Abe Has Been Swept Up

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

A week after Olive was swept up in The Capture, Abe returned, and he was a living testament to why kitties should not be forced to live in The Shadows. Here is how Abe appeared back in December when the Guardians first started to work with him:

Abe in December

Here is Abe in late December.

When Abe returned this week, he looked very different. It was lankier, and his eyes looked haunted.

Abe on March 11

Here is what Abe looked like when he returned.

A closer look revealed the toll life in The Shadows was taking on this poor kitty. Abe’s head and neck was covered in wounds. Many of them were deep gashes that were clearly the result of fights with other cats. Patches of fur were missing around the wounds. This may have been due to ringworm or mange, or secondary to the wounds themselves.

Abe head wounds.

The world without walls is a harsh place. All kitties deserve a better life than this.

The Guardians did not want to see Abe spend even one more day in The Shadows. They set the same live trap they had used to capture Olive a week before and then waited. Abe took an immediate interest in the scent of food coming from the trap.

Abe smelling food

Abe took an immediate interest in the food in the trap.

Abe moved in closer to investigate. Like all cats, he was cautious, but he was also very hungry.

Abe inspecting trap.

Abe was wary, but the scent of food was irresistible. Note that the right side of his head is also riddled with scratch marks and missing patches of fur.

After several tense minutes, Abe entered the trap and was captured. He was taken to a nearby Bad Place that will transfer him to the same shelter that Olive, Jack, Theo, and several other Shadow Kitties from our neighborhood have gone.

Abe was frightened and angry in the trap, but he also showed signs that he was not completely unsocialized. He now at least has a chance for a life in The Promised Land, and I sincerely hope he can make that final leg of the journey. Even if he can’t, at the very least he will no longer be scared, alone, and suffering, while slowly wasting away in the world without walls.

All kitties deserve better than to be doomed to a prolonged, painful fade into The Shadows. It is up to all of us to bring as many of them as we can out of the darkness and into the light. Please continue to join me, Brother Henry, Sir Thomas, and the Guardians in our crusade to make sure all cats are happy, healthy, and safely confined.

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Oliver

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28 responses to “Abe Has Been Swept Up

  1. mistletoeandhitch

    We are hoping Abe gets a well deserved happily ever after.

  2. Leigh

    Thank you for saving Abe from a horrible fate. Whether he’s able to find a home for this life or is set free from the dark world that never gave him the care he needed, his misery is over and the compassionate family of the Cult of Otis made that happen. You are all saints, bless you.

  3. Hang in there Abe. Life is only going to get better no that the Guardians have stepped in. Thank you!

  4. Batya Harlow

    Bless the Guardians for what they do. Hoping that Abe recovers from his physical wounds with no lasting ill effects. And that he gets adopted by his forever family and lives a long happy, healthy, INDOOR life.

  5. msphoebecat

    Crossed paws that Abe can show his socialized side, be treated for his health, and find a forever home. Paws up to the Guardians and you mancats for a successful mission: we are with you!

  6. rhiannonpaine

    Those “before” and “after” photos are shocking. In the second photo, the look in Abe’s eyes is haunting. But he’s safe now, thanks to the Guardians, and has a good chance of having a good life. Well done to all at the Cult of Otis.

  7. Poor Abe..great that he has been swept up but to be in that position in the first place….bless him and I hope he finds his new home soon hugs Fozziemum xx

  8. Aw, poor Abe! I’m so glad he was swept up that fast! He obviously needed it desperately, poor fellow! Thank your guardians please! They just saved another life.

  9. My fingers are crossed for Abe. I hope he is fixed up and then finds a good home.

  10. Thank goodness for the guardians. Sweeping up shadow cats and getting them to the bad place for a chance at the promised land.

  11. We don’t comment much, but wanted to say thank you,

  12. Poor Abe – we are glad you caught him and he is getting a second chance. Are you able to follow up with the shelter to see how he and Olive are doing?

  13. Alanna

    Poor guy. Thank you for giving him a chance.

  14. Thank you for giving Abe a second chance!!

  15. Thank you for saving Abe from more torture and fear. He is beautiful. He will shine now. Purrs and love to you.

  16. so happy Abe is now safe….whatever happens, it will be better than a living death outside

  17. We’re glad that the guardians were able to get Abe so that he doesn’t hafta live on the streets and suffer anymore.

  18. Poor Abe. No telling what he ran into in the wild. It’s been a nasty winter everywhere.

  19. Oh my this is great news!!! Thank you Guardians for your compassion to give Abe a chance at a happy life. May there be many many more messages like this!!!

  20. Your Guardians are very special peoples! So wonderful that Abe is now being taken care of with love after the horrors he faced. Thankful purrs to all of you.

  21. Brother Oliver I am crying fo Abe; cying he got so hurt; crying for happiness that the Guardians swept him up & he will get treatment & food & love!!! I have another shadow cat here I named Marco…he is so feral….all i can do is leave kibble out for him (still too cold to put wet food out). Maybe if Winter ever lets go & Spring arrives I will be able to befriend Marco….Midnite Milo is also still out there in the Shadows….
    Thank the Guardians for capturing Olive & Abe!!!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxoxo

  22. Hopefully you’ll stop calling it the “Bad Place” and learn how much good happens there. Simply because you don’t like going there doesn’t mean it is bad..

  23. Brother Oliver, We are all so happy to hear about Abe. Of course we are sad to know that he was not in wonderful shape, yet this often happens to Shadow Kitties. It’s good that the Guardians were able to sweep him up and get him to a place that can offer him comfort and safety. We are keeping our paws crossed from him. One day, we will share the story of Manhattan’s Great Rescue–she was a few days away from dying. Required emergency surgery, and she made it. I know that Abe’s situation is different, yet we can hold out lots of hope that he looked worse off than he was…
    Keep us posted, will you?
    Z-Girl and The Squeedunk Cats

  24. Glad to know he will get those wounds looked at.

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