Brother Oliver Was Moved By The Spirit Again

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Not too long ago, Brother Oliver was moved by the spirit of The Leader as he… well… as he indulged in something he shouldn’t have been doing. Wait… What’s that Thomas? Oh… Thomas was just pointing out that I’m not one to disparage others who partake of the nip considering my recent weak moment. True enough.

Anyway, I believe that I witnessed Brother Oliver being moved by the spirit again recently. I walked into the bedroom to find Brother Oliver, the Guardians, some open boxes, and an array of boards, shiny fasteners, and other building materials. Brother Oliver was laying on his side looking over a book with strange diagrams in it. He was saying, “Ok… we need a few of these boards… a couple of these round shiny thingies… oh, and some of those wood stubby things…”

Oliver channeling TBT 1

Bother Oliver was laying on the floor looking at some strange diagrams.

At first I couldn’t believe my eyes! Leader Otis used to like tools, and He would get all excited when the Guardians were building something. I remember the Guardians used to call Him Tool Belt Tony sometimes because of this. Brother Oliver continued, “Let’s see. I need to make sure I have the right parts here…” He closely examined a pile of shiny bits that were nearby.

Oliver channeling TBT 2

Brother Oliver closely examined a pile of shiny bits.

Next, Brother Oliver started rubbing his face on the shiny bits. He said, “Now I just need to make sure these smell right. Hmmm… they smell kind of ‘metal-y’. I’ll just rub my cheek on them to take care of that…”

Oliver channeling TBT 3

Brother Oliver said the bits smelled “metal-y”. He rubbed his cheek on them to remedy that.

At this point, one of the Guardians started putting two boards together, and Brother Oliver sat up to supervise. He said, “All right, now put that thingy together with the other thingy using those metal thingies and that wood thingy.” I was pretty sure the Guardian couldn’t understand his yowls and meows.

Oliver channeling TBT 4

Brother Oliver seemed to be trying to instruct the Guardian. I don’t think the Guardian understood him.

Unable to keep quiet any longer I said, “Brother Oliver, you know she can’t understand what you are saying right.” Brother Oliver replied, “Oh yeah? Then why is she putting the thingy together with the two metal thingies and the wood thingy just like I said?”

Oliver channeling TBT 5

Brother Oliver thought that the Guardian’s actions proved that she understood him.

Not wanting to argue, especially since I was very touched by this homage to Tool Belt Tony, I just said, “OK. You’ve got a point Brother O. And you know what? I think Leader Otis would be very proud of you right now…” Brother Oliver looked at me for a moment and then a big kitty grin with just a hint of sadness crossed his face. He said, “I… I didn’t even realize what I was doing.”

I replied, “I thought not, Brother Oliver, but look at the Guardians’ damp eyes and smiling mouths. They knew what was happening, and because of you they feel the presence of The Leader right now.”  Brother Oliver said, “I don’t know what to say..” And I said, “You don’t need to say anything. Just keep going where the spirit moves you.” Then I left him to continue doing just that.

So Says Brother Henry

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13 responses to “Brother Oliver Was Moved By The Spirit Again

  1. It is good to know that Leader Otis is always with us, in the things we say,the things we do and the love and respect we show each other. I’m sure Leader Otis is proud of the way both Brothers Henry and Oliver carry on his work and spread his teachings. Blessings on all of the Cult of Otis.

  2. so proud of you boys for carrying on the good work (and great snoopervision job too!).

  3. So happy that the leader is there to move you.

  4. such sweet boys – keep up the good work!

  5. How sweet that the Leader would not let the guardians construct things without supervision. It appears he’s’ still training Brother Oliver from beyond.

  6. rhiannonpaine

    From Tool Belt Tony to All Parts Present Oliver! (And not only present, but scented with kitty!) I’m sure Otis would be very proud of Oliver, and of the way everyone in the Cult is carrying on His good work in His absence.

  7. Awww..Brother Oliver you did great channeling The Leader. and if I may ask…would you mind sending Sir Thomas over to my Monday blog post…I did some recon work for him and discovered something he needs to know about…*shhhh..whispering*…it’s about the wiener dogs

  8. Sandy

    The spirit of Otis lives on in Brother Oliver : ) Can’t wait to see what Brother Oliver helped build!

  9. I love when the fur babies help. And I know Leader Otis would be very proud of your supervising prowress. Good job!

  10. An amazing happenstance I must say as I walked by and looked up at my Cult of Otis sticker that Dad has positioned for my daily homage.

  11. Kris

    Awwww. Keep true to the leader’s teachings. The guardians need to know he’s within all of you.

  12. How can Brother Oliver lay down in a pile of nuts and bolts? Ow!

  13. Brother Henry it sure looks like Brother Oliver was channeling Leader Otis aka ToolBelt Tony there! How marvellous. We know how much Leader Otis is missed so this must have warmed th Guardians hearts.
    What were you building we wonder?
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxo

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