We Remain Vigilant… Well… Some Of Us Do

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

Since Brother Henry has been feeling a bit vulnerable as he recovers from his surgery, I told him I would handle all Cult security duties for the next few weeks. I have  been patrolling the house nightly, and yowling out the “all clear” call every five minutes or so to let The Brothers and the Guardians know that all is well. During the day I have been spending time in the Outdoor Domain looking and listening for any suspicious canine activity that might indicate the start of The Long-feared (Wiener) Dog Uprising.

Thomas on watch

I have been standing watch in the Outdoor Domain to ensure that I spot any LF(W)DU activity immediately.

Yesterday, while I was sitting out there, I was so focused on what was going on outside of the domain that I did not hear Brother Oliver join me. It startled me a little bit when he suddenly said, “What are we looking for Sir T?”

Thomas and Oliver in enclosure 1

Brother Oliver startled me. I was not amused.

Resuming my vigilant scan of the area, I replied, “Well, Brother Oliver, I am trying to help out Brother Henry by lightening his workload so he can recover from surgery. I am out here watching for any signs that the Mongrel Horde might be planning an attack…”

Thomas and Oliver in enclosure 2

I told Brother Oliver that I was watching out for an attack by the Mongrel Horde.

I was about to suggest that maybe Brother Oliver could chip in and help Brother Henry as well when he said, “Does that wiener dog over there look rabid to you?” My head snapped quickly in the direction in which Brother Oliver was looking. Involuntarily I said, “WIENER! WHERE!?” But there was nothing there. Brother Oliver began to chuckle, and then he got up and headed back inside the house saying, “Made you look…”

Thomas and Oliver in enclosure 3

Brother Oliver made me think he saw a rabid wiener.

I think it’s a shame that Brother Oliver does not take Cult security more seriously, especially with Brother Henry feeling less than 100 percent. I need to know that Brother O has my back right now. I was so mad at him I stood in the doorway and yelled, “Very funny, Brother Oliver, but I guess you forgot the lesson of that old story ‘The Boy Who Cried Wiener’.” Brother Oliver replied, “Ummmm… I might have forgotten the lesson of the story, Sir Thomas, but I think you forgot the the title.”

I had no idea what he was talking about.

Thomas Out

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12 responses to “We Remain Vigilant… Well… Some Of Us Do

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  2. I always love those pictures of the cats “whispering” to one another.

  3. rhiannonpaine

    Good brave Sir Thomas! I’m sure that the Guardians appreciate your yowling out the “all clear” call every five minutes all night long. They must sleep very soundly knowing they’re safe from those dastardly wiener dogs. It was naughty of Brother Oliver to tease you, and I hope he joins you in security duties soon. Purrs and head pats to Brother Henry as he continues to recover.

  4. mistletoeandhitch

    You are surely a loyal and valiant Knight, Sir Thomas. The Cult of Otis is lucky to have you there at the ready. Only due to your steadfastness can Brother Oliver act the prankster. We salute you, Sir Thomas!

  5. Oh Sir Thomas, you are a sweetheart to take on so much of the security duty! However, I think you should take a little time to plot a tiny bit of revenge on Brother Oliver….

  6. Sir Thomas, RC Cat definitely approves of your vigil. HRH herself has been keeping watch recently….there is a wiener dog next door.

  7. we are glad you are keeping vigilant Sir Thomas – even if you can’t find any good help…

  8. Oh that wasn’t very nice of Brother Oliver. Funny…but not nice. 😉

  9. Maybe Brother O was just trying to ease your tension? Nah, on second thought he was just teasing. But we can all rest assured there will be no attacks slip by you. Hope Brother Henry continues to improve and with your help easing his workload I’m sure he will.

  10. Oh Sir Thomas! You are truly a knight to be reckoned with! I know Brother Henry appreciates your support (purrs and paw pats to him!). As for Brother O, as silly as he can be, I know he would be there if you needed him in a pinch. Head high Sir Thomas!! And love to all.

  11. msphoebecat

    Sir Thomas your devotion to help Brother Henry whilst he recovers is kind and admirable. I am certain that as others have mentioned, that the Guardians are especially grateful to you for alarming them the all clear sound so they may be comforted as they sleep to know the Horde is not on the verge of attack. And if for some reason they are not, then they surely will regret not doing so if one day there is a sneak Mongrol Horde attack of weiner dogs and they mess up the house! Don’t be too stern with Brother Oliver- sometimes brothers like to tease their brother. Maybe Brother Oliver just wants you to not over do it by taking on all responsibility by yourself and remember to take a little time for your own rest and relaxation? Regardless of his intention please do not let yourself get over stressed with security operations, as I’m sure Brother Henry would not want you to end up needing some rest and recovery time alongside him!

  12. Yow Sir Thomas ya iz so vigilante takin care of da place n Brother Oliver must have reelly upset ya…maybee he waz just havin a joke; butt me nose how sirius ya take yer duteez!! Me hopes Brother Henry reecoverz soon!!
    Funny ya shuud menshun “Da Boy Who Cried Weiner/Wolf”…
    Me waz so sick last week n Mum deecided me waz goin to Summerland on Caturday. She booked da appointmint n told eberyone “Diz iz IT fer Nylablue…she iz so bery sick so it iz time..” now diz haz happined twice befur…well me came around Furiday nite n me bin doin guud n so not gone to Summerland n Mum had to tell everyone “False alarm again..” She iz BERY wurried peeple will call her Peter-Who-Cried-Weiner/Wolf!! 😉
    Gotcha Mum!
    Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

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