We Are Recovering

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. It’s been a tough week, but everyone here at Cult of Otis seems to be recovering. Personally, I’ve been doing my best to give love and comfort to the Guardians. I have been providing gentle paw pats and Kitty Kissy Eyes on an almost non-stop basis.

Oliver soothing his Guardian

I have been providing the Guardians with a constant supply of paw pats and kiss eyes.

When the paw pats and kissy eyes don’t seem to be doing the trick, I call in Brother Henry for backup. There’s nothing that raises the spirits more than being fully immersed in tabby.

Oliver and Henry on Guardian's Lap

Brother Henry has been providing backup, when needed.

The hardest part of the week was when I had to inform Sir Thomas about the fate of The Queen. He took it pretty hard at first, feeling like he could have done more to protect her.

Thomas mourning

Thomas took the news pretty hard at first.

Thomas’s mood shifted when I told him that even a brave knight such as himself could not have protected Mama Cat from cancer. I told him that, at the very least, Mama Cat’s last 5 months were filled with all the joys a kitty can hope for, and that he had helped make that happen. The words seemed to help.

Oliver, Thomas talking

A little perspective on the situation made Sir Thomas feel better.

So it looks like everyone is beginning to heal. I know that, for the Guardians especially, all of the supportive comments, emails, cards, and in-person hugs from all of you, Disciples of Otis, have helped a great deal. Thank you all for your kindness during this difficult time. And to all of you who shared your own stories of loss, our thoughts and purrs are with you.

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Oliver




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35 responses to “We Are Recovering

  1. So happy to hear you’re beginning to feel better. It brought a whoop of joy when I saw the post coming into my inbox! I know it will take time to heal, but we’re there to support you all. Lots of purrs and love,
    Linda, David, Lola, Griffon, Luna and little Otis (who at this moment so trying to chew on my finger).

  2. CindyD

    A person who knows so much about loss said something like this; the day will come that when you think of Otis and Mama Cat, you will smile before you shed a tear. I know that to be true, and I hope those days will come soon for you.

  3. We are glad you all have each other-and all the followers of Otis-during this time. We are thinking about you and sending purrs.

  4. Glad to hear from you. Meowy Catmus to all of you and the Guardians. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  5. This has been a hard time for all of you, and we’re glad that you are comforting your Guardians. We’re thinking of you and purring for all of you.

  6. Leigh

    You boys are so kind to your Guardians, Brother Oliver. Thank you for laying loving gentle paws on them during their time of grief.

  7. Oh, so glad to hear that you’re recovering… Much love to the 5 of you!

  8. No one can comfort the Guardians better than you and Henry and Thomas, Brother Oliver. You’re doing a great job. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how things are going.

  9. We’re smiling at “tabby immersion”…it was so nice to see you, we have had you in our thoughts much these past days.

  10. it takes time, but all that tabby love has got to help. We’re praying and purring for all of you.

  11. Thank you for this welcome update. Tabby fur has long been known to be therapeutic for humans. Mom Linda, Dad Peter and I send you our comforting thoughts

  12. Elsa's Mum

    So glad to see the boys are taking care of you. We think of you and them often.

  13. mistletoeandhitch

    It is good to hear from you, Brother Oliver. While we know there is no getting over this twin loss, you will all get through it. Then you find a smile on your lips even as the tears fall, until one day only the smile remains. Thank you for sharing your recovery with us. We hope it benefits you as much as it does us. Blessings to you all.

  14. It will take time, but you will find a way to carry on while honoring their memories. *Hugs*

  15. ldrew1

    I found purrs, smooches, sandpaper kisses and cuddles helped my mum when we lost my older sister, Jessica. One day you will all be able to look back on better times and it wont hurt so much.
    Sam, Lucy & our mum (Louise)

  16. It is good to hear from you Oliver. I knew you boys would be there for your Guardians during this time. And Thomas, Oliver is right. You are a good knight, loyal and courageous.

