Box Day 2013 Catstravaganza!

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas, and it is my honor to be the Grand Marshal for Box Day 2013! I’m still a little nervous, but I think I can do this. Ummm… wait… what do I do again? Oh no! I forgot! I… WHAT BROTHER OLIVER? JUST SHOW THEM THE PICTURES? Oh, yeah! Without further ado, let’s look at this year’s submissions!

Our first submission comes to us all the way from Brazil! Disciple of Otis Ivy sent a wonderful photo of her cats Gigi and Juju sitting a box together. Both kitties were adopted and Ivy says they will never be in Limbo again. That makes me really happy!

Juju and Gigi

That’s a mighty fine box sit Juju an Gigi!

Our next submission comes from Disciple Annie at Animalcouriers in the UK. The photo shows Edgar, who I am guessing fancies himself a good mouser!


Edgar will take care of those pests… as soon as he is done sitting in the box.

Our next photos come from Disciple Carol. The first shows her kitty Maya after she found an awesome box to sit in.


That is a fine looking box there Maya.

Unfortunately for Maya, her little sister Boo came along and also thought the box looked great.

Maya and Boo

Sorry Maya. I guess you will have to share.

Our next submission comes from Carolyn of Cherry City Kitties in Michigan. This photo shows Dexter doing what I can only describe as a headfirst box dive!


Great enthusiasm Dexter!

Next, Disciple Charity has sent us an awesome photo of her cat Sunshine very creatively sitting a buttermilk pancake box. It almost looks like Sunshine could stand up and walk around with the box on. I think that would be a great idea because then you could have a box with you at all times!


You may have invented the first mobile box solution, Sunshine!

Disciple Christine send in photos of two of her kitties for our catstravaganza. The first is Jodie, who is sitting inside a box with a high-tech, clear wall! Amazing! A box with a view!

Jodie in Box

That is one crazy, space age box there Jodie!

Christine also sent in a photo of her kitty Lucy who clearly knew her way around a box. Unfortunately, Christine lost Lucy this summer to a quickly progressing illness, so I am sending my softest paw pats and head butts to Christine.


Lucy was a beautiful kitty who really new how to sit a box.

Disciple D’Arcy sent images of three of her kitties showing off their box sitting skills. The first is Rose… who is actually a boy. D’Arcy wrongly assumed that 9-pound Rose was a girl when she found her living under a rose bush in her front yard. Female or not, Rose was swept up in the capture and now enjoys safe pastimes like sitting in boxes indoors!


Rose really becomes one with the box!

D’Arcy also included a photo of 18-pound Rosencrantz sitting in the same box Rose was in. You can definitely tell there is more cat in the box! Sadly, Rosencrantz passed away last February. I am sending Soft paw pats and head butts to D’arcy to help ease the pain.


Rosencrantz was a big, beautiful box sitter.

D’Arcy’s third submission was of her kitty Checkers. Checkers is a snuggly kitty that was also adopted from D’Arcy’s yard. He climbed into her lap and asked her to be his mom, and D’Arcy was The Miracle for this kitty in need. He repays her by looking adorable in boxes.


Checkers not only knows how to sit a box, he knows how to steal a heart.

Disciples of Otis David and Brenda sent photos of five of their cats enjoying boxes. They also made me a little nervous by telling me to watch out for wiener dogs hiding under box flaps! Do they really hide under box flaps! Oh my gosh! Ummmm… anyway, David and Brenda’s cat Loohoo showed them that no box is too high to be sat.


Loohoo, you are a master of the high box sit!

Brenda and David also included a photo of Saint Fifi LePu doing a classic shoebox loaf. Excellent form. I think that the “Saint” might mean Fifi has departed. If so, soft paw pats and headbutts to David and Brenda.

Saint Fifi LePu

That is one impressive loaf, Saint Fifi.

Another of Brenda and David’s kitties named Tigger was apparently threatening to hog-tie anyone that tried to take his box!


Don’t try to take Tigger’s box. He will hog-tie you.

Brenda and David’s kitty Otis gets a little bit sleepy in a box. I think Leader Otis used to get sleepy in boxes too!


Don’t fight it Otis. Just lay down and take a nap in that box!

Brenda and David’s kitty Saint Tom said, “Wait till you see the boxes in Kitty Heaven!” Soft paw pats and head butts again for Brenda and David. Tom was a handsome box sitter.

Saint Tom

Saint Tom sat a very festive box!

