The Guardian Refused To Give Me What I Wanted

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis.

It’s Thomas.

I really was not asking for much. All I wanted was to sit on the Tabby Tower closest to the couch, just above the Guardian’s head. Once every five seconds I wanted her to look back over her shoulder and give me Kitty Kissy Eyes. At that point, I would return the Kitty Kissy Eyes, and then she would look forward again. I did not want her to try to pet me. I did not want her to try to play with me. I only wanted those kissy eyes spaced precisely five seconds apart. I even made it abundantly clear what I wanted, but still she would not give it to me.

Thomas getting Guardian's attention

See. I clearly communicated what I wanted to the Guardian. How could she not understand?

Why the Guardian would not meet my simple request is beyond me. She even kind of laughed, like I was making a joke instead of a serious request. In the words of Her Majesty Queen Mama Cat, I was not amused.

Thomas looking unsatisfied

I was not amused.

Even though I only recently stopped running and hiding whenever I was out in the open and a Guardian looked at me, I still held the belief that the Guardians were very good about understanding what a cat wants and needs. In fact, Brothers Henry and Oliver have been telling me this ever since I was swept up in The Capture, and Leader Otis used to tell me this as well. After today’s events though, I am not sure what to think! Kissy eyes. Every five seconds. So simple. Give me what I want!

Thomas Out

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17 responses to “The Guardian Refused To Give Me What I Wanted

  1. Ah Thomas, humans don’t have the natural precise sense of time you do. Five seconds goes by so fast we don’t even notice it half the time. Hope you enjoyed playing with your Guardian’s hair though. My Jen fights with my hair at times.

  2. lkoch52

    OMG! You all make us laugh so much! Silly Sir T, you don’t realize we’re ALL giving you kitty kissy eyes. You just can’t see us! Lots of purrs and love to you Thomas, and your brothers and Guardians!

  3. Leigh

    😉 kissy eyes for you, Sir Thomas

  4. Thomas deliberately touching a human? Good kitty!

  5. rhiannonpaine

    You give a great “not amused” face, Sir Thomas. I was just thinking about Otis and Mama Cat this morning; in fact, I was telling my own kitty, Luna, all about them. She didn’t look amused either. Hmm. Do you think she might be a bit jealous? I’d better not tell her how handsome I think you are.

  6. The guardian shouldn’t deny you kissy eyes, Thomas. 🙂

  7. AWww, poor Thomas. Here are some long distance kissy eyes. Bad Guardian, bad!

  8. That seems like a very reasonable request Brother Thomas we will have our mom send you some Kissy eyes to help make up. She is very well trained.
    Marty and Ralphie

  9. Oh, it starts with the kissy eyes…and then a chin scritch…

    It’s a slippery slope you’re embarking upon, Thomas.

  10. Well, Thomas, peoples are hard to train. It takes a lot of work and patience. I’ve been with my mama over two years and she is still a work in progress.

  11. Heather

    Thomas you are ADORABLE! Don’t give up on your guardian–humans can be a little slow at times. You just have to work w/ them.

  12. Seems simple enough. Unfortunatly humans are not always that good at understanding kitties… But, are you sure you werent trying to play with her ponytail? ‘Cause that’s what my kitty would do, MOL
    I’m so glad you’re feeling closer to the guardians!
    Kitty kissy eyes from me to you Thomas!

  13. Usually the guardians are so good – maybe they were having on off day??

  14. Okayz Sir Thomas me iz all over diz!!!
    *kissy kitteh eyez*….1….2…..3……4…….5……
    *kissy kitteh eyez*….1……..2……3…..4…….5……
    *kissy kitteh eyez*……1……..2……..3……4…….5……
    How me doin Sir Thomas 😉
    *kissy kitteh eyez*…..1……2……..3…….4……..5…..
    Lub Nylablue ❤

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  16. Sandy

    I can see why you were not amused. Perhaps the guardian was hoping that by not giving in, she could entice you to leave the cat tree, sit in front of her, and look her directly in the eye for kitty kissy eyes? Or else thought you were giving her a scalp massage? You’re right. I don’t understand how the guardian could refuse you – because most of us couldn’t!

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