The Untold Story Of The Two Towers

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. There is a story I feel I need to tell. It has gone untold up to now because the unexpected departure of Her Majesty The Queen Mama Cat was still too near, and too painful. But it’s actually a happy story, so I will tell it now. As you may recall, the Super Outpost Tabby Tower was long the main stronghold here in the indoor domain of The Cult of Otis. That all changed when Her Majesty arrived. She took over the Tabby Tower and claimed it as her own… as was her Queenly right. I for one loved to look up at her in awe as she gazed down on all of her loyal subjects below.

Mama Cat on high

Her Majesty used to gaze down from upon high. The sight was breathtaking!

There was a problem though. With The Queen taking over our most important security structure, Brother Henry was at a loss as to how we could properly keep a lookout for any suspicious canine activity. He fretted day and night that The Long-feared Dog Uprising would commence, and that The Mongrel Horde would be at our doorstep before we so much as unsheathed our claws. The Guardians must have sensed Brother Henry’s worry because they built an entirely new tower right across from the Tabby Tower! The Brothers and I were so excited!

Thomas, Oliver and Henry on new tower

The Guardians erected a new tower! We were so excited!

Brother Henry dubbed the new structure Super Duper Outpost Tabby Tower, and immediately began sitting sentry duty on the tower’s uppermost platforms. Although She did not say it, I am sure The Queen felt much better seeing him over there and witnessing his vigilance. Ummm… She got a little mad whenever he looked at Her though.

Henry, Mama Cat, towers

I am sure that even The Queen felt safer with Brother Henry on the new security tower.

Whenever Brother Henry needed a break, I took a turn on the tower, keeping a sharp lookout to ensure The Queen’s safety. No wiener dog would dare disturb Her slumber with me on the job! And I did not dare make eye contact with her for fear of vocal reprisal!

Thomas on new tower 1

When Brother Henry was away, I would take over, ensuring The Queen remained free from wiener dog harassment.

Although Queen Mama Cat is now gone, The Two Towers still stand. We can use both for our security purposes now, but I still sometimes climb up onto Super Duper Outpost Tabby Tower and stand watch, all the while pretending that The Queen is safe and sound one tower over.

Thomas on new tower 2

I still sometimes pretend that I am standing watch over The Queen.

Sometimes, while I am sitting there pretending, and if I concentrate really hard, something amazing happens. When I look quickly back over my shoulder to the platform on the other tower where Queen Mama Cat used to lay, for I split second I swear I can hear her hissing at me. And my reply is always the same, I shout “Long live The Queen!”

Thomas Out

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23 responses to “The Untold Story Of The Two Towers

  1. Long live the Queen. Thank you for sharing this story. We all miss her.

  2. that is a great second tower you have. we are glad the guardians saw fit to add a second security post. and Thomas….you are a good knight!

  3. What a superb post, Thomas! Thank you so much for sharing that. We miss her so much… Long live the Queen!

  4. No Queen could ever ask for a knight more valiant than you, Sir Thomas. Remember, she is never truly gone as long as she reigns in your heart. Long live the Queen!

  5. You are a loyal subject, good Knight! The Queen will never be gone because she lives on in your hearts! Long live Queen Mama Cat!

  6. Sir Thomas, those were hisses of appreciation for your loving devotion to her safety. And she was indeed safe and cared for and loved in the days she had remaining in her life once she came to The Promised Land. Many tears still she’d here when we remember her with our love

  7. Yow Sir Thomas no wunder me haz a HUGE crush in ya!! Yer just about da sweetest, kindest, most considerate mankat me haz eber known!! Me neber knew any kat like ya when me waz out in da werld….
    Ya deeservez to be a Knight fer shure!!!
    We got all leeky eyed reedin yer bloggie butt we also smiled knowin ya can still here da echo of Queen Momma Kat who iz dere wif all of all in spirit fer ever!!!
    Much Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum
    Pee Ess: yer Super Duper Outpost Tower iz pawsum! 😉

  8. Long live the Queen, long live her memory! Sir Thomas, you are a wonderful knight, even protecting the Queen at the bridge! I’m sure she appreciates your vigilance.
    How wonderful of your guardians to see the need and fill it with another great tower!

  9. Oh, sweet Thomas. No doubt now that you are a chivalrous member of the Inner Circle. Thank you for telling us about the Two Towers and for sharing that wonderful photo of Mama Cat. I’m sure she’s still looking down on all of you from on high, and I agree with Savannah’s Paw Tracks, those hisses you hear are sighs of love and gratitude.

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  11. Leigh

    This made me sob a little, RIP Your Majesty.

  12. Yes, there’s no doubt she checks on everyone. Encouraging the cult to continue the struggle! Purrs to you Thomas for sensing her concern and hopes. Long live the Queen!

  13. Sandy

    Thomas – thank you for being such a vigilant knight.

  14. Love live the Queen and Leader Otis. Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. Aw, what a nice story, Thomas.

  16. I’m sure the hissing is appreciative and not reprimanding. She knows you would recognize the hiss as her’s. Keep up the good work!!

  17. Heather

    Awwww…that totally made my cry. Why I end up so invested in cats I’ve never even petted I’ll never know. Mamma Cat was just so special! From the flier works show to her signature move of the flying squirrel, she has just enchanted me. I miss her and I am so thankful you shared her in your blog. Thanks for the story Sir Thomas!

    By the way, your whiskers are looking exceptionally long and manly. It must be all your hard work defending against wiener dogs.

  18. What a sweet story…we’re glad it didn’t remain untold.

    Brother Thomas, we messaged you an interesting article on FB, check it out!

  19. That looks like a brilliant second tower. I love how in tune to your needs your guardians are!!

  20. Awwwww! Thomas you look adorable in that last photo! Adorable and alert, that is. How sweet of the Guardians to get you a second tower so Her Majesty could have her own. They really did make her last few months her best few months.

  21. We have a very strong feeling that Mama Cat is still watching over you. We also wanted to send our condolences. We didn’t know that Mama Cat had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We understand your hurt. Our brofur, Bandit, crossed the Bridge on Dec. 27 without any warning. Our mom found his earthly body outside her bedroom door. We hope you and your ‘beans have comfort knowing that Mama Cat had loves and noms and a warm house even for the short time she was an indoor kitty. Purrs…

  22. Kris

    Such a Spost- and picture of Her Majesty. She looked so content. We all miss her and Otis. Keep remembering them and they will always be there.

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