Disciple Dorothy had three kitties that wished to join in the Box Day festivities. The first kitty, Hitch, shows that he can sit a box in more ways than one!

Hitch 3

Hitch is a multi-talented box sitter!

Dorothy also submitted a photo of kitty Mistletoe sitting in a very fancy, upholstered box. It looks like a cozy cat cave!


Mistletoe looks kind of mysterious in this cat cave… hmmm… that would be a good place to play Wolf Eel!

Dorothy’s last submission shows her kitty Pumpkin sitting in a… well… it’s technically not a box, but it’s a pretty impressive sit none-the-less! Dorothy says the bag Pumpkin is sitting in is his boy’s book bag, and that he is dreaming of going to school.


Even thought it’s not a box, nice sit, Pumpkin! Sweet dreams.

Selleck and his person Emily sent in a photo that Selleck says he was tricked into posing for. Apparently Emily put treats in the box, and when Selleck jumped in she took his picture. He actually hates boxes! Well, I hope you at least enjoyed the treats, Selleck.

Selleck 008

For a cat that hates boxes, you are pretty good at sitting in them Selleck!

Disciple of Otis Erin sent in two photos showing her three kitties observing box day. First we see Ruthie doing a sneaky box sit, while Bella sits off to the side. I wonder if she is searching for Ruthie and doesn’t know she is in the box!

Ruthie in a box

That’s Ruthie practicing The Art of Sneaky, while Bella sits nearby.

Erin’s second photo shows 15-year-old Brandie as he ponders whether or not to get into a box. Erin says Brandie may prefer to rub his cheeks on the boxes instead of getting into them. I like to do that too, and once the box smells like me, then I’ll climb in.

Brandie on Box Day

Brandi ponders the big question, “To box? Or not to box?”

Kitties Clooney and Neytiri sent their own photos in. They appear to have discovered a way to make box sitting profitable. The first photo shows Clooney inspecting the box he hopes will score him some num-nums.


I want to see Clooney Samba!

The second photo shows Naytiri sitting the same box before Clooney altered the wording on it.


I wonder if Naytiri got any takers?

Our next submission comes from Disciple Grace. Her kitty Jenny loves to check out everything that comes into the house and she also enjoys hiding in cubby holes. When Grace left this package she had just received on the bed, Jenny jumped right in.


Grace says they played with Jenny while she was in the box. The fins of her favorite fishy toy are sticking out from under the bottom flap. I wonder if Jenny was playing Wolf Eel!

Disciple Heather sent in a photo of her kitty Pancakes. While he is technically in a bag instead of a box, Heather pointed out that there are festive Catmas lights so that should count for something. Plus, Pancakes is a former Shadow kitty. A nice family found him wandering the neighborhood with a big gash on his chin and an eye infection. They could not keep him, but Heather and her husband were able to give him a home in the promised land. Heather’s husband passed away this year, and Pancakes has been providing her with exceptional comfort and kitty kindness to ease her pain. I would like to add my soft paw pats and head butts too bolster Pancakes’s efforts.


Box or not, that’s an impressive sit… and love those lights!

Disciple of Otis Helen submitted photos of her two cats celebrating Box Day. First we have Gizzy, who is sitting in a very posh Harrods of London box.


That is a very posh box sit Gizzy!

Helen says her other cat Billy may have been getting evil looks from Gizzy for sitting in a commoner box. Ummm… I think she might be shooting laser beams at him even.


Well, we sit the box we have, not the box we wish we had, right Billy?

Our next submission comes from Boots and his Guardian Bine in Germany. Boots loves boxes. He thinks other toys are also OK, but boxes are the best!


Boots takes box sitting very seriously. I love his precise technique!

Disciples Jarrett and Melina sent in a photo of their kitty Winky to demonstrate a point. That point is that the perfect sized box for a cat is whichever one the cat is choosing to sit in. Take a look.


Yep. Looks perfect to me!

Disciple of Otis Jenn sent in a photo of her kitties Atosha and Bastet enjoying their boxes together.

Atosha and Bastet

That’s Atosha on the left and Bastet on the right. Nice double sit ladies!

Jenn also sent a series of photos of young Atosha showing how she has grown during the months since her June adoption. She’s sitting in a basket instead of a box, but I think that is close enough.


Either the basket shrank, or Atosha grew!

