Crafting With Kitties

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Soooo… I guess Brother Henry heard about Brother Oliver’s failed attempt at starting a “Cooking with Kitties” show and he thought he could do better. As I was walking toward the living room yesterday I heard Brother Henry saying, “Hello, and welcome to Crafting with Kitties! Today we’re going to make paper… ummm… things!” I walked into the room and saw one of the Guardians sitting at a table with craft supplies laid out in front of her. Brother Henry was sitting on the table and watching what the Guardian was doing. As he watched, he also narrated. Brother Henry said, “OK. The first thing we’re going to do is take some of that green paper and fold it or something…”

Crafting with Kitties 1

Brother Henry was watching as the Guardian was working. He was narrating.

The Guardian gave Brother Henry a strange look, as if she couldn’t understand what he was meowing about, then she went back to work. Brother Henry continued, “…then we’re going to put a shape thingy on the piece of paper and… ummmm… well…” He seemed unsure as to what would happen next.

Crafting with Kitties 2

Brother Henry said that next they were going to put a shape thingy on the paper.

As the Guardian started cutting around the shape she had just attached to the paper, Brother Henry said, “Oh yeah! We’re going to cut the shape out of the paper because… wait, why are we doing that?” Although the show didn’t seem very informative, I have to admit I was finding it kind of entertaining.

Crafting with Kitties 3

Brother Henry said that they were next cutting the shape out of the paper… for reasons that escaped him.

Brother Henry continued to look confused. Perhaps because he did not know what else to do, he repositioned himself so he was sitting on the paper that the Guardian was working on. The Guardian seemed amused. She picked up a different piece of paper and showed it to Brother Henry. He said, “Ummm… yes, now I shall inspect this other piece of paper to make sure it is suitable for whatever we are doing here…”

Crafting with Kitties 4

Brother Henry sat on the Guardian’s paper. She presented him with another piece of paper.

A bird flew by the front window and momentarily distracted Brother Henry. The Guardian continued to work as Brother Henry dreamed of crunching birds. At this point I noticed the big bouquet of paper flowers sitting on the desk right beside him. That’s what the Guardian was making! I was surprised Brother Henry hadn’t figured it out.

Crafting with Kitties 5

Brother Henry was momentarily distracted by a crunchy bird. He didn’t notice the big bouquet of paper flowers next to him.

After a few moments, the Guardian got Brother Henry’s attention by putting a half finished paper flower near his face. He was still thinking about the bird, and licking his lips, when he looked at it.

Crafting with Kitties 6

Brother Henry was still thinking about the bird as the Guardian showed him a flower in progress.

Suddenly, Brother Henry remembered that he was in the middle of doing a show. He said, “OH! UH! Yes! We are making flowers here on Crafting with Kitties! That’s what we’re doing. And look! We already have a whole bouquet right here in this jar! I bet they smell wonderful!” Brother Henry then buried his face in the flowers and sniffed deeply.

Crafting with Kitties 7

Brother Henry buried his face in the paper flowers and sniffed.

As Brother Henry pulled his head out of the flowers he said, “Hmmmm… you know, these actually just smell like paper with a touch of Guardian on them. Guess I should have expected that. You know… maybe this isn’t the right show for me…”

Crafting with Kitties 8

Brother Henry started to think that Crafting with Kitties was not the right show for him.

All of the sudden, Brother Henry jumped down off the table and headed off toward the back of the house. Finally noticing that I was watching, he said, “Sorry Thomas, Crafting with Kitties has been canceled! Don’t worry though, I’m going to see if I can spot that bird that flew by earlier from the back window. If I do, I will be starting a new show!” I asked Brother Henry what the new show would be called and he said, “Crunching with Kitties!” I paused for a moment and then ran after him shouting, “Wait up Brother H! Can I be your co-star!?”

Thomas Out

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15 responses to “Crafting With Kitties

  1. Jen decided to have a show called “Wrapping Christmas gifts with Kitties” last month.

  2. I would have watched the show 🙂 I think it has pawtential…;) Hugs Fozziemum…off to find some paper and an obliging kitty 🙂 xx

  3. I love this …. crafting with kitties!

  4. Don’t worry Brother Henry, you’ll find your TV niche someday. Priestess Jen always gets in the way when I do crafts or bake. Over Christmas, I made a whole slew of cards with glitter and glue on them. I had to let them dry on the bed because I was using the table to bake on. While I wasn’t looking, somebody let Priestess Jen into my room. Sure enough she jumped right up on the bed! Somehow, all four paws landed between the cards, and she quickly hopped off when she realized there wasn’t a paper- or glue- free spot on the bed. “Priestesses don’t have to get sticky to sparkle!” she humphed as she went off in search of another bed.

  5. We do crafts at our house too. Your Guardian looks a bit more patient than my mama!

  6. Heather

    Those flowers are beautiful! If your smaller Guardian made them, she sure is talented.

    Sable Cat would love to see “Crunching with Kitties”. I hope it will be on regular cable and not on pay-per-view. Our bill is expensive enough as it is.

  7. Crunching with Kitties…now that’s a show we could get into!

  8. We’ve had Cooking, Crafting, Crunching (potentially). Since Sir Thomas was such a good dancer will his show be Cavorting with Kitties?

  9. MOL, I’m thinking kitties would like the crunching better than the crafting anyday!

  10. How talented is your guardian – they are fab! Crafting with kitties sounds brilliant, and typist would love to have a go at making some of those flowers, perhaps it needs to be brought back!!

  11. The guardian is lucky to have such a handsome mancat as an assistant. It looks like Henry was extremely helpful, which I’m sure the guardian appreciated.

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  13. You’ve given me an idea, Brother Henry. I ‘m going to round up Luna and do a show called “Napping with Kitties.”

  14. msphoebecat

    Angel Ms. Phoebe’s brother Kaspars would like to offer his services as a consultant for your ‘Crunching With Kitties’ show Brother Henry. He is an excellent and accomplished hunter, his skills honed for survival during his early years on the streets before being caught up in the Rapture ten years ago, in our front yard. Kaspars feels a consultant would be an asset, especially when it comes to gutting, decapitation, and disemboweling a bird- all of which are his specialty. These are an art form that not all cats have the ability or desire to explore, and he feels your viewers would benefit from a well rounded education on the subject of crunching birdies. Just let us know where to send his resume if you are interested.

  15. Yow Brother Henry me LUBBED da Craftin wif Kittehz show!! me helpz Mum when she doez craftz speshelly if dere iz feeverz involved 😉
    N hepin her wif da beedz iz alot of fun too…
    Me finkz ya are pawsum kittehz to try makin yer own showz…me cuud do ‘Nappin wif Nylablue’, MOL….
    Lub Nylablue xxxxxx

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