Being The Miracle For Tequila and Malibu

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

The Miracle has happened again! Twice! Disciple Amanda wrote to us with this happy news:

“For years I ran an animal rescue and fostered kitties. Since I moved last year, I went months unable to help the shadow kitties of the world. Once we moved into our new place, two very special girls made themselves known to me and have been adopted into our family.

First there’s Tequila. She is a gorgeous long haired calico. I was leaving my home one day to do some grocery shopping when I noticed three kids throwing rocks at and kicking something laying in the gutter. With a sick feeling I stopped the car and jumped out. This kids saw my crazy eyes and ran. I found a skinny, muddy little Kitty laying there. It took no time to get her to come to me. She purred all the way home. She is estimated around eight months old and has one silly personality.”


In the gutter no longer, Tequila was snatched from the jaws of cruelty and taken to the warmth and safety of The Promised Land.

“Second is Malibu. She is an incredibly sweet tuxedo girl. I found her at the gas station, hugely pregnant and starving. I brought her home and she clung to my daughter. We are now awaiting her kittens anxiously!”


Living outside a gas station is no life for a cat. Malibu is in the shadows no more.

A few days after receiving this email, Amanda sent us an update on Malibu. She had given birth to three kittens! Sadly, one kitten was stillborn, but the other two are healthy and will now be able to spend their entire lives in The Promised Land!

Malibu and kittens

Malibu’s kittens will not live in The Shadows.

Amanda, we cannot thank you enough for your caring, your compassion, and your willingness to act on behalf of kitties in need. You are a shining example of what Leader Otis meant when he said, “Be The Miracle“.

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Henry

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16 responses to “Being The Miracle For Tequila and Malibu

  1. CindyD

    I’m awaiting the arrival of my newest CH (wobbly) kitten. I should be able to pick her up from the vet in the next state
    about 10 days. I have 2 special needs cats now and since the house is set up to accommodate them (lots of doggie steps) i thought another one would like it here. I know she’s dark grey long hair…that’s all I know except that she’s mine!!

  2. YAY!!! What wonderful stories!

  3. I would hope that she turned those kids in to the police! Ther is something inherently wrong with them.

  4. DJFuzzyK

    I love the last picture with the content new mom and her tiny kitties. What a wonderful start to the week!

  5. It is nice to know those kitties will live happy and healthy lives.

  6. mistletoeandhitch

    Welcome to the Promise Land, Tequila and Malibu! We are so glad you could join us here. May you have long, healthy lives full of head scratches and cozy snuggles, yummy treats and catnip toys.

  7. What beautiful cats and kittens.

  8. Amanda

    The kids ran off and I was more worried about getting Tequila somewhere safe. You can bet I’m keeping a lookout and of I ever see them, I will follow them home, get their address and call the cops. I have picture evidence and a vet record showing her injuries (thankfully minor)

  9. Sandy

    Amanda – I hope I can be as brave as you were in saving Tequila if the need ever arises. Thank you for being the miracle for Tequila and Malibu!!

  10. rhiannonpaine

    An abundance of miracles! Thank you, Amanda and Cindy D. Tequila and Malibu are beautiful and they both look so secure and content.

  11. They both sound amazingly tame for feral cats. Must’ve been desperate for human love!

  12. Lucky kitties and wonderful lady for seeing that someone had to step up…those kids are Psychotics in the making…a fact they need help fast! Fozziemum

  13. So happy to hear these kitties found their miracle in Amanda and her family! It’s sad that kids would abuse a sweet little kitty like Tequila. I’m glad her story ended happily and that these four kitties (I’m counting Malibu’s babies) will have good lives now.

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