Disciple Kathryn sent in a photo of her 5-year old tabby named Oliver. Unlike Brother Oliver, Kathryn said that her Oliver is the head of security at their house. Also unlike Brother Oliver, Kathryn’s Oliver has lost four pounds in the past year at his veterinarian’s request. WHAT? WHAT BROTHER OLIVER? I SHOULD STOP COMMENTING AND JUST SHOW THEM THE PHOTO? Oh. OK.


I think Brother Oliver could learn a thing or two from this handsome Oliver.

Next we have a submission from Disciple Kathy who calls the images “Max in the Box”. Kathy said Max enjoys going inside of his treasured cardboard box and remodeling it here and there by chewing the various holes to make them bigger. He is a very creative kitty!

Max in the box

He is the Max in the box.

Our next pair of photos comes from Z-Girl of Squeedunk Whiskers and Warehouses. The first shows kitty Valentina doing a serious side sit in a nice, roomy box.

Valentina Box Day Paw Pose December 2013

Lovely side sit, Valentina. Well done!

In the second photo we can see Valentina’s adopted sister, Manhattan, who had stopped by to get a few kisses on the face.

Manhattan and Valentina Box Day Pose December 2013

Z-Girl said that Manhattan might also have been jealous. I think she might be right.

Disciple Lia sent in a photo of her Bridge Angel French Toast sitting in a box that a Christmas tree came in. French Toast would “snoopervise” Lia from that box every year. Lia even brought French Toast a favorite box when she was in the hospital. She says there was never a box she didn’t like. I’m sending soft paw pats and head butts to Lia to comfort her.

French Toast

French Toast really knew how to get the most out of a box.

Disciple Liana has sent us a photo of Jabbers from Pennsylvania. For him, box sitting is a priority!


Jabbers has his priorities straight.

Our next submissions come from Disciples Linda and David. The first shows their kitty Griffon sitting in a box with all of the flaps up in a defensive position. Linda and David did not say so, but I think Griffon might have been preparing for a wiener dog attack!


Was Griffon preparing for a wiener dog attack? I think so…

Next we have a series of photos showing Linda and David’s kitty Luna as she demonstrates her prowess at sitting a wide variety of box shapes and styles. Especially impressive is the, dare I say it, Wolf Eel style beer box sit!

Luna 3x

My favorite is the beer box Wolf Eel in the lower left!

Linda and David also sent us two photos of the kitty they rescued and named after Leader Otis! In the first photo, little Otis is doing an interesting take on box sitting by putting just his front paws on a closed box.

Otis 1

It seems little Otis thinks outside the box. Just like another kitty we all used to know.

In the second photo, little Otis is again demonstrating his creativity by pretending a wooden bowl is a box. This is going to be a kitty to be reckoned with!

Otis 2

Is it a bowl, or is it a box? Otis thinks it can be both.

Disciple Linda sent a photo of Savannah and foster to adopt sister Sage celebrating box day. Linda and her family met Sage just before Leader Otis departed, and after reading his final message they decided to Be The Miracle for Sage. Savannah is having a little difficulty accepting her new sister, but hopefully that will change with time. Brother Oliver used to hiss at me all the time when I was first swept up in The Capture, and now we are very good friends. Hopefully that will be the case with Savannah and Sage as well.

Savannah 2

Hopefully Savannah will learn to like her newly adopted sister.

Our next submissions come from Disciple Lisa and her photos feature three impressive box sitting kitties. First we have Romeo who, after careful consideration, chose box number two.


Romeo decided box number two was the one for him.

Lisa’s kitty Calvin is a multi-talented box sitter. Below we see him guarding a very big box with a stove in it, and using a sink as a box substitute.

Versatile Calvin

Whether on top of a box or in a box substitute, Calvin has sitting skills!

Another series of photos reinforces the idea that Calvin is both a talented sitter, and has an affinity for non-traditional boxes.

Calvin 2

Well sat, Calvin!

Lisa third kitty Lula Peanut also enjoys the non-traditional box sit. She says that boxes can even be round and upholstered!

Lula Peanut

If you say that is a box, we will take your word for it Lula Peanut!

Disciple Melanie had two stunning box sitters to share. The first is Kratos who is doing a picture perfect sit in a high-sided box.


Nice high-sided sit Kratos!

Melanie’s other kitty is called Silver Shadow! I am also as shadow! Anyway, Silver Shadow seems to know how to throw a party in a box. Look at those toys in there!

Silver Shadow

For Silver Shadow, every box sit is a party!

Disciple Sandy sent in a photo of her kitty MeiMei checking out a large, fancy box. Looks like a fun one to me!


