Tabby and Panda: Can I Get A Witness?

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. Back in August Leader Otis received word of a miracle from Disciples Kayt and Justin. He intended to relay this story to all of you Himself, but as His health declined and we all coped with His impending departure, the story slipped through the cracks… that is… until today. Today it is my pleasure to bring you the story of Tabby and Panda, and the three people that embodied the message “Be The Miracle” in their lives. The email that was sent to The Leader follows.

Henry inspired

I am honored to share this shining example of what it means to “Be The Miracle”.

Once Upon a Time (last May), two nervous skinny cats were living in the armpit of America (a NJ rest stop off the interstate). They lived by the vending machines, were chased off and threatened by staff there during the day, barked at by motorists walking dogs (by the dogs, not the motorists) and by their clear eagerness to eat popcorn and snickers bars, they weren’t thriving. 

Although both kitties were sadly skinny, each had a distinctive potbelly. Along came fate (by way of a full bladder and low blood sugar) and two adventurers on their way home, ironically, from a pet blogging convention… Their car laden with (ironically) tons of sample cat food, and two empty pet carriers, from pet bunnies who had recently found homes of their own. 

With the help of a wonderful man who was homeless himself, but who had thanklessly worked to “domesticate” two beautiful homeless kitties by sleeping with them all winter, behind the vending machines… he helped us “catch” the cats (they jumped into his arms, but wanted nothing to do with our “carriers”) The first night, we took Panda home, but Tabby just wouldn’t come. The next morning, Panda gave birth. We suddenly realized the urgency of our rescue. We went back that night, and with the help of some great cat temptation (SmartFood cheese popcorn), Tabby joined us. Her kittens came a week later.

Tabby and Panda with their kittens 1

Tabby and Panda, safe and warm, with their kittens.

We now have SEVEN beautiful, no-longer-feral kitties. Though space limitations (and three resident house kitties none to happy with the visitors) mean we simply can’t keep all 7, we can promise each will be vaccinated, spayed and neutered, and will NEVER be skinny or hungry (except at 5am on the weekends) again.

Tabby, Panda and kittens

Tabby, Panda, and one of their kittens enjoy their new life in The Promised Land.

My beloved Gypsy, (the feral who followed me home while running during the police academy) passed away suddenly only eight years old, this past February. I believe Gypsy is the patron saint of all Dumpster Cats. He certainly brought us these two beautiful girls, along with their kittens, knowing we would keep them safe. We all miss Gypsy dearly. But I know he’d be happy knowing it took seven cats to fill his litter box. (I couldn’t say “shoes”!) 

Kayt & Justin

And of course…Panda, Tabby, Shadow, Blue, Gizmo, Monster and Fuzz. 

Ps. We hope Gypsy is also looking over the man, that despite these cats being his only companions, so selflessly begged us to take them despite his broken heart, because he wanted them to have “a real home”. He could have easily told us to leave his cats alone, but chose this life for them.  We hope someone can help him like we helped the cats….

Kayt and Justin, thank you for sharing this inspiring story. We too purr that the man who put the cats’ needs before his own has found someplace warm and safe to call home and we thank him, wherever he may be, for being a true kitty Guardian.

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Henry

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25 responses to “Tabby and Panda: Can I Get A Witness?

  1. Batya Harlow

    Thank you for sharing this lovely story, Brother Henry. So much easier on the heart than Missing Cat Posters. Bravo to Disciples Kayt and Justin, and the homeless man who so unselfishly helped these Cats.

  2. An amazing story. Thank you for sharing. It is so nice to be reminded that there are good people out there in the world, like the Guardians and Kayt and Justin.

  3. Truly wonderful and heart warming. Be the miracle indeed, double, no, seven times over.

  4. Brother Henry I am so purrleased that you found this beautiful and hopeful story so you can share it with us. Leader Otis lives on in hearts everywhere, including a homeless man who helped two pregnant kitties make it to the Promised Land. *tears of joy*

  5. The homeless man was the kitties guardian angel, so I’m sure he has found his place also. Angels after all do.

  6. hold on – mom had to go get a tissue. we hope someone reached out to that man too….and we are so glad that fate helped these momma cats and babies.

  7. That made me tear up. The kitties are all SO beautiful! Thank you, kind Kayt and Justin.

    Guardians, many warm hugs to you. I was very saddened to hear of Mama Cat passing away but I am certain she is in a better place and thank you for making her last few months so loving and comfortable.

  8. Beautiful story – thank you for sharing. It’s indeed a selfless act when the person who rescues a cat gives it up because they aren’t able to care for it long-term themselves.

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  10. Brother Henry this is a beautiful and.. touching story!! The homeless man an angel for sure to ask for the cats to homed safely…Kayt & Justine two more angles for bringing Tabby & Panda into the Promised Land…
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story 🙂
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxoxo

  11. Susan M

    Thank you, Brother Henry, for this wonderful story! Thank you for mentioning the homeless man who took such good care of the kitties. He is an inspiration for us all.

  12. What a purrfect story of hope and love. God bless the homeless man who truly cared for the welfare of others (the kitties) and to the other Guardians. Sending purrs to him wherever he is. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  13. What a touching story. Thanks for sharing it with us. As I read about the homeless man, I happened to think that perhaps that man was an angel in disguise…he was certainly an angel to those sweet kitties.

  14. That’s a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it with us, Henry. And thanks to Kayt and Justin for taking in Tabby and Panda.

  15. What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it with us. We’re so happy that Tabby and Panda have homes and have seen the Miracle happen.

  16. mistletoeandhitch

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Our heart aches for the man that urged his companions on to the Promise Land. There is no greater expression of love. Today we celebrate Mistletoe’s 10th anniversary in our family and we thank everyone who has ever gone out of their way to help one less fortunate.

  17. Thank you all for sharing this story, and may the homeless man find a Promised Land of his own.

  18. That was truly a miracle for Tabby and Panda. Kayt and Justin arrived at the right place and right time to save them all. I know they have found loving, safe and warm homes for them all, whether with other guardians or still with them.

  19. Karen

    That is a touching story. I’ve taken in a few “street strays”, but never pregnant ones, with future kittens to think about. The one mama cat I did take in, her kittens were already spoken for. Shame it’s so much easier to place kittens than adults.

  20. What a wonderful tale, everything came together “purrfectly” to ensure these two mama cats and their babies were saved from a very difficult life. I hope they find forever homes where they will live their lives out in comfort and love.

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. This is so wonderful. Peoples can be angels too.

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