Two More Kitties Have Been Swept Up!

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. I am happy to report that two more kitties have been swept up in The Capture and now reside in The Promised Land. News of the first of these kitties came to us from the cat himself, Dizzy, who had this to say:

Dear Guardians of Oliver, Henry, and Thomas,

My guardians told me about the work you do encouraging people to take care of fursons, and I thought you might want to hear my story.
My name is Dizzy… well, Distraction of Notchinghamshire… but that’s a big name for me since I’m only 6 1/2 months old.  I was swept up in the capture 14 days ago.  I was born in a feral cat colony behind a glass shop in Sacramento, CA, on a busy industrial street.  I didn’t fit in and the colony’s caretaker saw that.  I love people!  But none of the other fursons did. Whenever the caretaker came to check on my colony and bring us food, I snuggled her legs, and eventually she had to pick me up so she wouldn’t step on me.  I liked that too!

One day, something happened to me.  I don’t remember exactly what, but I started limping because my back hurt.  The owner of the glass shop called the caretaker to check on me.  I had a sore spot on my back but my limp was getting better. The caretaker asked me if I wanted to come home with her.  I clearly wasn’t going to fit in outside ever, so I said yes!  Then she took me to the bad place, but it wasn’t so bad there because there were nice people and I love people!  I got spayed and my left ear got clipped. I think it makes me look tough, but no one else thinks I look tough at all.  The caretaker put my picture on, which I think they should call “Guardian Finder” because that’s exactly what I got.

I found two nice guardians in a house with Puddington, an older furson who needed a friend.  I try to play with her, but she just wants to sniff me.  I think we’ll be good friends soon though.  There are lots of toys. But I didn’t know what toys were either, just like Otis.  But I learned!  Before 24 hours passed in my new home, I learned to play with strings – I love strings! –  and a purple octopus – He’s got 8 legs to chew on! – and so many other fun things!

Being in the shadows for the first 6 months of my life took a toll.  I have some health issues that should get better with time and love, according to the people at my new bad place. (But it’s not bad because there’s nice people!  And I love people!)  I’m so glad I experienced the capture and I’m also thankful that the caretaker is still taking care of my colony.  I know she’ll keep them as safe as she can.



Here is a photo of Dizzy in his new home.

Welcome to The Promised Land, Dizzy! Sorry about the ear-tipping though. Ouch. And hopefully the rest of the kitties who you used to hang out with can be brought in from the wilderness as well!

The second kitty that recently entered the promised land is apparently a knight like Thomas! His name is Sir Jasper Greystone, and Disciple Sonja had this to say about his Capture:

Hello Guardians,

I’m writing to share another story with a happy, feline-filled ending with you.

Recently, a family member called for advice about some noises they were hearing from the wooded area behind their home. They’d heard loud meowing most of the night and were alarmed because there are not many outdoor cats in the area due to predators. Concerned that a cat had gotten out of its home and was possibly injured or up a tree fleeing a predator, I urged them to go outside and call for the cat, armed with tuna to any attract hungry, lost cats in the vicinity. They searched high and low and, sadly, no longer heard the cat. I suggested leaving the food inside their yard so they could spot the cat if it was capable of getting to the yard on its own. Later that day, they called back to let me know that they’d heard the meowing again, this time inside the yard! Outside they found something they didn’t expect: a very tiny kitten! They whisked the tiny critter inside, provided food and water and quickly made an appointment to take him to a vet to ensure he was uninjured.

Days later, we learned that the kitty was 3 weeks old and weighed about 12oz. His cries were loud enough to rival any adult cat out there and it appeared he’d made his way to their yard across several 100 yards of wild, hilly undergrowth to reach safety. After a long conversation with the family about keeping him safely confined, they agreed to the cat joining their household on a permanent basis.

Sir Jasper Greystone recently celebrated his 3-month birthday. He currently weighs 5lbs and his one of the most spoiled and beloved cats in town! The picture included in this message is from the week following his rescue. Not only was another cat saved from the shadows, another family has realized the joys of sharing their lives with a feline friend. I think we’ve got some new ‘cat people’ in the family now as well.


Guardian to Fuzz, Bean, Hicks, Emerson and Oscar (and associate guardian of Jasper!)


Here is the photo of Jasper shortly after he was swept up in The Capture.

Welcome to The Promised Land Sir Jasper! I’m so glad your cries for help were answered! Both of these stories would make Leader Otis so proud. Thanks to all involved for Being the Miracle for these kitties in need!

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Oliver

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19 responses to “Two More Kitties Have Been Swept Up!

  1. CindyD

    My father’s name was Jasper…I think he’s smiling now.

  2. I love starting my day with news like this! Dizzy and Sir Jasper are beautiful! Well done to their rescuers & guardians. I tried last night to rescue a small black kitty that appears to be living in a sewer in my town. I saw it in the afternoon, emerging from under the sidewalk as I left a popular deli on a busy corner. It darted back under as I approached. I went back at night with small bowls of food & water, which I left under the sidewalk. There was no sign of the kitty. If anyone has any advice about how to rescue this kitty, I’d be grateful.

  3. catsinwindows

    What wonderful stories! We’re all purring in happiness

  4. Such tails of encouragement and hope. Each little one makes a difference and the world a better place. Paws up!

  5. Aww. How wonderful, I love happy endings.

  6. Wonderful stories! Two more safe and sound! That makes us all purr!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful babies! Purring loudly in happiness!!

  8. It’s so good to know Leader Otis’s message continues to get out.

  9. Great news!! So glad they were rescued. Hopefully a day will come that all are safe inside loving homes.

  10. Colehaus Cats

    Love these wonderful stories! Welcome to the homes of forever love! Purrs…

  11. Apawz fer da rescue n rapture capture of Dixxy (so handsum) n sweet wee Jasper…what a cutie!
    We lub deze pawsum storiez wif happy endinz!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxo

  12. Sandy

    I’m teary here – thanks to Dizzy and Sonja for the best news of the day!

  13. There are good peoples out there!

  14. I don’t think it could’ve happened to two nicer cats! Little Jasper looks a lot like our Miss P., who’s own story of capture is very similar to his.

  15. Dizzy and Jasper what wonderful news for you and I am sure your new families will be rewarded with years of love and happiness..hugs to the new kitties and thanks for the wonderful news Thomas! hugs Fozziemum xx

  16. Aren’t they both the cutest??!! So glad that they have found guardians and will be properly looked after! Thanks for sharing the good news – a lovely start to my day!!

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