What An Awesome New Bed!

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. this afternoon one of the Guardians came home and plopped something down on the bench below the front window. I was immediately intrigued and went in close to investigate. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but I soon realized it was a comfy new bed! I plopped down to enjoy this amazing discovery.

Henry  on awesome bed 1

Clearly the mysterious object was a new cat bed!

I have to admit, I found the configuration of the bed to be strange at first, but then I realized it was probably for more than just sleeping. I found that its lopsided construction made it easier to keep from rolling over as I took a bath.

Henry  on awesome bed 2

The bed’s lopsided construction aided me in my bathing.

It really was good for napping too. Also, as I laid my head down I realized that the bed had pockets. They would be perfect for storing catnip, or cat treats, or maybe other cat treats!

Henry  on awesome bed 3

Not only was the bed comfy, it was a great storage container for kitty supplies!

I decided that the bed would also make a good low observation station from which to keep a lookout for any suspicious activity that might herald the start of the Long-feared Dog Uprising. Maybe some of the pockets could be used to store surveillance tools and claw sharpeners!

Henry  on awesome bed 4

The bed would also make a good observation point to monitor the LFDU!

As I was devising other possible uses for this wonderful new bed, one of the Guardians approached and asked if he could have his laptop bag back. I looked at him closely to try to determine whether or not he had gone crazy. How would I, a mere kitty, know whether or not he could have his laptop bag back? I had no idea where it was and I didn’t even know what the darn thing looked like.

Henry  on awesome bed 5

The Guardian was asking me strange questions. I thought he might have gone crazy or something.

I decided it was best not to engage with the Guardian if he was crazy. I laid back down on the bed and closed my eyes. Before I drifted off, I heard the Guardian say, “I guess not then…”, as he walked away. Humans really puzzle me sometimes.

So Says Brother Henry

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11 responses to “What An Awesome New Bed!

  1. Wow, Brother Henry, that’s an awesome bed. With pockets! So many things you could store while you napped on it! Glad the guardian got the message.. hee hee

  2. catsinwindows

    Bunk Kitty here enjoys “purse” beds on regular occasions. I’m sure the comfy levels are similar!

  3. 😀 Strange beds are the best! I loved sleeping in My Person’s duffle bag. I don’t know who Duffle was, but his bag was extremely comfy! Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  4. If you ever figure them out you have to let me in on the secret, because I don’t get them either!

  5. looks a little lumpy to us, but we have to agree that humans are sometimes very strange 🙂

  6. You are such a handsome fellow, Brother Henry, and that’s probably because you get so much beauty sleep. I hope your Guardian hasn’t gone crazy and was just experiencing a momentary lapse of reason. Enjoy your new bed!

  7. Your not gonna believe this Brother Henry, but sometimes we dull-minded humans shove laptops, keys, glasses, and other foreign objects into things that were clearly designed as kitty beds and pillows. This is what’s known as “hacking” an object, and it’s seen as a sign of intelligence in the human world. I know – pretty messed up right?

  8. What a great bed, Brother Henry. We wonder where the Guardian’s laptop bag went? Guess he’ll have to buy a new one.

  9. Sandy

    That is an awesome bed Brother Henry. I really think that using the bed’s pockets for catnip is a good idea if it doesn’t keep you awake. Hope you had a very good nap : )

  10. Oh how wonderful of the Guardian to give you that new bed. I bet it even has a lot of little dangly things you can play with as you drift off to sleep.

  11. Dat iz sum arrow-dienamick bed dere Brother Henry!! Ya look very comfy in it…me wunderz waht yer Guardian waz talkin about?? Hu’manz can be such a puzzle, can’t dey??
    Lub Nylablue xx

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