  17. We’ve been thinking of you, and glad know you are feeling well enough to send us word.

  18. Oliver, we’re glad you and the others are taking care of the Guardians. Purrs to all of you.

  19. EEowww Guardians N Brofurz Oliver n Henry n Sir Thomas…me n Mum bin waitin fer a bloggie frum ya…we new it wuud bee sum time befur anyone wuud want to meow bout fingz dere. We bin purrayin fer all of ya nitely n hopin fingz wuud get a bit easier…Brother Oliver ya iz a *STAR* comfertin da Guardianz n bringin in Brother Henry fer back-up….dat Tabby LUB WILL reestore da Guardianz….As fer Sir Thomas…purrleeze do not bee hard on yerself sweet Knight….dere waz nuffin ya cuud do to purrtect Momma Kat; da illness waz inside her n had her long befur she came into da Purromised Land wif all of ya…diz iz sad butt true…
    Bemember how Momma Kat wuud hiss n not talk much to all of ya?? Me n Mum finkz she NEW she waz bery sick butt she did not want to tell ya. Maybee she waz too sad to get too close to any of ya dere ’cause she new she wuud be goin to Summerland soon….me nose diz iz bery sad…ya gotta beelieve Momma Kat waz bery happy to bee dere wif all of ya n she cuud furinally be safe…ya all made her last dayz da BERY BEST!!!!
    We LUB you all so much.
    Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum.

  20. Reblogged this on Teddy Here and commented:
    it is very sad news from The Cult of Otis. MamaCat has died of cancer. she was a limbo kitty for years but the last 5 months she was safe and sheltered. from her pictures you can tell she was happy with the boys and the guardians. too sad. my heart hurts.

  21. Batya Harlow

    I’m so glad the hurt is lessening a tiny bit.

  22. Teddy and I are so sad to hear this news. Know that we have said prayers for you and your catkids. Teddy sends his purrs. We hope that you will decide to continue on with the blog but understand if you cannot. With time the pain will become a sweet sorrow, still sad but bearable.

  23. Oh my goodness, I did not know you had lost Mama Cat too!!! Sometimes things are so unfair. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

  24. I almost bounced right out of my chair when I saw the post!! So so glad to hear from you but even more glad to hear you are able to move on a bit. It means all are beginning to heal which is a very good thing. You never “get over” any loss, you only move on. The guardians are in very good paws with you three! Luv, luk, lafter and Meowry Catmus to you all.

  25. I too was happy to see to you back at your ‘post’ Brother Oliver. Tabby furz and Thomas fluffys go a long way to mending hurt hearts.

  26. Good to see you back in action!

  27. Sandy

    Brother Oliver – thank you for all that you, Brother Henry, and Sir Thomas do to support the guardians and each other. Thank you for the update – you are all in our thoughts.

  28. Welcome back! Your courage and spirit continue to amaze me!

  29. Your post is beautiful and we continue to send hugs and purrs your way.

  30. Still thinking of you all!

  31. Oh that first picture made my heart melt xxx Big hugs

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  34. ena

    just catching up on my bog feed. I was out of touch all of December, don’t tell the boys but I was at Guide Dog training school helping a friend train for his new service dog. There was a day a very brave cat came in to be a distraction for the dogs. I cuddled her afterward, she was amazing, but then cats are always amazing….
    But as I catch up on the news, I am saddned to hear that another amazing cat has left us. I know what you mean when you say the tears after Otis haven’t dried yet, I still feel that way about Buster who went to eternal kitty rest in JUne….so to lose Mama Cat now must have been very difficult. I am gld to have seen that the others got to enjoy boxes day and the new year dance. Somehow in the going on of life there is a peace that helps to temper the pain.
    I am also glad that new limbo cats have come to the relative safety of your back yard. Continuing in the cause of cat safety provides the best sort of healing. You make cats lives better. YOu made Mama Cat’s life better. Those are important accomplishments.
    May you always know the blessing of amazing cats, and may they fill your hearts and your home with love. Peace in this new year.

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