Brother Oliver Walked Right Into Their Trap

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

Brother Oliver fell right into their trap. He told me the whole story afterward, and it was clear that he still didn’t fully understand what had happened. Brother Oliver said, “I walked into the living room and noticed this weird, shiny, puffy piece of plastic. As you can imagine, I became curious… I mean, I am a cat after all. Anyway, I walked over to check it out. Something didn’t seem quite right though, so I looked nervously around the room before I took a closer look at the plastic.”

Oliver with bubblewrap 4

Brother Oliver was curious, obviously, but wary as well.

Brother Oliver continued, “Seeing nothing amiss, I started my investigation. The plastic was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I was mesmerized by it’s shiny, wavy surface.”

Oliver with bubblewrap 1

Brother Oliver was mesmerized by the shiny surface.

Brother Oliver continued, “Something told me I shouldn’t do it, but I just had to touch the plastic. It was weird. It felt all poofy.”

Oliver with bubblewrap 2

Brother Oliver said he was compelled to touch the poofy plastic.

Brother Oliver told me the rest of his story, but I knew exactly where it was going. He said, “So, there I was, pushing on the shiny, poofy surface with my paw. The feeling was both unsetting and fascinating. I almost felt like I was going into a trance. As my mind started to drift, I absentmindedly extended my claws and… ” I interrupted Brother Oliver saying, “You heard a loud ‘POP!’ and you were blasted in the face by a puff of air.”

Stunned, Brother Oliver said, “But, how could you know that?” And I replied, “Because the exact same thing happened to me about ten minutes before it happened to you…”

Oliver and Thomas after the incident

I finished Brother Oliver’s story. I knew exactly what had happened.

Brother Oliver said, “Well, what do you think that plastic thing was, and how do you think it got here?” I said, “Isn’t it obvious, Brother Oliver? Think about it. This thing was devious. I mean, it used our own curiosity against us! Who would be so dastardly… so low… to do such a thing?” Brother Oliver paused for a moment and then said, “You’re going to say ‘wiener dogs’, aren’t you…”

I started to say, “Of course! Who else could it be?” But Brother Oliver had already left. I can only assume he went back inside to house to warn Brother Henry.

Thomas Out

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8 responses to “Brother Oliver Walked Right Into Their Trap

  1. Industrial bubble wrap….awesome

  2. *giggles* My cats are lured by tissue paper, I’m a bit selfish with the button wrap.

  3. Brother Thomas, you have one mighty set of whiskers.

    Mimi finds bubble wrap to be a wonderful bed, no matter the size of the bubbles. She wants to suggest you give a nap a try and see how you like it.

  4. rhiannonpaine

    From now on, bubble wrap will be known as “poofy plastic” in my household. Thanks for the new terminology, Sir Thomas.

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    Our HuMom likes to stomp this poofy plastic with her feet when she feels cross. It makes a huge clapping sound but one or two stomps puts her back in to a mellow mood.

  6. Sandy

    Ooh, now I think we should offer some poofy plastic to Toby as a bed and keep some around in case I want to be mesmerized. We don’t have any wiener dogs so it should be safe, right?

  7. msphoebecat

    Be wary of the plastic bubble wrap boys, it is addictive!

  8. Bubble rap shure scarez me…ya iz SO-O brave Sir thomas
    ❤ Nylablue ❤

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