Spying Sunday

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. As I was walking through the kitchen this morning, I suddenly felt as if I was being watched. I looked out the window to discover Cookie sitting on the roof next door. She was staring at me.

Cookie on the roof 1

I felt like I was being watched and I spotted Cookie on the roof staring at me.

Feeling a little unsettled by the situation, I hurried into the living room, but when I arrived, I still felt like I was being watched. I looked out the living room window and saw Cookie staring at me again.

Cookie on the roof 2

When I went to the living room, Cookie was still staring at me.

I approached the window and shouted, “Cookie! Why are you on the roof, and why are you staring at me!” Cookie replied, “First of all, I’m not staring at you, I’m spying on you. Second, I’m on the roof because I’m locked out of the house again and it feels safer up here. Plus, it makes it easier to see in your windows and spy on you!”

Cookie on the roof 3

Cookie said she was on the roof because it felt safer. Plus it made for easier spying.

I asked Cookie why she was spying and she said, “I’m trying to figure out what you are doing to make your Guardians let you stay inside. I figure I must be doing something wrong, and that’s why my guardian keeps shutting me out.” I said, “Cookie… you’re not doing anything wrong. Your guardian is. It’s not your fault girlfriend. Now please get down before you fall and hurt yourself!”

Cookie was silent for a moment, and then she said, “Thanks Brother Oliver. It does help to know that it’s not my fault. If it’s all the same to you though, I’m going to stay up here and spy on you a little longer. It’s kind of entertaining!” Even though it was a little unsettling to think that she was going to continue to spy on me, I told Cookie it would be fine if she did so. Like all Limbo kitties she has many challenges in her life. If watching me eat a snack and take a nap was going to bring her a little joy, who was I to refuse her?

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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28 responses to “Spying Sunday

  1. Batya Harlow

    Poor sweet Cookie. It was good of you, Brother Oliver, to do what you could to cheer her up.

  2. We feel so badly for beautiful Cookie…no kitty should EVER be locked out of their own home.

  3. Oh, please–grab that tortie cat named Cookie!

  4. we can’t imagine being stared at, but we do with those people who claim to care for her wouldn’t lock her out of the house…..

  5. The dilemma of “owned” but neglected cats is agonizing. There’s one in my neighborhood — old, tiny, skin-and-bone, with terrible fur mats — that I’m longing to gather up and take to a vet, but I’m told she or he has an owner and goes inside at night. At least Cookie looks healthy and well fed, but she also looks as if she’s gazing into a longed-for paradise of safety and comfort and love. I’m sorry, Brother Oliver. It must be hard for you kitties and your Guardians to witness. I hope that some day soon, a miracle will happen for Cookie.

    • Yes it is agonizing, Rhiannon. It is especially difficult because there are no laws against leaving cats outside in this area. Many people don’t consider locking the cat out of the house for a day neglect. They are under the illusion that the cats actually enjoy it. – Brother Oliver

  6. Maybe you can open the door and let her come in for a little visit. 😉

  7. mistletoeandhitch

    Like Mama Cat, and all the other Limbo kitties, Cookie ‘s story is heartbreaking. I wonder though, Brother Oliver, how you and Brother Henry and Sir Thomas deal with the Limbo kitties that visit your yard. There are 4 of us kitties in this house and 2, Tiger and Pumpkin, get very upset when they see kitties outside. So much so that their hair puffs up and they become aggressive. This makes it hard for us to send our human out to offer food or shelter. Sometimes, if we know where the limbo kitty lives and it will permit we have her walk him/her home because she “assumes” the guardian would be worried. It can be an awkward conversation but our human has the ability to remain clueless when it suits her…..and something her brothers refer to as “brass ones”, whatever that means. But mostly she’d like to help more but hates too see the Orange Twins fighting? Any ideas?

    • Brother Henry, Thomas and I watch all the Limbo Kitties in the yard, but we don’t get upset about them. Sometimes the Limbo kitties (including Cookie) will try to pick a fight with us through the window or through the wire of our enclosure. We don’t usually do anything back though. – Brother Oliver

  8. Brother Oliver, we at Squeedunk Cats share your desire to help Cookie, and other limbo kitties. Even when those kitties have a “house”. Locked out and wanting for love, comfort, and safety is no way to live. I just had to plead with someone on social media this week during the bitter cold to keep her cats inside. She was ready to let them out when the temperature reached 10 degrees, as they are “outdoor kitties”. The human responses were, quite frankly, discouraging at best and absolutely heartbreaking in most cases. Many opinions were “natural selection.” To which I’d like to reply, “I’d like to naturally select you for….” well, I won’t tell you what I have in store in the recesses of my imagination for people that have no heart for animals.
    We continue to advocate for all animals and help those we can reach. And we will await to see if Cookie will make her way to your house. Maybe, just maybe…she will be swept up soon.
    Thank you for sharing, even if you did feel a little funny about being spied on–sounds like it was a good spying.

    • Cookie is a difficult case, Z-Girl, because her guardian still “cares” for her. Unfortunately, this is the level of care that a huge number of kitties in our area seem to get. Keeping cats safely confined seems to be the exception rather than the rule. 😦 – Brother Oliver

      • Brother Oliver, I understand what you mean about the guardian caring for Cookie. It’s not the care we would hope for but let’s hope it’s a step above being feral, like some of my kitties who live in the shadows, in and out of abandoned warehouses, crossing streets where some fall victim to cars. We know that if Cookie ever fully surrendered herself, or were in dire need, your Guardians would be there for her. And we also know that together, we are raising awareness and therefore helping other kitties in limbo. Thank you for keeping us fully informed of the situation. Cookie sounds like a tough girl, and that’s certainly helping her survive. -Z-Girl

  9. Oh poor Cookie….being locked out of your own home is really not a nice feeling…so glad that at least you are there to give her a bit of a show Brother Oliver….one day the Cookies of the world will lock their owners out!! then see how they feel…hugs Fozziemum xx

  10. Peter Wilson

    Brother Oliver – Have you thought of reporting Cookie’s guardian (although he/she certainly doesn’t deserve that title) to the local humane society? Or how about we just put a contract our on him/her? People who let their kitties roam are bad enough, but those who lock them out are deserving of no consideration at all. It’s the plank for them!

    • Unfortunately, there is nothing to report. There are at least a dozen other cats right here on our block that are experiencing the same kind of life as Cookie. There is no law against letting your cat roam free here, and many people shut them outside during the day while they are at work. Even though we know this puts the cat in danger, the law doesn’t currently agree. – Brother Oliver

  11. Oh poor Cookie! We purr that her guardians see the light and let her be an inside cat permanently.

  12. Aw Cookie, I wish they’d let you in too, and keep you in! Brother Oliver, you’re very nice to let her watch you. I hope next time she gets in the house she clings to something so she wont go out again!

  13. Oh thank heavens it’s not bad weather at the moment. Hopefully something will change before that becomes a factor. I certainly hope so!! You are so good to try and help like you do. Bless you all.

  14. I wish Cookie could be swept up and rehomed with a family who cherished her. It must break your hearts to see her out there day after day.

  15. I wish there was a way to punish people who abuse their cats like Cookie. What cruelty. Mom Linda and Dad Peter leave for three weeks today and so I can’t visit until they come back *waving paws*

  16. Poor sweet locked out Cookie…she iz syin in a guud way Brother Oliver….maybee one day she just might come into yer home..we can hope n purray!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xxxx

  17. We feel so sorry for Cookie! Her guardians are not doing Cookie a favor by letting go outside. Maybe one day she can become an indoor resident at your house!

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