Cooking With Kitties

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Earlier today, as I was walking through the kitchen, I noticed Brother Oliver sitting on the kitchen table surrounded by food. When I asked him what he was doing, he said, “Well, Sir Thomas, as you know, I love food.” I acknowledged that I was aware of Brother Oliver’s love for food but I did not mention that I think he might love it a little too much. Brother Oliver continued, “So, to further explore my love of food, I have decided to start my own cooking show. It’s going to be called ‘Cooking With Kitties’. What do you think?”

Oliver with cooking ingredients 1

Brother Oliver said he was starting a show called “Cooking With Kitties”. He wanted to know what I thought.

I was silent for a moment as I pondered Brother Oliver’s question, then I replied, “Well, Brother Oliver, I think it’s a great idea, but if you plan to eat anything that you make, don’t you think you should use different ingredients? I mean, there’s nothing on that table that would be good for a kitty to eat!” Brother Oliver looked at the ingredients surrounding him and then said, “What do you mean Thomas? I have a whole turkey right here in front of me! Kitties would eat that!” I said, “Ummmmm… Brother Oliver? That is not a turkey. It’s a ‘Turk’y’. I would have thought, since you are the smartest cat in the house, you would have noticed that.” Brother Oliver looked closely at the box in front of him and then looked very annoyed.

Oliver with cooking ingredients 2

Brother Oliver took a closer look at his main ingredient. He was not pleased.

After a long silence I said, “So, Brother Oliver, does this mean the show is over?” Brother Oliver replied, “Well Thomas, it seems the kitchen staff can’t provide me with the quality ingredients my culinary talents demand so, yes, the show’s over.” He then jumped down and wandered off in the direction of our food bowls. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I got the feeling it would have been a very entertaining show.

Thomas Out

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16 responses to “Cooking With Kitties

  1. Oh Brother Oliver I am sad you are not doing a cooking show

  2. Aww, I was looking forward to cooking with kitties. My cat buggy likes to be present when I’m cooking ot baking. I think he’s quality control.

  3. And the press photo was perfect! Come back Brother Oliver!

  4. we think the show might have been entertaining but not very tasty 🙂

  5. Brother O, you make such a handsome host! I would watch for sure. I would be especially interested in how you make the Turk’y taste good. 😉

  6. Maybe Oliver’s show could be Kitties Playing With Food and he could bat around that cauliflower like a ball for a while? I think he’s big and strong enough to do it! Or at least the onion!

  7. Does anyone know why cats feel a strange attraction toward the foods they’re not supposed to eat? For example, Miss P. purrs when she sees us chopping chives, and Priestess Jen rubs up against cartons of strawberries. They never eat them, but it’s still weird.

  8. Brother Oliver, you could still have a show called Cooking with Kitties! It would show your Guardians cooking while you kitties stand on the counter top and make helpful comments, such as, “When are you going to add some crunchy birds?” Hmm. I have sneaking suspicion that the Guardians won’t go for it.

  9. I would have watched it for sure! 😉

  10. Cooking With Kitties sounds like a show we would have enjoyed very much. Once again a project is stalled due to the incompetence of the human help.

  11. I am quite sure it would be much more entertaining than any of the current shows on food network. 😀 @Rhiannon, I like that idea!!

  12. Well, that’s a disappointment. That’s one show we would love to watch!

  13. Precious once insisted on sticking around to sniff an onion I was chopping. Her little nose was dripping wet and I made it clear onion wasn’t for her, but she kept right on sniffing. When it comes to people food, I give the girls a little bit of real, unseasoned meat now and then and the very rare drop (literally – from a finger tip) or two of milk.

  14. Yow we wuud hab watched yer show Brother Oliver….me likez da calliflower n peaz n fish…..okayz me not see peaz n fish butt me waz just sayin..
    Not so shure bout da oneeon… 😉
    Say what iz diz Turk’y?? Me n Mum not nose what it iz??
    It cuud hab bin such a guud show….*sighz*
    Lub Nylablue n Mum xx

  15. I don’t believe it, usually your guardians are more reliable!

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