Mysterious Delivery Part III: The Cozy Knight

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. When we left off yesterday, Brother Henry and I were marveling over the amazing blankets that Christine and her family had sent. As we did so, we realized that there was a beautiful blue blanket we had overlooked. This one was for the Guardians. I was excited because it meant the Guardians would be able to keep their laps warmer for me to sit on!

12 Guardians' Blanket

There was even a blanket to keep the Guardians warm for me!

Brother Henry and I decided to spread our two blankets out on the bench below the front window. Brother Henry immediately started practicing the art of Ninja Focus, concentrating on the frilly edge of his blanket.

13 Oliver and Henry, with gifts

We spread our blankets below the front window. Brother Henry practiced his Ninja Focus.

At this point the smaller Guardian entered the living room. She was very excited to see all of the beautiful blankets. She came over and scooped me up, blanket and all.

Oliver burrito

The Guardian scooped me up in the blanket.

As I rode around on the Guardian’s shoulder, I heard Brother Henry say, “Now there’s something you don’t see every day…” When I asked him what he was talking about he said, “You look like an overstuffed kitty burrito!”

Henry looking bemused

Brother Henry said I looked like an overstuffed kitty burrito.

Just as I was about to protest Brother Henry’s assessment of the kitty burrito as being “overstuffed”, I heard Thomas’s voice say, “OH MY GOSH! WHAT ARE THESE!?” I looked down to see him standing by the rest of the blankets which had been piled together. I said, “Disciple Christine sent us all blankets, Thomas!” Now even more excited Thomas said, “You mean there’s one in here for ME!?”, and then he started searching through the pile.

Thomas searching the pile

Thomas got excited and started searching the pile for his blanket.

At that point, the Guardian turned to set me down. I lost sight of Thomas for a moment and when I looked back toward the blanket pile he was nowhere to be found. The Guardian went to the pile and pulled her blue blanket out of the stack. She then sat down on the couch and spread the blanket on her lap. I took the opportunity to join her.

Oliver on couch with Guardian

The Guardian sat on the couch with her blanket. I joined her.

After sitting for a few moments in toasty bliss, I heard a noise come from behind the couch. It kind of sounded like a contented moan. I climbed up on the back of the couch and looked behind it. That is when I discovered where Thomas had gone.

Thomas behind couch

This is what I saw when I looked behind the couch.

I jumped down in front of the couch to get a look from the other side. When I peeked under the couch, I saw Thomas looking at me with wide eyes. He said, “Brother Oliver! I never knew wiener dog fur was so soft and warm! I am sooooooo cozy!” Apparently, he thought the blanket was made from real wiener dog fur.

Thomas under couch

Thomas was amazed at how soft and warm the wiener dog blanket was.

I decided not to disabuse our resident knight of his newfound belief that wiener dog fur is warm and soft. He seems to worry about the little dogs so much, I figure that his associating them with cozy comfort might be a positive thing. I left him to his coziness, and returned to the Guardian’s lap. I looked over toward the window and noticed that Brother Henry had ninja focused himself all the way to sleep. That seemed like a brilliant idea to me, so I followed suit and quickly dozed off with feelings of love, warmth, and gratitude filling my feline heart.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver



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17 responses to “Mysterious Delivery Part III: The Cozy Knight

  1. lkoch52

    too sweet! you all make my heart sing. Christine, your gift is wonderful! Many hugs and purrs from all of us!!

  2. I am so glad everyone will be kept warm & cozy during the cold winter. Thank you miss Christine. What wonderful gifts.

  3. Great to see you all enjoying them!

  4. I think I just feel deeper in love with Thomas..

  5. Such inspired gifts. I’d like to know where Christine found the wiener dog fur. 🙂

  6. Awwww You guys all seem to love your new blankeys! I’m so glad Thomas has his where he can enjoy it! Still hoping one day he will enjoy laying on a guardian or two himself. Stay warm and cozy guys!

  7. I guess ignorance can really be bliss, huh Thomas?

  8. Sandy

    Wow, the blankets are bigger than I thought – lucky kitties. Perfect for winter (and year-round napping)!

  9. We think Thomas might actually start to like wiener dogs!

  10. Brother Heny n Oliver diz iz so pawsum dat ya lub yer blankiez so much…n to see Sir Thomas all comfy cozy on his blankie made us leeky eyed here…
    Sobunderfull da Guardianz gotz dere own blankie too….we iz beryy happy fer ya all n dat ya can smile again…dat iz da mirackle of CAtmess right?
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxoxoxo

  11. Nothing like cuddling up in a warm blanket on a soft lap. Or is it a warm lap on a soft blanket? Either way, there’s nothing like the warm feelings of love and contentment! Think these blankets were a fantastic gift. Sharing the warmth and love will be even better now.

  12. Aww – love that pic of Brother Oliver wrapped up in his blanket on the Guardian’s shoulder. When I saw the title, I thought Thomas had finally decided to sit on one of the Guardian’s laps, or curled up beside them like Priestess Jen and Miss P. do.

  13. msphoebecat

    These gifts make my eyes leak, but with happy tears. Happy tears to see all of mew enjoying love and kindness, especially after all of the loss mew have experienced the last few months. My tears are also happy ones to see mew still here with us, carrying on the Leader’s mission with the same quiet dignity that made him such a special and mancat and Mama Cat a truly dignified Queen.

  14. Disciple Christine, you don’t know how much joy you have spread world wide. Smiles. Smiles. Thanks

  15. Oh Sir Thomas….the bliss of one of those pawsome fleece blankies is not to be missed…so,purrleased you like yours

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