Mysterious Delivery Part I: We Inspect the Box

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. A few days ago, one of the Guardians brought a mysterious box into the house. After he set the box on the living room floor, he went downstairs to change out of his work clothes. Since he is our head of security, Brother Henry took this opportunity to inspect the box and make sure it was safe. After taking a few sniffs, Brother Henry said, “Hmmm… something doesn’t smell quite right here…”

01 Henry sniffs the box 1

Brother Henry sniffed the box and said something didn’t smell right to him.

Feeling a little concerned by Brother Henry’s comment, I asked if I could take a sniff to see if I could smell anything amiss. Brother Henry stepped aside and I began to sniff. As I did, I heard Brother Henry say, “Never mind. I just figured out what I was smelling. I think the package is fine.”

02 Henry finds the source

Brother Henry said that he figured out where the smell was coming from, and it wasn’t the package.

I’m not sure what Brother Henry was talking about, but I suddenly caught a whiff of something that smelled bad too. I said, “I don’t know Brother Henry… I think I smell something off here. Would you mind checking it again?” Brother Henry moved in for another sniff, and at that moment I figured out where the bad smell I had detected was coming from. I said, “Never mind, Brother Henry. You’re right, it’s not the box that stinks.”

03 Oliver finds the source

I thought the smell was coming from the box, but then I figured it out.

Brother Henry turned to me with a look of relief and said, “Whew. I am so glad you figured out it was your butt that stinks…” Shocked by this statement, I replied, “What!? You’re kidding right? It’s clearly your butt that stinks!” From there, things got kind of heated as Brother Henry and I argued about who had the stinkier bum. Tempers were rising quickly.

04 Oliver and Henry annoyed with each other

Brother Henry and I got in a heated argument about whose bum was stinkier.

Just as it looked like our argument was going to turn physical, the Guardian returned and began to unpack the mysterious package. All thoughts of butt hygiene were forgotten as we waited to see what was inside.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

Tomorrow:  Mysterious Delivery Part II: Amazing Gifts

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19 responses to “Mysterious Delivery Part I: We Inspect the Box

  1. msphoebecat

    *rolling on floor in hysterics laughing, shaking and holding belly with paw as she tries to contain herself but cannot*

  2. You poor things. Maybe the guardians need to come in with some cat butt wipes?

  3. Chris, Monster, Buggy, Bunk and Calico (and a wiener dog)

    Almost 40 pounds of tabby fury wrasslling around…? Whew, good thing the Guardian returned!

  4. Denny Mack

    I really got a chuckle out of this one. It was so funny. They pictures are perfect.

  5. silly boys….it is all about the BOX 🙂

  6. LOL – It’s such a treat to still get posts from the Cult of Otis! — feeling blessed right now 😉

  7. There’s nothing like a box opening that makes you forget all about stinky butts. 😉

  8. Maybe the box is full of cat diapurrs? (I’ve tried not to succumb to the puns, but resistance was futile.)

  9. At our house we call the stink “ambrosia”!

  10. We call Priestess Jen “Inspector Jenny” when she gets into one of these moods. Unfortunately, as with Brother Henry, she doesn’t accept that other cats’ hindquarters are off-limits!

  11. mistletoeandhitch

    Silly Brothers Oliver & Henry! We’re sure your butts are equally stinky!

  12. Oh you two, you sure are silly! I hope there was something good in that box!

  13. MOL ya two are a bit cwazy it appearz butt we iz happy ya can haz sum fun…me n Mum wudner what iz in da box??? Maybee dem air freshie fingyz ya hang frum da car mirror…just hang one on each of yer tailz!!!! MEOW 🙂
    Lub Nylalbue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxoxo

  14. Many thanks to the Guardians for choosing to continue with these stories … I can almost see Sir Thomas looking at these shenanigans and being torn between wanting to join in the, erm, fun, and rolling around on the floor laughing ’til his whiskers hurt!

  15. Ode de Kitteh!! This is one dubious honor I think you would rather do without. 🙂

  16. I wonder what’s in it?!

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