Attack of the Monster

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

This morning I was napping up in Kitty Valhalla when I thought I heard a lady screaming. The sound seemed to be coming from the living room, so I ran downstairs and rushed in there to see what was going on. When I arrived, I saw Brother Oliver sitting on a big, poofy bed, and screaming at the top of his lungs.

Oliver Screaming

It wasn’t a lady screaming. It was Brother Oliver.

I walked over and bopped Brother Oliver with my paw to bring him to his senses. Then I asked him what he was screaming about. He said, “Brother Henry! I think a monster is trying to get in through the window behind the TV! I heard all kinds of weird noise and I could see something moving through the curtains!” I told him to calm down and that I would check it out. I then rushed over to the window to investigate. As I peered out, I heard Brother Oliver behind me say, “Be careful Brother Henry! We don’t know what kind of monster it is or what it’s capable of!”

As I looked out the window Brother Oliver told me to be careful.

As I looked out the window Brother Oliver told me to be careful.

At first I didn’t see anything at all, and then something suddenly jumped up from below and perched on the windowsill on the opposite side of the glass. I was so startled I jumped nearly three feet in the air. As I landed, my eyes focused on what was on the other side of the glass. Here is what I saw:

Cookie Monster

This is what I saw.

I turned to Brother Oliver and said, “You were right, Brother Oliver… it’s a monster. I don’t think we need to worry though because it is a Cookie Monster.” Brother Oliver gave me a puzzled look until he looked behind me and saw Cookie still scratching at the window. Then he said, “Oh… right. Ummm… I’m a little embarrassed at the way I reacted earlier…” I told Brother Oliver not to worry about it, and I told him to alert the Guardians that Cookie was outside waiting for a snack and some catnip.

I really couldn’t blame Brother Oliver for being so scared. In an ideal world kitties would not be left outside to claw at neighbors’ windows and windowsills in search of treats or affection. In an ideal world they would be getting everything they need from their own Guardian in a safely confined environment. Unfortunately, we do not yet live in that world, but I hope you will continue to join us in working toward that goal.

In Otis’s Name

Brother Henry

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19 responses to “Attack of the Monster

  1. Hehe brother o’s picture had me giggling. Poor cookie. Do you think the guardians can take her in? I’m asking because she is so beautiful and I would definitely help pay for her vetting if need be. I would love to see her safe.

  2. rhiannonpaine

    Thankfully Sir Thomas wasn’t around; he’d have freaked out about wiener dogs! Cookie knows where to go for treats and affection, and it’s good of your Guardians to provide both. I just wish she was getting them from her own people.

  3. Glad there isn’t a screen on that window to catch Cookie’s claws. Hope one I saw in my backyard today comes back for the food I put out when I saw him/her. Didn’t run from me but didn’t come back when I came back out with food either. Hope Cookie can get some permanent guardians too.

  4. I don’t blame him for being frightened, there’s nothing like the sound of claws on glass to freak a person, or furson, out! Poor Coookie, wish her people would keep her indoors! Glad your guardians took care of her!

  5. Jenn

    Cookie looks so much like my cat Bastet, it breaks my heart that she is living in the World Without Walls. I hope her people will eventually be touched by the Spirit of the Leader and will realize the error of their ways.

  6. Oh sweet Cookie. She is already counting on her snacks and special nip trips! peeEss…you might want to stop by my bloggy tomorrow. Leader Otis was present when another cat was taken to her Promised Land last Nov 1.

  7. Poor Cookie – and poor Brother Oliver.

  8. That Cookie Monster is quite persistent!

  9. Sandy

    Brother Oliver did the right thing to sound the alarm – although now you know that his alarm sounds like a lady in distress (good disguise, Brother Oliver!). Glad Cookie Monster knew she was at a friendly place where her actions would summon catnip and attention.

