Return of the Night Stalker

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

Many months ago, when Leader Otis was still with us, He started feeling like He was being watched at night. I helped Him get to the bottom of the situation by setting up a special camera that could take pictures in the dark. When we looked at the photos, we discovered that we had a nightstalker, and his name was Thomas.

Thomas’s nocturnal adventures seemed to happen less frequently after that, perhaps because he knew he had been discovered. Even though he is no longer in The Shadows, he still likes to be as shadow when he is patrolling the house. Anyway, I became puzzled earlier this week when I woke up to discover a strange depression on the bed. It looked like someone had been laying there, but I knew it wasn’t Brother Henry or me because we had both been snuggling next to the Guardians all night. Once again I pulled out my special, night vision camera to investigate. I even rigged it so it would pan back and forth to cover the whole bed. The following photos were the result.

Night Vision 1

The night camera doesn’t take great photos, but in this first image you can clearly see Brother Henry and me sleeping.

Night Vision 2

The next shot was taken after the camera panned to the right. Do you see that? Someone else is sleeping on the bed with us!

Night Vision 3

Zooming in a little you can clearly see that it’s Thomas! I never thought I would see this day!

So it appears that the Night Stalker has returned, but he is no longer stalking so much as sleeping. Brother Henry and I are both very excited to see Sir Thomas growing braver on a daily (and nightly) basis. I know the Guardians are excited too. Who knows how much more comfortable Sir T will get… maybe he’ll even stop obsessing about wiener dogs! Nah… I doubt it.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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27 responses to “Return of the Night Stalker

  1. msphoebecat

    This is the Leader at work I believe, sending his strength to Sir Thomas to help him continue to feel at ease within your home with the Guardians.
    You sure are quite an accomplished mancat with cameras Oliver, I am impressed you have a night vision cam! I am so happy for Sir T’s progress and what it means for him and you all.

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    So we suppose that instead of Night Stalker, Thomas should now be called the Night Snuggler? Hooray for Thomas!

  3. Go Thomas! I can’t wait to see him on the couch with Brother Henry, Brother Oliver, and the Smaller Guardian. He had two paws up there the other day – that’s progress!

  4. rhiannonpaine

    Tears. Tears in the eyes. Unrelated to this post, of course. Just coincidence. Why should I care that Thomas has progressed from a fearful, abandoned, trash-pile-dwelling Shadow cat, to a kitty who feels so loved and secure that he wants to sleep with his Guardians and his Brothers? Nope, don’t care at all. Not me. *sniffle*

  5. I am very surprised that a cat would need a night vision camera. I supposed you did that to show the humans. 🙂

  6. Ha ha I’m doing a little happy dance!!

  7. Excellent news. You have truly changed Thomas’ life in every possible way. I agree with others who have said that the Leader had a paw in this.

  8. Leigh

    You are all so cute, piled on the bed together!

  9. Oh this brings a tear to my eye! I’ve been waiting and waiting for him to come around and choose to be more family with all of you! I have high hopes for lap sits and maybe even sleeping closer at night and perhaps even *gasp* on a guardian! Love you all!! Love this post!!

  10. I was just thinking about sir Thomas yesterday, I managed to get some close up whisker pictures of my white cat boo and it reminded me of the whiskered gallery. So glad to see sir Thomas getting comfortable. By the way you and brother h look very comfortable. Handsome as always.

  11. What a happy day! One small step will lead to another. I understand why you are all so excited.

  12. I just know HRH Mama Cat and Leader Otis have been coaching Sir T…and it is working…he is listening and taking action…APAWS!!

  13. emilykarn

    Yeah for Sir Thomas! There’s nothing better than snuggling on the bed. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  14. good job Sir Thomas….we are very proud of you (but don’t give up on the weiner dogs)

  15. Yea Thomas! Our sister Willow has just (after almost 9 months) been coming up on the bed in the middle of the night and purrs by our mom and dads head. We highly recommend the multi-cat / guardian sleeping scenario!

  16. Good for Sir Thomas!!!

  17. Hooray for Sir Thomas!! I have three practically encasing me every night to the point of not being able to move, but I highly enjoy the comfort they give me. Even if DoubleT does try to steal my pillow. And Tween purrs awfully loud being right in my ear. And Cotton is such a hot bodied man cat. But that’s an infinitesimal price to pay for their love.

  18. Yay Thomas! He’s discovered that the bed is one comfy spot.

  19. Glad to see Sir Thomas is sleeping with the rest of the pride.

  20. Kris

    Yep. That’s how it happens. My stray rescue started to do the same thing after a year or so. She started to sleep at my feet. Then she’d sleep next to me but if I tried to pet her she’d jump off the bed. Eventually she let me touch her, leading to chin scratches. It was all over after she allowed her first tummy rub. Now she’s pretty much normal around me but she doesn’t like me to walk up to her. Strangers send her dashing for cover still. Good for Thomas. He’s finally feeling secure.

  21. Nuthin like a soft beddie with warm legs and other kitties. Sir Thomas is no dope!

    Lizzie & 2 kitties

  22. Brofur Oliver what grrrreat pix of Sir Thomas sleepin wif ya all!!! Pawsum newz! Furinallee Sir Thomas feelz comfy enuff to sleep wif all of ya!!!
    We iz so happy fer ALL of ya…
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xo

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