The Leader And Mama Cat Watch Over Us

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. The Guardians have done something that makes me, Sir Thomas, and Brother Oliver very happy. On either side of our favorite window they have hung portraits of The Leader and Mama Cat. Now whenever we want to feel their presence, we need only look up.

Henry with Otis and Mama pictures 2

The images of The Leader and Mama Cat are now hanging next to our favorite window.

Although we have been doing our best to carry on the work Leader Otis started, I have to admit it has been very difficult since His and Mama Cat’s passing. But now, whenever I feel like I am giving in to despair, I know The Leader is up there. He has my back.

Henry with Otis picture

When I feel like I’m giving in to despair, I know The Leader has my back.

And on my other side is Mama Cat. Her fiery presence gives me strength in the face of hopelessness. Even when she was deathly ill, she never gave up. She never lost heart. And so, neither will I.

Henry with Otis and Mama pictures 1

Mama Cat’s fiery presence gives me strength.

And they watch over you too, Disciples. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of kitties out there who are in need, when you feel like you can’t possibly make a difference, The Leader looks down and reminds you that if you save even one kitty from a desperate life in the world without walls, you have made a huge difference. He was living proof of the impact one saved life can make.

Otis, Seattle, WA 040811

The Leader is watching. He will give you strength when you feel despair creeping in.

And when you feel like giving up, Mama Cat will be there to remind you that giving up is not an option. Even when she was terminally ill, and very near the end of her life, Mama Cat embraced every day with joy and enthusiasm. OK, so she was a little sassy to us boy cats as well, but I think she found joy in that too! My point is, she never gave up, and she is now looking down at you, encouraging you to do as she did.

Mama Cat, 092213

When you feel like giving up, Mama Cat will be there to give you strength.

So their images will help us remember that they are always watching, and we will do our best to make them both proud. I hope you will all continue to do the same as we all work together to create a world in which all kitties are happy, healthy and safely confined.

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Henry

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33 responses to “The Leader And Mama Cat Watch Over Us

  1. I will never give up. It is the reason I have 5.

  2. Batya Harlow

    I miss them so much. Looking at their portraits brought tears and smiles. Thank you for sharing them with us, yet again.

  3. I feel so much love right now, for the 5 cats and the 2 guardians. ♡♡♡♡

  4. Chris, Monster, Bunk, Buggy, Calco and one kitty-loving Wiener Dog

    Awww, what a beautiful remembrance.

  5. Miss them but they’ll always be in our hearts for inspiration. Purrs and hugs to all of you for your strength and love for each other!

  6. Bright Blessings to Leader Otis and Mama Cat… know that your work continues and you are loved.

  7. Lia

    I have 3 similar portraits on my walls…it is comforting to know they are watching. And always will be.

  8. Christy Jones

    Oh wow. That was just beautiful! And those are exceptionally well done photographs of both kitties. You captured the very best of them I think, and it made me cry to see their beautiful faces again. :’) Thank you for being such advocates for keeping our precious babies indoors where it’s safe. It makes me sad to see people letting their animals wander around the neighborhood unsupervised, but my kitties are safe and sound and spoiled to pieces indoors! You guys are all amazing (people and kitties) and I enjoy your updates and pictures very much. Hope you’re doing well these days and much love to you all! ❤

  9. Erin

    Awwww! So great!

  10. Leigh

    What beautiful photos, may their images give us all strength!

  11. That is a noble goal to work for. I hope it comes to pass.

  12. Thanks for sharing the Inspiration.

  13. Beautiful photos and a profound and inspiring message. Thank you, Guardians. Thank you, Brother Henry. Leader Otis and Mama Cat, I miss you both so much. You live on in all our hearts.

  14. You are spreading a valuable message and acting as a wonderful example of how to be a responsible guardian. I am so glad that you have chosen to continue this blog. I know it wasn’t an easy decision to make.