That is a great box MeiMei! And nice sit!

Disciple Rhiannon sent in a photo of her Kitty, Luna. For Luna, Box Day is a formal occasion. She even wore her Christmas tie for her box sit!


Luna is a striking, formal box sitter. Well done!

Disciples Caitlin and her sister sent in a variety of photos of their kitty Amber sitting a very festive box! Looks like she was having fun!

Amber Collage

Looks like a fun, festive box sit there Amber!

Our next submission comes from Disciples Sherri-Ellen and Nylablue. After a parcel was delivered to their house, Nylablue couldn’t help but snoop in the box! I’d like to snoop with you Nylablue, but I would probably get all blushy again.


Did you find anything good in there, Nylablue? Curious cats want to know!

Disciple Tracey sent in a photo of her Kitty Momo doing an impressive sit on a box that is already occupied. Tracey says that Momo is the most box obsessed of her five kitties, and she will try to get in any box, no matter how small or large, even if there are already things in the box. Tracey says there are Christmas decorations in this box.

Momo in a box

I hope those decorations are not fragile, Momo!

Our final submissions come from Walley, Ernie, and Zoey, The Island Cats. The first shows Ernie making a strong effort to sit a very difficult box. How did he get in there?


Wow! I am impressed, Ernie!

Next we have Island Cat Wally who appears to be making a statement with his choice of box.


Good box choice, Wally. Are you trying to tell us something?

The last Island Cat entry shows Zoey who appears to be playing in a box. See, that’s why cats love boxes. They are multi-purpose corrugated containers of joy!


Zoey shows one of the many uses of a box.

That does it for this year’s submissions, but before I wrap this up I want to do one more thing. I would like to dedicate this Box Day to two kitties whose absence is greatly felt. The first, of course, is the kitty who not only started this whole crazy blog, but was also an amazing box sitter in his own right, Leader Otis.

Otis, 112512

I dedicate Box Day to Leader Otis. I wish he was here to celebrate with us.

The other kitty I would like to dedicate Box Day to is Her Majesty The Queen Mama Cat. Now, I should note that Her Majesty was not a box sitter. I believe she felt that boxes were for, shall we say, the more common kitties.

Mama Cat's Scorn

When Her Majesty The Queen saw boxes, she was not amused.

No, The Queen preferred accommodations more befitting of her status. Fortunately, such accommodations were always available.

Mama Cat on shoulder

Queen Mama Cat preferred a self-warming, mobile napping perch to a stationary box. It was more suitable for Her high status.

Many thanks to all who participated in this year’s event. I hope I did OK and I hope would have made Leader Otis proud with my Grand Marshalship… errr.. Marshalling… ummm… Marshalness? Anyway, thanks, and Happy Box Day to all!

In Otis’s name,

Thomas out

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28 responses to “Box Day 2013 Catstravaganza!

  1. OMCat! That was the greatest boxes of cats ever. Thank you and happy 2014. – Lorian of DogDaz

  2. Wow – what a great box celebration this was!!! Thomas, you did a wonderful job grand marshalling! Gigi and Juju are very proud to be featured 😀
    Happy 2014 for you all, sending you much love!

  3. Thomas, you marshalled a Box Day extravaganza! What an incredible number of fabby shots of boxing cats. Queen Mama came in at the end and stole the show in a most unusual way 😀

  4. Chris, Monster, Buggy, Bunk and Calico (and a wiener dog)

    What a great way to start the day! That is a hilarious pic of The Queen! Merry Catmas to you all and purring this holiday is a sweet one despite your losses.

  5. Susan, Shadow and Joey

    Excellent job, Thomas! I especially love the picture of Mamma Cat – sure do miss her and, of course, Leader Otis.

  6. Sir Thomas, you rocked the Box Day way out of the park! Great job with your Marshalling for sure! Leader Otis and Mama Cat must be watching from kitty heaven with big smiles on their faces…

  7. Sir Thomas, congratulations on performing as a great Grand Marshall for Box Day! So ,any squeeeable photos. And may I say, I am again reminded of how beautiful and precious Leader Otis was and how trusting Momma Cat was of the guardians…she appears to be quite relaxed and napping on the Guardian’s shoulders…amazing. Paw pats, Savvy and Sage

  8. Sir Thomas, We are sure that Leader Otis is observing your excellent preformance as Grand Marshal of Box Day 2013, with both great pride and affection. Tremendous job! Bravo! We appreciate the Box Day Committee’s leniency in allowing our less traditional boxes. Like you, Mistletoe enjoys her cubby, while Pumpkin keeps trying to stowaway in the school bag. Hitch, of course, calls first dibs on any and all of the other boxes that come in to the house. He even had first dibs on the box Miss Savannah and the lovely Sage were pictured sitting with such grace. We hope to next year include a picture of Tiger sitting a box, or something close. The HuMom will need to keep her flashy thing close at hand.
    Thank you for the wonderful Box Day,
    In Otis Name.

