countree n Mu told me ’bout dem. Glad we iz in da town…den again Mum will NOTT let me stay out once it getz duskie like…me haz purrtested butt she reefusez to let me stay out in Condo…she iz bery purrtecktive of me 😉
    Yer furend, Nylablue =^,,^=

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