Olive Has Been Swept Up!

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

Earlier this week, the Guardians put out the same tricksy trap in which they captured me and they successfully swept Olive up in The Capture! He was a little afraid at first because he did not realize that his life had just changed for the better.

Olive in trap

Olive was a little scared in the tricksy trap, but he calmed down enough that he ate his food while he was in there.

The Guardians took Olive to a nearby Bad Place that is a drop off point for the local animal shelter. There he was scanned for a microchip, but none was found. Olive was very tolerant of the the poking, prodding, and handling at the bad place so the good people there were confident that he would find a good home. Oh, and the shelter he was being sent to does not have time or space limitations for adoptable kitties, so he will be in excellent hands.

So another kitty has been taken out of The Shadows and brought into the light of The Promised Land. Now, we are all hoping that Abe will start to come back regularly again so he can soon follow in Olive’s footsteps. The Guardians will do all in their power to ensure that he does.

In Otis’s Name,

Thomas Out

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21 responses to “Olive Has Been Swept Up!

  1. Leigh

    Well done Guardians! You two alleviate such suffering, thank you for all you do!!

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  3. Good job!! We are glad Olive is safe and got our paws crossed his forever family comes along very soon.

  4. Guardians, you do my heart good. Just knowing you are out there is a great comfort and inspiration.

  5. emilykarn

    Bless you Guardians, keep up the good work. Olive is such a pretty kitty that we’re sure he’ll soon find a furever home. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  6. Good work Guardians! Wonderful wonderful wonderful news! Thank you for all you do!

  7. smseattle

    Thank you, Guardians! From Olive’s behavior at “the bad place” it sounds like he has been around humans before. I hope he finds a loving home soon.

  8. Sandy

    That’s great news – plus Olive’s ability to handle the poking and prodding bodes well for his ability to do well in a new home. Fingers and paws crossed here – thanks for the news Thomas!

  9. rhiannonpaine

    It wasn’t so long ago when you were swept up, Thomas, and now you’ve had the privilege of announcing the rescue of another handsome cat. Best wishes to Olive, come on out of the Shadows, Abe, and three cheers (or loud purrs) for the Guardians!

  10. Such happy news!!! We are purring that Olive will find his perfect forever home!

  11. Yay! That’s so wonderful! I hope his forever people show up for him soon! And that Abe comes by and gets swept up too! Thank your guardians for all that they do for kitties, please! Yay again!

  12. HipHipHooray!!!!! That is great news!! Wish I lived out there and could take him into my home. Hopefully someone will see him soon and he will be out of the shelter and in his very own promised land!!! Thank you Guardians for a wonderful job.

  13. I’m glad Olive is somewhere safe where he will be able to find a good guardian. Purrs that he gets adopted by loving humans soon!

  14. msphoebecat

    Yahooooooooooooo!! High paws for the Guardians pawesome work, the Leader Otis’ spirit continuing to inspire the continuation of his message, and to Olive for his bravery to step in to the rapture and a new life in the Promised Land! Kaspars and I will continue to cross our hands and paws that Abe will find inspiration and strength from Olive and follow in his footsteps. Purrs of joy to know this is a inevitable event, although patience and time are needed for a scared kitty in limbo like Abe. He is on his way to a better future however, so we look forward to following his progress.

  15. Karen

    Calm enough to eat in the trap? Yeah, he will have no problem charming someone into taking him home.

  16. Apawz Apawz fer Da Guardianz!!! Olive will now have a chance of a bunderfull home n no more time in da shadowz…such grrrreat newz!
    Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxo

  17. Oh, Olive somehow understood. It’s going to be better now. Your person is coming – purr louder!
    Thank you Guardians!

  18. And another great big happy dance for Olive’s rescue as well. Brilliant work

  19. Yay for Olive! Now he will have a happy life!

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