The Miracle Happens In St. Maarten

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. A few days ago we received an email that had us all running around and jumping up and down with excitement. The message was from Stephan in St. Maarten, and he said, “We have a rescue kitten running around called Otis, who joined Mientje our diabetic rescue cat. As a proud owner of a Guardians of Otis shirt, i wanted to show you the new member of our household.” Stephan provided a link to a video showing these two lovely kitties.

So another kitty has been rescued and now bears the name of The Leader! Thank you Stefan for being The Miracle!

So Says Brother Henry

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13 responses to “The Miracle Happens In St. Maarten

  1. May the miracles continue! Otis would purr with pride

  2. Aww, this sweet kitty even looks like Leader Otis!

  3. that is AWESOME!!! Otis lives on……

  4. Chris, Monster, Buggy, Bunk and Calico (and a wiener dog)

    How wonderful!! My mom has a miracle rescue named Otis as well, although to be honest he’s named after Otis on The Andy Griffith Show!

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    Hooray for rescue! Hooray for St. Maarten’s Otis!

  6. Aw, that’s wonderful! Otis’ legacy will never stop!

  7. Heather

    I love that house and my goodness, it is soooo clean!
    You rock for saving another life. It looks like Otis is settling right in. What a handsome boykitten.

  8. Mientje and Otis are beautiful kitties. Stephan and his partner are true disciples. And “Help yourself, help a cat. Get a rescue cat” is a great message.

  9. Sandy

    Hooray! Leader Otis would be very proud.

  10. Another kitty safe and loved!!! Is there anything better??? I think not. Well done!

  11. Squeeee and wonderful….all at the same time 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  12. Hurrah fer da new Otis!!! Such pawsum werkz goin on all over da werld ind a name of Leeder otis *wipez a teer frum eye*
    Lub Nylablue =^..^=

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