Cookie Is Now Conscious

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

After her nip overindulgence, Cookie finally returned to consciousness. I watched over her the whole time, making sure she stayed safe. After about four hours she suddenly groaned, and started rubbing her head. She said, “Owwwww! What did I do?”

Oliver and Cookie Conversing 1

Cookie groaned and started rubbing her head. I knew she had come back to consciousness.

Apparently, Cookie was unaware of my presence. She said, “What’s that smell? Oh dear… it’s me!” Then, to my horror, she started performing a very delicate grooming operation right in front of me!

Cookie doing delicate things.

Cookie, unaware of my presence, started doing things better done in private.

I quickly averted my eyes, not wanting to embarrass Cookie when she realized I was there. And she soon did. I heard her say, “Oh! Brother Oliver! I didn’t see you there? Have you been there long?”

Oliver and Cookie Conversing 3

Cookie finally noticed me and asked if I had been there long.

I replied, “Ummm… oh… hey Cookie! Nope, I haven’t been here long at all. Not long at all.” Cookie said, “Oh, good. I mean, I was just uhhhh… well… taking care of some business that was kind of private. I… hey, why won’t you look at me?” I quickly said, “Look at you? I… oh, no I’m not trying not to look at you, it’s just that I thought I saw a wiener dog over there!”

As soon as the words left my lips I thought, “Great… now I sound like Thomas.” But the redirection had the desired effect. Cookie ran over to the nearby fence shouting, “I MUST PREPARE FOR BATTLE!” She began to vigorously sharpen her claws.

Cookie preparing for battle

Cookie ran to the fence and began sharpening her claws. My ruse had worked.

Having defused a potentially embarrassing situation for the both of us, I said, “Never mind, Cookie, it wasn’t a wiener. It was just an extremely long squirrel. Then I quickly headed back inside the house. As I did so I heard Cookie say, “Prepare to die, wiener squirrel!”

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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12 responses to “Cookie Is Now Conscious

  1. Good move Brother Oliver…you missed that awkward moment

  2. squirrel? Where?


  3. rhiannonpaine

    You are such a gentleman, Brother Oliver! Or should that be gentlecat? Thanks for keeping watch over Cookie and for averting your eyes from her intimate grooming activities.

  4. mistletoeandhitch

    Great save, Brother Oliver! Now Cookie will remain in your yard awhile longer searching for an extremely long squirrel. Nice job keeping her safe and unembarrassed.

  5. Thanks for watching over her. I hope Thomas doesn’t hear about the Weiner squirrel.

  6. Good save, Brother Oliver! We too prefer to Play The Cello in private.

  7. As a mere human, I have always been jealous of the cattish flexibility. But you have proven that politeness is alive and well. At least in the cat world. 🙂

  8. Way to go Brother Oliver. You saved her from great embarrassment. Hope Brother Thomas doesn’t start looking for Weiner Squirrels either!

  9. Wiener-Skwerl or Were-Skwerl … equally dastardly!

  10. Wiener Squirrel! Oh my gosh! What a thought! Hope Thomas doesnt hear about it and think the dogs are training hibred troops to attack from up high!

  11. Weiner Squirrel!!!! I just spit tea all over the laptop screen….that is hilarious…
    Brother Oliver you are a true ‘gentlecat’ & handled a delicate situation with dignite & respect. Leader Otis is proud of you!
    Sherriellen & Nylablue to ❤ ❤

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