Abe and Olive

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

First off, let me just say that Brother Henry is still recovering from his mouth surgery. He’s had several “ouchy” moments in recent days which we are all hoping is just because he is not yet healed, and not because his original problem is still bothering him. It’s too soon to tell at this point, but please keep him in your thoughts and purrs. Now, on to today’s business.

Limbo kitty Abe was making steady progress toward trusting the Guardians. They set up a little lean-to Toastitron on the front porch to keep him close, and he was using it all the time.

Abe waiting for food

This photo was taken before the Toastinator was added, but this is what Abe’s lean-to Toastitron looks like.

As Abe spent more time in close proximity to the Guardians, he was really beginning to open up to them. It started slowly, with him cautiously approaching at mealtime, and a few times he even let the Guardians pet him… a little anyway.

Abe being wary

Abe was very wary, but you could see the trust growing within him.

Just as it seemed that Abe was on the verge of being swept up in The Capture, everything changed. A new kitty that the Guardians had never seen before appeared in the yard. Abe and this new kitty became fast enemies.


A new kitty appeared and became enemies with Abe.

Even though they knew he was a boy, the Guardians decided to call the new kitty Olive. I kind of like it. Anyway, at first they thought Olive might be a Limbo kitty or a lost kitty. His long fur was in pretty good condition, so they assumed someone had been caring for him recently. They posted his photo on a lost and found pet blog in their area, and they made posters of him that they hung all over the neighborhood. If he had guardians, the Guardians wanted to find them so they could talk to them about keeping him inside both for his own safety, and so he would stop chasing away Abe. If he had no guardian, well, then the Guardians would work with him to bring him in out of the wilderness.

Olive optimistic

The Guardians needed to determine whether Olive had guardians or not so they would know how to proceed with him.

The posters generated one call from a person who thought Olive was her cat. She said she let their cat outside all the time and doesn’t always know where he goes. The Guardians talked to her about cat enclosures and keeping her cat safely confined in general, and told her about all the dangers there are to cats in the outside world. Her reply was, “Well, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.” Brother Henry, Thomas, and I are very glad the Guardians are not willing to take a similar risk with our lives. As it turned out, Olive wasn’t the cat that belonged to this particular person.

In addition to the phone call mentioned above, the Guardians received half a dozen other calls from people who had seen the poster of Olive or seen him online. None of them were very helpful. They all had a similar message which was, “Don’t take the cat to the shelter because that is just a death sentence!” I found this to be a very odd statement since both Brother Henry and I spent some time in a shelter in our youth. All the shelter did to us was neuter us and find us the best home we could have ever hoped for! The statement was even more puzzling because many of these people were advocating leaving Olive on the streets. It seems to me like that would be the real death sentence, not to mention a blatant violation of Leader Otis’s Commandments.

As if to demonstrate how dangerous the world without walls can be to a kitty, after these phone calls Olive showed up with a nasty looking eye. The Guardians think he injured it in a fight with Abe.

Oliver, eye injury

Should Olive be left outside to fend for himself? Leader Otis would never approve of such a thing.

So now the Guardians are working to gain Olive’s trust so they can sweep him up in The Capture too. His eye looks a little better now, so that’s a relief, but he is still pretty shy. Abe is still out there, waiting in the wings. The Guardians are making sure they get food to him whenever they are able, and they have been running interference whenever he has a confrontation with Olive. Some days that has seemed like a full time job.

Purr for Abe and Olive and the other lost souls that are out there, and please keep doing all that you can to bring the Limbo and Shadow Kitties in your area in from the cold. I continue to believe, as Leader Otis did, that together we can create a world in which all cats are happy, healthy, and safely confined.

In Otis’s name,

Brother Oliver

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18 responses to “Abe and Olive

  1. Aw, poor Abe! And poor Olive! I hope Olive does have people who will be glad to get him back and keep him inside! And that Abe trusts the guardians more and more! fingers and paws crossed!

  2. Leigh

    Thank you, Guardians of the Cult, for doing so much to help the Limbo and Shadow cats in your area. It always shocks me how many people bad mouth animal shelters, claiming they are just places for cats to die. These are often the same people who put little to no effort into ensuring their own cats are safe and their hypocrisy makes my blood boil. I wish humans were a wiser species! But thank goodness the Cult continues to spread the Good Word to those that will listen!!

  3. Purrs for you and your Guardians that you will have wisdom in this situation and be able to help both Abe and Olive. As for your concerned callers, I hope you guys have some no-kill shelters in your area. There are a few where I’m from. Unfortunately, the main problem with them is that they are often full and can’t take more cats, which is a very good reason to adopt a cat from such a shelter.

