The Ruse

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

So, Brother Oliver and I have been a bit concerned about the recent intensification of Sir Thomas’s wiener dog obsession. I mean, the kid has always been obsessed with these particular dogs, but for the past couple weeks it seems he can think of little else. It has gotten so bad that Brother Oliver and I decided to try to distract our resident knight with a little ruse we devised.

The idea was that Brother Oliver would pretend to have become addicted to catnip bananas just like Leader Otis used to be. Whenever He had one of His weak moments, Brother Oliver or I would drop everything and try to talk Him down. Our hope was that, if Brother Oliver appeared to be, as it is known on the street, “peeling”, that Sir Thomas would forget about wiener dogs and try to intervene to help Brother O.

It started with Brother Oliver laying in the middle of the living room, vigorously snuggling, biting, and kicking a catnip banana. I was hiding over behind the cat tree with a camera to document our master plan. After Brother Oliver yelled out, “Ohhhhh bnanana! How I love your peely goodness!” a couple times, Thomas showed up to investigate.

Oliver and Thomas 1

Sir Thomas came to investigate after hearing Brother Oliver cry out.

Thomas looked at Brother Oliver briefly, but he did not say anything. Instead, he began to look around the room. He looked over toward the front door…

Oliver and Thomas 2

… and then he looked back over his shoulder.

Oliver and Thomas 3

Next he looked over toward the cat tree behind which I was hiding.

Oliver and Thomas 4

Thomas continued to stare in my direction for a moment, and then his eyes narrowed.

Oliver and Thomas 5

Next, Thomas leaned down and put his face close to Brother Oliver’s head. He appeared to be whispering something to him.

Oliver and Thomas 6

Sir Thomas appeared to be whispering something to Brother Oliver.

At this point, Brother Oliver abruptly stood up. He and Thomas stared at each other for several seconds. Neither of them said a word.

Oliver and Thomas 7

Brother O an Sir T stared at each other for several seconds without speaking.

Brother Oliver then quickly left the room. Sir Thomas had a serious look on his face as he watched him depart.

Oliver and Thomas 8

Brother Oliver quickly left and Sir Thomas, looking serious, watched him go.

I caught up with Brother Oliver later and asked him what the heck Sir Thomas had said to him. Brother Oliver said, “He said, ‘I know what you and Brother Henry are trying to do, but think about this for a moment. What if I am right? What if, at this very moment, the wiener dogs are taking advantage of this distraction you have created for me and they are in the kitchen raiding our stash of freeze-dried chicken treats?'”

I looked at Brother Oliver for a moment and then said, “So the chicken treats were OK, right!?” He replied, “Yes they….errrrr…. I mean, well, half of them were gone, but I can’t confirm whether or not any wiener activity was involved…” At that moment I noticed the fine dusting of chicken powder on the fur around Brother Oliver’s mouth, and I told him I was pretty sure we could rule out the wieners.

So Says Brother Henry

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12 responses to “The Ruse

  1. Oh dear lads…this weiner problem would be much worse here…we have two miniature weiners down our street..and twice they have gotten out and chased rabbits onto our property..we have explained to their staff that this is not a good thing..for many reasons..our pups don’t even free range on our property due to roos and snakes etc…and if a dog goes onto property with livestock …well the owner of the livestock can shoot them legally…maybe we could use some wiener watching here 🙂 Hugs Fozziemum

  2. Poor Sir Thomas….we know you are trying to help, but we fear it may take more than a nip nanner to distract him

  3. rhiannonpaine

    Thomas’s intense focus on the wiener problem is admirable, if a bit scary. And thanks for the links to earlier posts, Brother Henry. It was good to see darling Otis in action again. I hope there’s an unlimited supply of catnip bananas in his new realm.

  4. I keep ever vigilant of the Weiner invasion here. The newest edition trixie has earned the good graces of the tall man and takes a perch on his chest. Not only is this perfect for watching, but doubles as a pillow.

  5. catsinwindows

    Peeling!!! We’re all dying laughing here!

  6. Such sacrifice Brother O. Just be careful and don’t let yourself actually become addicted. And Sir Thomas, how smart are you to see through the ruse. I feel you could take a break now and then though. All work and no play….

  7. You guys do make me laugh!!

  8. Sandy

    “Ohhhhh bnanana! How I love your peely goodness!” – you guys are too funny!

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  10. msphoebecat

    Might there be a weiner dog obsession rehabilitation program out there that you could send Sir Thomas to if his problem continues to get out of hand?

  11. Guudd try Brotherz Henry n Oliver…ya gotta nose Sir Thomas iz nott onlee wise in Kniteley duteez; he iz wise n clever to da wayz of otherz…he iz steadfast n strong n will nott bee swayed by such deeceshun….butt it WAZ worth a try…..
    MMM chickin treetz went missin……hmmmmmmm…..
    Me nose nuffin!
    Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

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