Cookie Continues

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. I looked out the window today and saw Cookie sitting in the open window next door looking back at me. It is a sight that always makes me sad, the crystal clear vision of a Limbo Kitty sitting on the dividing line between safe confinement and the dangerous world without walls.

Cookie on the verge

Cookie sits on the dividing line between safe confinement and a world of danger.

Below the windowsill on which Cookie sits is a visible record of all of the comings and goings of her and the two other kitties who used to live with her in Limbo. The worn wood bears the mark of thousands of scratches from the claws of Nacho, Mama Cat, and Cookie as they entered and exited the house countless times over the years.

Cookie above wear marks

The wood below Cookie bears the wear marks of countless entries and exits by her, Nacho, and Mama Cat.

Nacho disappeared long ago. Mama Cat was absorbed into our family and ended her days in the Guardians’ loving embrace. Only Cookie remains. As with Mama Cat, the Guardians will continue to watch over Cookie and enhance her life in any way they are able, and if she ever finds herself in need the way Mama Cat did, they will be there to help. I hope that you will do the same, Disciples of Otis, for Limbo and Shadow Cats in your area.

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Oliver

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19 responses to “Cookie Continues

  1. CindyD

    That’s how I ended up with 8 cats…down to 5 now, but if another one “finds” my house, I’m sure the number will rise. Right now, one of the former Limbo kittens (now he’s Olli) is watching me as I type.

  2. Thank you for this update on Cookie, Brother Oliver. She’s such a beautiful Halloween-colored kitty.

  3. Cookie is such a lovely ladycat…watch over her…purrlease…Savvy

  4. I wish and purr-ay that Cookie finds some true Guardians soon. Though she appears to be in fairly decent shape, that will not save her from roaming dogs, coyotes and especially cars. Thank you so much for watching out for her and I know you will be there for her if necessary. I saw a limbo kitty in my back yard about 2 weeks ago. Have been leaving out food and water and have a bed available but have not seen him again. Something has been eating the food and I hope it’s him and not just squirrels or birds. They have their own stuff!

  5. Batya Harlow

    It is good to hear news about Cookie, and know that she is still in the world, though I’m sad that she is still a Limbo Kitty. I rated this post with 5 stars for the sake of all Limbo Kitties, not because I approve of treating cats that way.

  6. Cookie looks stoic but it’s just a conditioned defense against the world. Perhaps wondering if what she has heard about Mama Cat could possibly be true – a haven of forever peace, warmth, and safety.

  7. I had a tortie cat named Cookie for 20 years–“Semi-sweet Butterscotch Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” was her full name. I hope your Cookie decides she needs you.

  8. mistletoeandhitch

    It’s good to see Cookie, although we would prefer to see her looking out a closed window, safe and secure in the Promise Land.

  9. Gabriel and his Mom

    Brother Oliver, my name is Gabriel, and I was once a shadow kitty. I came out of the shadows one cold, dark night on to the front porch and into the Promised Land. I was very lucky that I picked the right porch, and Cookie is very lucky to live next door to you and the Guardians. Thank you all for the good work on behalf of all shadow and limbo kitties.

  10. Thank you for watching over Cookie. We are sending vibes for safety and purrs for love.

  11. We’re glad the Guardians are watching out for Cookie.

  12. I think cookie is contemplating a move. Maybe to your house?

  13. How bittersweet it is to read, Brother Oliver. I’m glad you keep watch over her. I just hope that she will hear the call to come inside and allow the Guardians to give her love and warmth and softness. All kitties deserve it. I fed my kitties who live in the shadows tonight, and then stumbled upon a tiny baby who scurried away from me. Fear not, I put down food and I will go back to find it. I promise, I’m doing my best to be a part of the Miracle. Peace, Brother Oliver. And Cookie. Peace, beautiful girl.

  14. Fay de Grimston

    Dear Guardians,

    I have always been curious about these people who gave MamaCat some shelter, how did they take it when you took her in and gave her a proper home? Because I can see you’ve got your eye on Cookie…Most people think you’re crazy when you tell them your cat never goes outside – even if they’re not cat people – they usually express some sentiment that it is cruel to the cat as it is natural for them to go out – they don’t get the part about all the dangers the cat is exposed to out there. So I am sure whoever it is who was feeding MamaCat and Cookie thinks what they’re doing is fine. As I said, just curious how your next door neighbors took what they may have viewed as “poaching” MamaCat. They presumably think you’re, at the very least, “eccentric” in this regard. All my neighbors have cats that are allowed to roam outside, unlike Little Evie who is kept safe inside. If I rescued (poached in their terms I’m sure) one of their cats ( and 16 year old Rusty next door is chronically suffering from fight wounds which get infected), there would be hell to pay! So how did you manage this feat without getting buckshot in your butts?

    Fay, Little Evie’s Mom



    • Karen

      How Mama Cat joined the Cult is chronicled in earlier posts. Basically, she needed medical attention right NOW and her former person wasn’t seeing to it, and the Guardians couldn’t get ahold of him to point it out. So they took action. They also made attempts to keep him informed about her health and well being, but sadly, he didn’t seem too interested. Basically you need a really good reason for scooping up the kitty (like illness or injury) as well as at least attempting to keep the lines of communication open with their people. IMHO.

  15. emilykarn

    We hope that Cookie finds a safe refuge soon. purrrs to her. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  16. Yow sweet Cookie lookz so wistfull….me wishez ya cuud opin da door to yer home n she wuud just trot right in so she cuud be in Kitty Valhalla wif all of ya n da Guardianz….Meen Hu’Manz make me so furry angree!!!!!!! ;(
    Dat pickture of da side of da buildin wif da scrtchez got Mum all leeky eyed…she said she wishez she had a shed fer Limbo kittehz here…butt we not alloud….at leest we can feed Midnite Milo n Trinka at nite…
    We purray fer Cookie purromise!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxo

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