  15. We hear you, Brother Henry! 13 tails up.

  16. lovely choice of photos.. so nice to have such a visual reminder

  17. Brings tears to our eyes xxx beautiful pictures

  18. I could look at those faces for hours. What a beautiful reminder!!

  19. We love those pictures of the Leader and Mama Cat.

  20. If you are not a professional photographer you should be!! Beautiful pictures!!! And Brother Henry, I think you are right in thinking Mama Cat enjoyed being a little bit hissy to you man-cats! Your Guardians are wonderful and very inspiring. The hope for all kitties to come to know safety and love will certainly keep going. Many purrs and head bops to you all.

  21. Poor Mama Cat, she was so brave. Yesterday, I had a brief taste of the unpleasantness that originally drove Mama Cat to seek the Guardians’ help when one of Priestess Jen’s shed hairs got stuck in my eye. Ow!

  22. What gorgeous portraits, thank you for sharing such a special and loving thing with us.

    May the power, strength and love continue to spread and the word be heard!

  23. Yow Leeder Otis n Momma Kat iz so bery proud of all of ya fer carryin on de werk to educate peeple bout bringin kittehz into Kitteh Vlahalla….
    Doez portraitz are so beeuteefull n will reemind ya to NEBER give up carryin da message to da werld…one kitteh at a time we can make a changer fer da bettur!!
    Much lub frum Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxoxo

  24. Those are beautiflul pictures in many ways. What a great reminder. Hugs to you all

  25. What a brilliant idea!

  26. Sandy

    Thank you Brother Henry – that was a beautiful reminder.

  27. Beautiful photos! What a lovely way to commemorate the leader and MC.

  28. Never give up. Do it in honor of Otis and Mama!
    New mantra

  29. msphoebecat

    Oh dearest Brother Henry, how bittersweet this post is to me being one week ago today I unexpectedly lost my best girl to the Bridge. Like the Leader, Phoebe had a genetic auto immune disease that she was diagnosed with 10 and 1/2 years ago at age 3. She was very sick then and I almost lost her then, but her strong spirit endured and I was blessed to have her with me the past 10 1/2 yrs- her living twice as long as the doctors said she would. The past few months she had been fighting a relentless respiratory infection that numerous antibiotics would not conquer. She seemed to be doing better and all was fine until a week ago in the early morning hours she started having seizures. We rushed her to the 24 ER and she was stabilized, but her body to weak to carry on and with her letting me know it was okay, we let her go in peace and surrounded by love.
    When we lost the Leader and Mama Cat so soon after, I felt for your family as we also lost Phoebe’s younger sister Černy a year and a half ago. She was an abandoned, abused special needs cat that I am so grateful to have had in the Promised Land with me. It was a privilege to have these ladycats such an important part of my life and they will continue to be.
    The portraits of Otis and Mama Cat are lovely and I plan to add a collection of photos of all my babies at the Bridge on the wall to always have them with me, just like your family has these two to treasure.
    I do still have my one baby boy Kaspars, Phoebe’s younger brother who was swept up in the Rapture much like the Leader, Mama Cat, and you boys. He is not as trusting as Phoebe and Černy were due to his former feral days, but he has come a long way and was brave enough to be led and want to live in the Promised Land. He does approach me for the love he craves, but I must wait until he elicits it. He has taught me so much about limbo kitties, just as the Cult of Otis has. Together we comfort one another and know at the right time the girls will send us another baby who needs special care and love.
    The Leader’s message is one I am forever committed to and will pass on. You boys are doing a remarkable job carrying on in Otis’ and Mama Cat’s memory, you make them and all kitties at the Bridge proud.
    Purrs of love,
    Ms. Phoebe’s Mom

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  31. Mom Linda here; I have been on a long trip, just now have access to free wifi, but we finally head home tomorrow. I wanted to catch up on The Leader’s blog…and am happy to have read back a few…this is lovely…to have such powerfully positive photos of two brave kitties to watch over the others and to offer the rest of Otis’ Disciples such encouragement. We also have a story to share that related directly to the Leader’s last message and how we were moved to Be The Miracle once again after we brought Savannah to her Promised Land with us.

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