The Copycat

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

Yesterday Brother Henry came up to me with a big, silly grin on his face. When I asked him what was so amusing he said, “Brother Oliver, do you remember what Leader Otis used to do when He was first swept up in The Capture and came to live with us in The Promised Land?” Upon hearing that, I started to grin as well. I said, “If you are talking about what I think you are talking about, yes I do. He used to try to copy us! Like, if I was sitting on the couch, He would sit down next to me and place His body and paws in exactly the same position as mine.”

Otis and Oliver 2006

I remembered Leader Otis sitting next to me on the couch and trying to do exactly what I did.

Brother Henry said, “Yes! That’s exactly what I meant. He did it to me all the time. It was as if He thought we knew all the secrets to being indoor cats and He was trying to learn how to be like us. At the same time, He was using his hypnotic gaze to bring the Guardians under His control.”

Otis and Henry 2006

Brother Henry remembered The Leader copying him too, but he also remember The Leader controlling the Guardians with His gaze.

After a brief pause, Brother Henry said, “Huh… it’s so weird to think about that now. I mean, at that time there was no Cult. You and I had no clue about the world without walls, Limbo or Shadow Kitties, or The Capture. We didn’t even know that where we were living was called The Promised Land…” Letting out a small chuckle, Brother Henry continued, “… I remember thinking, ‘Who is this odd little kitty? And why does he smell a little wild?”

Henry sniffing Otis 2006

Brother Henry remembered thinking that The Leader smelled a little wild.

Now chuckling myself, I said, “I just remember thinking, ‘So that’s what they mean when they say someone is a copycat!'” Brother Henry and I laughed together for a moment, but then, feeling the weight of an unbearable absence, we fell silent.

A few seconds passed, and then a voice broke the silence. It was Thomas, and he said, “So… Leader Otis had to learn how to live in The Promised Land? He really did? Just like… just like me?”

Thomas incredulous

Thomas had been listening to us. He was amazed that The Leader had to learn how to live in The Promised Land just like him.

Brother Henry said, “Yes Thomas. I know The Leader told you that you were a lot like Him when He was still with us, and He was right. Your adjustment  period is taking a bit longer than His, but maybe that’s because you’re not quite as much of a copycat.” I added, “Yes, Sir Thomas, you should really try to be more like Brother Henry and Me. After all, it worked for Leader Otis.”

Jumping down off the couch, Thomas replied, “I didn’t know Leader Otis as long as you two did, but I think that whole copycat thing was just an act to throw you two off balance so He could bring you under His spell. You say he was hypnotizing the Guardians… well… I think He might have been doing the same thing to both of you!”

Brother Henry and I looked at each other but could think of nothing to say. As Thomas exited the room he ended the conversation by saying, “The Leader works in mysterious ways…” Still looking at one another, Brother Henry and I grinned and nodded to each other in unison.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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18 responses to “The Copycat

  1. Batya Harlow

    I miss Otis. ♥♥♥

  2. rhiannonpaine

    Thrilled to see new photos of Otis. Sad because I miss him and Mama Cat so much. Amused at the photos in which Otis really is being a copycat. Charmed by the photo of Thomas, the world’s fluffiest knight. Mesmerized by Otis’s eyes in the second photo. I can’t stop looking … he’s trying to tell me something … I think it’s, “Have you helped a kitty in need today?” Not yet, so I’m signing off now to go play with Luna.

  3. Leigh

    I miss The Leader. Thank Cat we have the other members of the Cult!

  4. Aww. Thanks for sharing these adorable pics of kitten Otis!

  5. lkoch52

    There isn’t a day that goes by without me thinking of Otis, Moma Cat, and all of you. Was just wondering yesterday how you were all doing. Thanks for the post and beautiful pics of our lovely departed boy. He was truly special, and we’ll always remember him and honor his memory by helping kitties in need. I’m glad Sir Thomas continues to learn to adapt to his life in the Promised Land. Purrs and love to you all.

  6. Amazing that such a wide-eyed kitten would go on to become such a powerful voice in helping kitties everywhere. You boys raised him well.

  7. that Leader Otis was one smart cookie – maybe Sir Thomas is more like him than we realize 🙂

  8. Sandy

    I think that Brothers Oliver and Henry are better teachers than they realize. Thank you for sharing the pictures – the Leader’s eyes are mesmerizing. I miss Leader Otis and am sad because I think the guardians would want to sniff him again just like Brother Henry was doing in the picture.

  9. Wonderful pics! I learned of the cult less than a year before dear Leader Otis departed but I miss him. I think you all are doing so well keeping His spirit alive.
    Purrs to all of you.

  10. Leader Otis’s wisdom lives on. 🙂

  11. Adorable pictures of the Leader. I do believe Thomas has a touch of his wisdom.

  12. msphoebecat

    The Leader’s very presence was mesmerizing to all who met or saw a photo of him I believe. He does work in mysterious ways and his spirit continues to do so, through all of us carrying on his mission.
    You boys did a fab job teaching him about life in The Promised Land, just as he did a wonderful job teaching you about how to help others get to a new, safe life in the promised land. Sir Thomas is finding his way, he will get there.

  13. Heather

    I still miss Leader O and Mama Cat so much. It breaks my heart. I can’t imagine how you all feel and it must be difficult dealing w/ such a loss. It sure leaves a gap in your heart and soul for awhile. I loved this story and appreciate the brothers for sharing it.

    A week or so ago, you fellas mentioned the Kong Zoom Groom and I’m so thankful you did. It has changed everything for us. I would look at these brushes in the store and think there’s no way they would work. They look useless. But, when you fellas said you liked it, I knew I should try it out. My cats have always disliked grooming sessions and I’ve tried everything. The Monster deshedder, the Furminator, a regular brush, nothing went over well. My three LOVE being zoom groomed and will line up for it. It pulls a lot of hair and junk out, even more so than the Furminator. The Zoom Groom creates a messy pile of hair, but that is okay w/ us. The cats love it and there are no more complaints at grooming time. Thanks for showing it off!

  14. mistletoeandhitch

    It was good to read of Leader Otis and the joy and laughter that followed him. We know that he is missed everyday and that will continue but remembering the happiness he brought makes that sorrow easier to bear.

  15. It’s good that Leader Otis brings comfort and offers reminders that it’s okay to take one’s time settling in to being IN. Love the photos, they are all wonderful. Peace.

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  17. What a loving & touching tribute to Leader Otis!!! He was such a cutie!
    It is lovely to learn more about him. I find myself thinking of him alot when I am snuggling with Nylablue….
    Sometimes I feel kind of guilty she is still here while your boy is gone…He was an amazing kittyboy & even from Summerland Leader Otis still touches so many of us!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

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