  4. Purrs to Brother Henry as he heals. And purrs to Olive and Abe as the guardians keep them safe and gain their trust.

  5. We are hoping Brother henry will heal soon…it could just be taking a while…dental surgery is rough on cats…
    As for Abe progress was being made…he looks alot like Trinka our Shadow cat from last year.
    Olive is gorgeous & looks just like my cat Silky-Auburn of many years ago….I am sorry Abe & Olive are not getting along & I hope the Guardians will find a way to care for them both & help them w/out anymore ‘fur flying’…
    Leader Otis is smiling down on all of you!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

  6. Sincere purrs of hope for Abe and Olive. This winter has been so harsh, the fates of so many Limbo Kitties have been on our minds. Molly took us to an event today raising money for rescue. Without kind souls at shelters and rescue groups, Molly might not safe and sound in this realm. Soft cheek pats for your concern for these little ones

  7. Brother Henry, we are hoping that your mouth is healing and that there is no further cause for concern. We also know the fluid nature of the limbo kitties–new ones arrive on the scene with no introduction and then there is competition for food or other resources. We know the Guardians will always supply enough food for everyone who shows up, but the kitties don’t yet know the routine and the bounty that will be presented to them. We sure hope that Olive and Abe can learn to co-exist, and we also hope for the best outcome for everyone. Living outside is no way to live.
    And shame on that owner who said “it is a risk I’m willing to take.” She doesn’t deserve the everlasting love and joy of any domestic pet.
    Purrs from the Squeedunk Cats and Z-Girl

  8. We’re so glad the Guardians are looking out for Abe and Olive. Too bad they are enemies…but we hope they can both stop being Limbo Kitties one day.

  9. Many many many purrs for The Capture of Olive and Abe! It’s so hard to be an Outdoor kitty–we all know about that. And around here there’s coyotes to contend with too; and kitties don’t do well in that conflict. Brother Henry, here’s to steady healing and no more sore toofs. xx

  10. We’re purring for Olive and Abe. The Guardians are wonderful people.

  11. ShadowandSukicats

    Purring for them! What should a couple of guardians do for a large colony (at least 8, but probably more and sadly one less as of a couple days ago) of Shadow Kitties? The two of us girls are all the guardians have room for, but we know they would like to help out. We hear them telling the “sweet babies” to “be safe out there”, but what else can they do?

    • The Guardians were faced with this same dilemma, ShadowandSukicats, but it wasn’t 8 cats, it was 23. Leader Otis was the first of these. The Guardians worked for four years to sweep as many of these kitties as they could up in The Capture. Seventeen of these cats are now Patron Saints of The Cult of Otis: http://cultofotis.squarespace.com/patron-saints/. Many of these cats are still around, living the good life in The Promised Land. Some of them were true ferals that were live-trapped when they became sick or injured. Those kitties were taken to a shelter for humane euthanasia. Some were hit by cars or died of illness in The Shadows.

      One cat, Otis’s sister Marvie, was trapped, spayed and returned to The Shadows by someone in the neighborhood (the Guardians never found out who). The Guardians worked to gain her trust for months, just as they had with Leader Otis. It was working. She had gotten to the point where one of the Guardians could pet her and she was literally a week or less away from being swept up. At that point, she disappeared for a few days and then returned with signs of a severe upper respiratory infection. In her sickened state, she no longer trusted the Guardians at all. They tried in vain to capture her for 6 days. When she was finally so week she could no longer run, they captured her, but nothing could be done to save her.

      The world without walls is no place for a kitty. I recommend finding a good shelter with whom you can work, and following The Commandments of Otis: http://cultofotis.squarespace.com/commandments/

      – Brother Oliver

  12. Purrs to Brother Henry for continued healing and fewer ouchy moments. Think the person complaining about the shelter only saw Olive’s color. Black kitties do have a harder time being adopted. Haven’t a clue why as I have always had at least one in the house since I can remember. My black one, DoubleT, was a limbo kitty that waltzed right up to my dad and me and when I brought him in two days later he became friends with the others in short order. He’ll be 14 this year. Hope he has many many more still to go.

  13. msphoebecat

    You Brothers and the Guardians are true saints for all you do to carry on and serve as an example of the Leader’s mission. I hope Olive can be coerced in to the Rapture so that Abe has the courage to come forward and out of Limbo again. The attitude of some of the people searching for their cats is horrible. There are far too many that have the misconception that cats can survive on their own in the elements. I try and spread the Leader’s mission and educate the ignorant as much as possible, yet I admit at times it seems overwhelming when you come across these souls who go out of their way NOT to listen and show little care for another life in need. I am always reignited after visiting the Cult of Otis blog however, for your amazing family never fails to restore my faith in humanity.

  14. Sending love to the poor babies out there in the wild world 😦

  15. Ewwww at eye 😦 your guardians are the best x

  16. We are sooooo fortunate that we hardly ever even see any cats outside in our neighborhood. Never any limbo kitties. Purrs for Abe and Olive

  17. DJFuzzyK

    Big purrs for Abe and Olive. Happy to see an Abe update too. He’s such a handsome man-cat and we’ve been wondering what had become of him.

    We had a sighting of Orange, one of our regular shadow cats, just this morning. He’d not been seen since July when a new cat appeared on the block (she’s now in the Promised Land). He still runs at the sight of humans, so there’s a lot of work to do there. Hoping we can see more of Orange and help him move on to better things as well!

    Best of luck from your disciples,
    Sonja with Fuzz, Hicks, Bean, Emerson and Oscar

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