  10. mistletoeandhitch

    If we remember right, Cookie comes from the same home as our beloved Mama Cat. We had hoped the her remaining human might have more affection for Cookie and fulfill the duties and privileges of Guardian for her. Sadly, she seems to be left to fend for herself, turning to the Guardians of the Cult of Otis for food and affection. We can only pray that Cookie’s persistence is heeded by her human when she turns there for help. Thanks to the Cult of Otis for answering the call of so many of us that remain lost in Limbo or hiding in the Shadows.

  11. So good to see Cookie becoming increasingly tame and reliant on the Guardians. Now if only she could rely on her own guardians.

  12. Cookie monster is so lovely – bless him!!

  13. gail

    Awesome! 🙂

  14. So glad yous hoomans can help Cookie.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


  15. oh my he knows a good home 🙂

  16. msphoebecat

    Poor Cookie, she especially tugs at my heart being that tortie cats are one of the cats I especially worship. Ms. Phoebe was a dilute tortie and my first experience with these special ladycats. After she joined the Leader and Mama Cat in January, I thought I would never be happy again. My angel knew this and when earlier this month a friend in rescue gave me a gift certificate for a cat adoption for my birthday, the special cat I was drawn to was a tortie who looks a lot like Cookie! She is a 3 yr old who was found abandoned and living in limbo, her trust of humans small and she is very skittish and suffers from extreme anxiety. She wasn’t doing well at the rescue cattery and the three months she was up for adoption had no interest. Having had special needs kitties before, 2 with anxiety issues I was not deterred!
    I am super excited to say I am the proud new Guardian to Clove!
    She has acclimated slowly to our home and is a total snuggly lap cat, chatterbox, and purr motor when you have gained her trust. She has met Kaspars her new big fur brother and while they are cautious of one another and keep a distance, there have been no fights or major dramas. In time I have no doubt they will live together peacefully. Her new fur doggie sister Sophie likes her, but Clove does not fully share the sentiment. She hisses at times, but is fascinated by this Black Lab mix and watching her kitty bro rub up against and lie next to her! I think in time she will see more and more that Sophie is a cat loving dog, who was raised from 15 weeks old by Ms. Phoebe, Kaspars, and their panther sister Černy (at the Bridge with Phoebe, 2012).
    It saddens me to know Cookie’s so called Guardian treats her this way, yet warms my heart to see how she comes to your house for love and noms. I hope that maybe she will be wllling to come out of limbo, and that the Guardians might consider giving her a forever home with you mancats if her current poor excuse of a human complies. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did not care, what time to they give her anyway?! I will keep Cookie in my thoughts and my kitties and dog will keep their paws crossed that one day soon Cookie will inherit Mama Cat’s throne. Mama Cat will always be Queen, but that doesn’t mean Cookie could not have a royal title as well: Empress Cookie, Countess Cookie, Lady Cookie, Princess Cookie, and Duchess Cookie all sound CATabulous to me. I think Duchess Cookie fits her especially- Duchess Fergie of England is known to be a down to earth, feisty, loving woman and Cookie shares these attributes well. A Duchess is often less proper/strict in spirit but just as refined as a Queen.

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  18. Brother Henry me wuud bin freeked out too if me herd a noise n nott nose what or who it waz…
    Poor Cookie…she shure needz attenshun…maybee she will allow herslef to bee swept up…me pawz are crossed fer dat day!
    Where we used to live dere waz an Orinche kittehboy named Monty who waz Mingflower’z boyfurend, da kitteh befur me…..
    he had a home around da corner butt he wuud open da screen door n escape n come to bizit us. Mum fed him fer 10 of da 11 yeerz she lived dere. He wuud tap/pound on da window wif hiz paw….BAM BAM BAM,,,
    Me wuud nott let him come in so Mum wuud bring him hiz food n treetz outside.
    We lived in sub basemint so her windowz were ground level….me iz glad we iz on ground level now so me can keep an eye on fingz!!!!
    N no kittehz alloud in here wif me 😉
    Nylablue =^,,^=

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