Stanley’s Nip-O-Rama Part 2- The Aftermath

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

When we left off yesterday, Stanley had just gone belly up in a full blown nip fit, and I had yelled for The Brothers to come outside and help. They arrived quickly, and then we all began shouting to Stanley to try to rouse him from his stupor. It took quite awhile, but eventually he began to stir. As he came to, he rubbed his temple and groaned, “Owwwww… my aching head!”

Stanley, Oliver, Henry and Thomas 1

Stanley finally came to. His head hurt.

I said, “Well what do you expect, Stan? That was some potent nip judging by the smell of it, and you were going to town on that stuff!” Stanley did not like to hear me chastising him. Without getting up off the ground, he turned his head toward me and hissed.

Stanley, Oliver, Henry and Thomas 2

Stanley got mad at me for saying he should not have used so much nip. He hissed at me.

Immediately after he hissed, Stanley felt bad about it. He stood up and turned away with an ashamed look on his face. He said, “I’m sorry, Sir Thomas. That was the nip hissing. I get a little surly when I’ve had too much. I’ll just head home. Maybe my guardians will let me back inside now. Please tell your Guardians thanks for the nip.”

Stanley, Oliver, Henry and Thomas 3

Stanley felt a little ashamed of how he had acted. He apologized and headed home.

As Stanley left, I asked Brother Oliver why the Guardians would have given Stanley such potent nip. Brother Oliver said, “Well, I guess they knew it would keep him safe for a little while. I mean, he couldn’t wander into traffic or get attacked by an off-leash dog as long as he was nipping out here in our yard could he?” I saw Brother Oliver’s point.

As Stanley disappeared I said, “Do you think he will be OK?” Brother Henry spoke up saying, “I hope he will, but you were a Limbo Kitty once, Thomas, and you know the danger he faces.” He was right. I did know. I had spent the last two years trying to forget.

Oliver, Henry and Thomas 3

As Stanley left, I wondered if he would be OK.

I turned to go back inside the house and noticed that Brother  Oliver seemed to focused on the spot where Stanley had been lying just moments before. I asked him, “Are you reflecting on the plight of Limbo Kitties, Brother Oliver?” He replied, “No… I’m just wondering if I can stretch my leg out far enough to reach what’s left of that nip…” After shaking my head at this comment, I continued on into the house. As I left, I heard Brother Oliver say, “OWWWWW!” Brother Henry had bopped him on the butt.

Thomas Out

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12 responses to “Stanley’s Nip-O-Rama Part 2- The Aftermath

  1. MOL ! You brothers! And. We hope Stanley keeps safe

  2. rhiannonpaine

    Excellent keep-safe technique by the Guardians!

  3. mistletoeandhitch

    Oh dear, sweet Stanley. We hope that he soon finds the same kind of safety as you have, Sir Thomas. As for Brother Oliver? We hope his legs were long enough to make the butt bopping worthwhile.

  4. twoblindcatsandcrew

    Love your blog. ..may ask how the cat enclosure was made…ty.

  5. you will have to watch stan…don’t want him to become a nipaholic

  6. We sure wish Stan’s family, and Cookie’s family, and all those other families everywhere would learn how important it is to keep kitties safe inside. Three of us came from the hard streets here in the neighborhood, and Z-Girl still feeds the kitties in one of multiple colonies in our area. Watching them withstand cold, heat, rain, snow, ice, dogs, fleas, humans, cars…is heartbreaking. I think it is wonderful that your guardians do what they can for all the Limbo kitties they come across.
    Be the Miracle. That’s our motto.
    Now everyone in the warehouse apartment wants nip, Sir Thomas!!!

  7. Poor sir Thomas. Poor Stanley. I hope he is safe. Hoping all limbo kitties get a good home indoors.

  8. Heather

    Glad to see that Stanley is still okay! He sure is a cutie.

  9. Aw, we hope Stanley gets into his house and refuses to go out again!
    Love how regal Sir Thomas looks in that last picture, what a sweetie!

  10. msphoebecat

    Paws crossed that Stanley stays close to home in his yard, or yours so he is away from the road and roaming hordes of kujo gang dogs! Poor baby he is so cute, too bad the Guardian’s cannot steal him! I doubt his human would even know he wasn’t there!

  11. You Brothers are so adorable!!!
    Sir Thomas I think you are a very wise cat & I think you take care of all so well.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo

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