Brother Henry Survived Another Bad Place Visit

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

Last week, Brother Henry had to take another trip to The Bad Place. He has still been experiencing many ouchy moments, even after having most of his teeth removed a few months ago. I asked Brother Henry if he was afraid to be returning to The Bad Place and he said, “Nope, not at all.” When I asked him why not he said, “Because I am taking my Sacred Cloak of Ninja Power to keep me safe while I am there.” I assumed he was talking about the awesome ninja blanket that Disciple Christine sent him a while back.

Henry with cloak of ninja power

Brother Henry wrapped himself in the Sacred Cloak of Ninja Power while he was at The Bad Place.

When he returned, Brother Henry told me that the good people at The Bad Place had looked in his mouth and discussed different options with The Guardians. He said he didn’t have time to tell me everything that had happened though, because he had something very important to do. When I found him 20 minutes later he was laying on the living room floor, banana-nipped out of his mind. I guess the stress of the day had really gotten to him, but after his peeling session he was certainly feeling no pain… not that I would ever condone such a thing, of course.

Henry after The Bad Place

Brother Henry was so stressed by his visit to The Bad Place that he spent the rest of the afternoon peeling.

Fortunately, Brother Henry had recovered from his nipdulgence by the next day, and the Guardians have been giving him some kind of medication that he actually likes to eat! They just set the pill in front of him and he immediately gulps it down like it’s a treat or something. It kind of makes me want to try one, but the Guardians keep preventing me from doing so. Whatever it is, it seems to be helping. Brother Henry’s appetite has increased, and I heard the Guardians say the redness on his gums has  all but disappeared!

Here’s hoping that Brother Henry is back up to his full 17-pounds of tabby fury in no time!

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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17 responses to “Brother Henry Survived Another Bad Place Visit

  1. Paw hugs for Bro Henry…and Sir Thomas…I may have disturbing news for you on my Monday blog post…all I can say for sure now is…beware…’they’ are real and preparing….the LFDU has set loose a WDRS(Weiner dog recon scout).

  2. We hope everyone feels better very soon!

    Noodle hugs

  3. randomfelines

    Brother Henry – you are very brave and we hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. rhiannonpaine

    It was fun to see Christine’s NInja blanket again — those blankets are amazing. I’m sorry Brother Henry had to return to the Bad Place, but happy that the new medicine is helping … well, that and the nip.

  5. Sandy

    Fingers and paws crossed for Brother Henry – let us know if we should send more nip bananas!

  6. So good to hear that whatever meds they decided to try are working! So many things we humans just have to guess at and we often make a choice that doesn’t quite make it completely. Hope this one clears up everything quickly and Brother Henry has no more problems.

  7. Yay the ninja blanket is providing much needed courage.

  8. Glad to hear that Brother Henry is feeling better and that his Sacred Cloak of Ninja Power is doing it’s job.

  9. We purr that Brother Henry’s mouth feels better.

  10. Yer Ninja blankie iz pawsum Brother Henry n we finkz it gave ya courage to bee brave at da Vet’z! WE iz glad ya iz doin betturish n hopez da meddycashun makez ya all bettur soon!!!
    Nip nanner lookz like it iz da best meddycashun of all 😉
    Much lub n purrayerz frum me Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxo

  11. We hope that Brother Henry feels much better fast! Glad he had the nip nanners to help when he got home!

  12. Glad he’s feeling better, with ‘all’ his medications 😀

  13. msphoebecat

    Purrs of healing power sent to Brother Henry so he continues to feel better. I wish I had a nana to peel out with when I’m stressed!

  14. huge healing purrs coming from UK moggies xxx

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