Thomas Was Doing Two Things At Once

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Yesterday afternoon I walked into the living room and discovered Thomas sleeping in a very weird position. It was so weird, in fact, that I grabbed the nearest camera to try to get a photo of him. Unfortunately, I’m no Brother Oliver when it comes to photography, but I did at least manage to get a shot.

Thomas upside down 1

Thomas was asleep in a very weird position. I managed to get this photo of him.

While I tried to figure out how to adjust the camera to get a better photo. Thomas started to stir in his sleep. He rolled over into a similar but different position, and just as he did, his eyes opened. At that very moment the camera flash went off. Unfortunately, the flash didn’t work well enough to make the picture better, but it did work well enough to totally annoy Thomas.

Thomas upside down 2

Just as Thomas’s eyes opened, the flash went off. He was not amused.

Thomas said, “Brother Henry? Will you please stop doing that? I’m trying to do two things at once here, and I need to concentrate.” When I asked what, exactly, he was trying t do, he said, “Well, I had just finished thoroughly cleaning my belly hair when I started to feel really sleepy. I don’t like to sleep on damp fur because it gets all matted. By sleeping like this, I am trying to nap and dry my belly at the same time. It’s a delicate balancing act, and your newly found interest in the camera is throwing me off!”

I apologized profusely to Sir Thomas, but as soon as he closed his eyes again I couldn’t resist taking one more photo.

Thomas upside down 3

I couldn’t help it. I had to take one more.

After taking the last photo, I darted out of the room hoping that Thomas hadn’t noticed. As I retreated, I heard him yell, “Brother Henry!!!”, but I just kept going. When I saw him again later, his belly fur looked a little bit matted, but I’m sure I had nothing to do with that…

So Says Brother Henry

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13 responses to “Thomas Was Doing Two Things At Once

  1. MMMMMMM Sir Thomas **swoonz**…..
    Okayz me iz back Sir Thomas n me watnz to say ya iz lookin so fine n twistee n furry n gorgeeuss….
    Ya iz so tallented to do 2 fingz at once eben wif Brother Henry doin ‘Pawpawrazzi’ on ya!!!
    Yer adorin kitteh gurl, Nylablue ❤

  2. emilykarn

    Pretzelcat rules!

  3. Batya Harlow

    Brother Henry, I think your photographs are just excellent. ~~ Sorry to read in yesterday’s post that you still have ouchy mouth. Hoping that gets better really soon. ♥♥♥

  4. great pictures – we thought maybe Sir Thomas was napping and practicing yoga at the same time 🙂

  5. Oh SQUEEEEEEE too cute! I love love love it when kitties sleep all twisy! Leo does it regularly! Thomas, you’re looking really comfortable there! Henry, thank you for taking the pictures, even if it did annoy the Knight!

  6. rhiannonpaine

    It seems there’s almost nowhere in Cult HQ now where Thomas doesn’t feel comfortable sleeping. Such great progress! Glad you were there to capture the moment, Brother Henry. Hope your mouth starts feeling better soon.

  7. Sandy

    Can Sir Thomas teach us cat yoga please??

  8. Thomas should never suffer with back problems with moves like that.

  9. We thought Thomas was doing some yoga stretches!

  10. msphoebecat

    How can Sir Thomas do such amazing moves? He’s so flexible, it made me curious about his days before being caught up in the Rapture– did he spend time training as an acroCAT perhaps?!

  11. taking multi-tasking to the max!!

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