  9. Outstanding Sir Thomas! Outstanding! Leader Otis would be so proud! It was great to see some of our friends celebrating Box Day and see all the other Disciples of Otis joining in the festivities. Thank you for all your hard work. It was super fun!

  10. I knew you could do it, Thomas. Great job. So many kitties for whom people have been the Miracle! All the photos are pawsome, and my little Luna is proud to be included. I liked the way you sneaked in that comment about Brother Oliver’s possibly challenged svelteness. But my favorite part came at the end, with photos of beloved Leader Otis and Her Majesty that I’d never seen before. Lump-in-throat time, but also happy memories. Best Box Day wishes to all people and fur people!

  11. What an outstanding job you did as Grand Marshall Sir Thomas, Kratos and Silver Shadow were both very honored to be featured, especially Kratos, who is glad that someone else understands the importance of practicing box sitting for many hours to achieve all the right poses.

  12. Leigh

    What beautiful box sitting kitties, thanks everyone for sharing!!

  13. Minet

    Your bigger cousins also enjoy boxes, although they are not so good at sitting. Enjoy!

  14. Lia

    Job well done Thomas! Leader Otis and The Queen are very proud of you i am sure. It was a wonderful Box Day Catstravaganza!
    So many box kitties and every one of them a master!

  15. Happy Box Day, Thomas. You did a great job sharing each kitty’s story. And thank you for including the photos of the Leader and the Queen–they brought tears but it made my heart so happy to see their faces.

  16. What a wonderful job, Sir Thomas! We loved seeing how everyone celebrated Box Day! This was our first submission and so Z-Girl says she will work on getting various box photos throughout 2014 for next year’s entry. We hope you had fun and especially loved your tributes to Leader Otis and The Queen. It’s always good to remember those you love. Concatulations to all those who participated, each photo is fun and interesting.

  17. Sam

    You did a great job, Thomas. Mum says that next year she will send you photos of my sister and I box sitting. She says she ran out of time this year.
    Sam and Lucy

  18. I’m sure you’ve already noticed this, but “Jenny” is the same Priestess Jen from last year’s temple box-sit photo. (Grace and I are sisters.) Now if only we could get Priestess Jen’s sister, Miss P., to sit in a box. We made some progress yesterday when she was chasing around her new “sushi” toys in a Christmas shirt box.

  19. There’s nothing like a box for us cats! It was so much fun seeing everybuddy in their boxes. Thanks for including us too. And Brother Thomas? You did good. 🙂

  20. Looks like Scotty beamed up a kitty. You’ve done a great job putting this together Thomas!

  21. You did a wonderful job Sir Thomas. I am sorry my cats didn’t participate as I was out of town, but I know Leader Otis would be proud. Thanks to all who send in pictures, they were wonderful. 🙂

  22. Sandy

    Excellent work Sir Thomas! What wonderful pictures everyone sent in – and thank you for including the pictures of Leader Otis and Mama Cat and the other Bridge Angels. It is a lovely way to remind us of those we love and will never forget.

  23. msphoebecat

    Thomas, Leader Otis is purring with pride for sure. Mew ARE a grand mancat in more ways than one. Purrrrr!!!

  24. Awesome boxing day turnout – love all the photos!

  25. Mousiez ya got so many picciez of kittehz wif dere boxezm basketz n such!!! Well dun Sir Thomas! Ya made a furabuluss Box Marshall fer diz event.
    Do ya nose what waz in me box??? It waz a PONY!! me bery own PONY Sir Thomas…n Mum got a beeuteefull paintin of ME too…
    Me invitez ya to come snoop in da box wif me Sir Thomas; no one will see us 😉
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too =^..^=

  26. Susan M

    Even though I’m seeing this several days after Box Day, I wanted to thank you all for an outstanding post! I’m already looking forward to Box Day 2014! Thanks so much for including kitties who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, and for your words of comfort.

  27. I must meow that is the most cat-prehensive collection of boxes I have ever seen

  28. You did a brilliant job!

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