Mysterious Delivery Part II: Amazing Gifts

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. When we left off yesterday, Brother Henry had just conceded that his butt was stinkier… WHAT? WHAT, BROTHER HENRY?… hmmm… it seems he doesn’t remember that part. Anyway, after the part that Brother Henry doesn’t remember, the Guardian started unpacking the mysterious box that he had brought home. Inside were a number of items wrapped in white paper.

05 Oliver unboxed gifts

Inside the box were a number of paper wrapped items.

The Guardian pulled out six paper wrapped items in all and laid them out on the floor. Each one had  a card with a Cult of Otis Inner Circle member’s name on it! Brother Henry and I were bursting with curiosity, and we couldn’t help but get right in the middle of all the packages. I asked Brother Henry if he could smell anything now that the items were out of the box and he said, “Yes! I smell love, and thoughtfulness… oh, and incredible kindness too!” This time, Brother Henry and I both agreed on what we smelled.

06 Oliver and Henry unboxed gifts 1

Brother Henry and I both smelled love, thoughtfulness, and kindness in the packages.

The Guardian started removing the paper and then we could see that there were blankets underneath! I couldn’t believe my eyes! The Guardian laid each blanket out with their respective cards, and Brother Henry and I looked at each one closely. They were amazing! The blanket with my name card had wise old hooty owls on it! The card said, “To: Brother Oliver. Your brains have saved the day more than once, but your heart is even bigger.”

07 Oliver's Blanket

My blanket had hooty owls, and a message that made me purr really loud!

As I was looking at my blanket, I heard Brother Henry let out an excited gasp. I ran over to his side and saw that he had found his blanket. It had cool, crazy ninjas all over it and a card that read, “To: Brother Henry. Now you can be 17 pounds of ninja tabby fury.”

08 Henry's Blanket

Brother Henry was excited because his blanket had crazy, cool ninjas!

As Brother Henry started practicing some Kitty Fu moves and pretending to be a ninja, I looked at the next blanket. Before I even knew it was coming, I burst out laughing. Brother Henry came over to see what I was laughing about and he burst out laughing too. The blanket laying in front of us was covered in wiener dogs! The card said, “To: Sir Thomas. Keep your friends close and your wiener dogs closer.”

09 Thomas's Blanket

Thomas’s blanket was a wiener dog extravaganza!

When we looked at the next two blankets, we stopped laughing. This was not because we didn’t like them. It was because the kitty’s they were made for are no longer with us. The first was a beautiful blanket covered with swords, a dragon, a castle, and a queen. The card said, “To: Mama Cat. Long live the Queen.”

10 Mama Cat's Blanket

Mama Cat would have loved her blanket. Long live The Queen.

The next blanket was one Leader Otis truly would have loved. Bananas, presumably catnip bananas, covered the entire thing. The card said, “To: Leader Otis. We carry you in our hearts sweet boy.”

11 Otis's Blanket

Leader Otis would have loved this.

Although neither The Leader nor Mama Cat were physically present to enjoy their blankets, the objects that they had inspired still made Brother Henry and I smile. We felt that the two blankets were wonderful symbols of the joy both Mama Cat and Leader Otis brought to others during their time here with us. We miss them dearly, but now, when their absence feels especially hard to bear, we will be able to snuggle up on these fleecy tributes and feel their presence.

I looked up from the assorted blankets and noticed that the Guardian had just finished reading a card that came in the box with the blankets. I also noticed that tears here were streaming down his cheeks. As he closed the card, I heard him whisper, “Thank you so much, Christine, Levi, Bella, Genevieve, and Mooster…” Brother Henry and I looked at one another and then began to purr in unison… our own way of saying thanks for the wonderful gifts from Christine and her family. We then turned to our respective blankets and started wondering over their softness, their patterns, and their craftsmanship. It had not yet occurred to either of us that we should probably go tell Thomas about the special blanket waiting for him in the living room.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

Tomorrow– Mysterious Delivery Part III: The Cozy Knight

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24 responses to “Mysterious Delivery Part II: Amazing Gifts

  1. You are so very welcome. We spent so much time carefully selecting prints to match each of your unique purrsonalities. You are loved by so many, including us!!

  2. What a very kind, thoughtful and beautiful set of presents.

  3. Aw, how wonderfully sweet. Great gifts! I’m sure Otis and Momma would have approved too.

  4. Oh we have leaky eyes of joy here! What a pawsome gift.

  5. What wonderful thoughtful gifts xxxx Love that they matched everyones present and past personalities. Love you Mama and Otis thinking of you xx

  6. mistletoeandhitch

    Such lovely, thoughtful gifts. We are sure they will keep you all cozy throughout the chill of winter.

  7. Thoughtfulness and incredible kindness. And each has little tails to bat and fiddle with – just perfect!

  8. emilykarn

    Such Pawsome Gifts! Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  9. what a wonderful and thoughtful gift….

  10. Diane

    How very sweet and thoughtful to bring such comfort to the cult and the guardians! A true blessing.

  11. You kitties inspire such warmth in us, Brother Oliver, I can understand why Christine was moved to send warmth back to you. And your personalities shine through your posts, so she was also moved to personalize your gifts. What perfect choices, what skill, what thoughtfulness. I often think, this is not just a cult, it’s a community.

  12. *tears* lovely blankets, sorry I just couldn’t help but cry seeing the blankets for leader Otis and mama cat. They would have loved them thank you guardians for sharing with us and thank you miss Christine for sending them to the cult of Otis. What beautiful blankets, I agree with their statement about love and kindness.

  13. Those blankets are wonderful. What special gifts!

  14. Sandy

    What lovely and thoughtful gifts – like a warm hug from Christine. Leader Otis and Mama Cat will never be forgotten.

  15. so sweet and thoughtful. you have me in tears too!

  16. Yow diz Miss Christine iz da sweetest most thoughtfull Hu’Man fer makin such beeuteefull blankiez fer ALL of ya…me n Mum gotz leeky eyez freedin yer bloggie…we can eemagin Da Guardianz will be choked up fer a long time butt deze blankiez are beminderz of our bunderfull leader Otis n da Queen Momma…we beeleive dey iz watchin us frum Summerland no-inn dey iz lubbed alwayz!!!!
    WE can hardly wait fer Part 3 tomorrow!!!!
    Much Lub frum Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxo

  17. Oh Miss Christine!! You did such a wonderful job capturing the right look for each of the Kitties!! Much love and warm wishes sent to you! May All of you have a very warm and soft Christmas!

  18. we’re feelin’ the love… with a bit of a wet eye, but a happy heart. What beautiful, deeply thoughtful and loving gifts.

  19. When you got to Mama Cats blanket That Woman had to reach for the tissues. What a fabulous, warm loving thoughtful gift.
    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

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