In The New Year, Some Things Remain The Same

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. I would have loved to start off 2014 with an announcement that all cat Guardians in the world have come to the light and are now keeping their kitties safely confined. I would have also loved to say that all telephone poles in our neighborhood are now completely bereft of missing cat posters as a result. But that would not be true.

As the Guardians took a post New Year’s walk in the neighborhood, they discovered that some things remain the same. They first encountered a poster featuring a lost soul named Pippi. This handsome, 13-year-old tuxedo kitty is currently missing.

Lost cat- Pippi-2

Pippi is missing. I purr that he is found safe and sound.

As they continued their walk, the Guardians also found a poster heralding the disappearance of Fritz. Fritz has been lost since Christmas Eve.


Lost Cat Poster- Fritz-1

Fritz is missing. I purr that he is someplace safe.

So the cycle of kitties not being given the safe boundaries they need, and those kitties disappearing, continues. But wait. Maybe I am wrong. Both of these kitties actually went missing at the end of 2013, right? Perhaps they are the last two lost cat posters of 2013 instead of the first two of 2014! Maybe people really have changed and once these posters weather away no more will go up! I like that idea. I am going to choose to believe that until I see evidence to the contrary.

I hope you will all help me hold on to this belief by doing your part to keep your kitties safely confined and encouraging your friends and neighbors to do the same. Let’s make 2014 the year that lost cat posters are the only things that are disappearing.

In Otis’s Name

Brother Oliver

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13 responses to “In The New Year, Some Things Remain The Same

  1. We are with you Brother Oliver. Too many kitties lose their way. 2014 has to be better!

  2. There’s a poster in my neighborhood too, Brother Oliver, for a kitty who went missing on Christmas Eve. And I sometimes see cats who might be lost, but I can’t be sure. I’m with you in hoping for less of this sadness in 2014.

    • Thanks Rhiannon. Yes, with all of the people who let their kitties wander in Limbo, it is often difficult to tell which kitties are lost and which are not. 😦 – Brother Oliver

  3. We purr you are right, Brother Oliver. We want no more lost kitties.

  4. People think our human’s are mean but none of us cats go outside the house. It just does not seem safe out there anymore unless you have a farm or lots of land. We are with you Brother Oliver – in Otis’ name – Noel, Nine, & Baby Stella, the Cats of DogDaz

  5. Sandy

    Hope these kitties find their way home soon. I tell people that Toby’s longevity (15 years old) is largely due to being indoors only. Thanks Brother Oliver. We will purr for their safe return.

  6. Poor babies..i do hope that they find their girls are currently running round the house here like mad devishes..tonight ..the thought they may be out in the cold(despite it being summer here it is cold tnight) or lost would drive me crazy..paws and fingers crossed for all the Limbo Kitties xx

  7. I occasionally let one or both of my cats outside, but only for five minutes or so while I watch them. My biggest fear is that one might sneak past us unnoticed when we leave the house or get out when we have to leave someone else the key. I don’t think they will get lost but I do fear cars and other animals.

  8. May Pippa n Frizt bee back home snugglin wif dere Hu’manz safe n sound!!!
    We hopez all wil be well in 2014….we kittehz can hope right Brother Oliver??
    Lub Nylablue xxxxx

  9. There’s a sign up just down the block – a young tiger cat. We saw him a few days ago, but not since. It’s so cold we desperately hope he’s found shelter. Limbo kitties seek help! Guardians – scoop those kitties up and watch when doors are opened. Purring hope for all during this frigid weather

  10. I feel sorry for any poor limbo kitties out in this weather 😦 Priestess Jen and Miss P. are loving being inside right now and playing with their humans more as the days grow colder. Maybe that’s because there are no birds to chase through the window?

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