Someday I Shall Join Them

People and fur people who are Disciples of Otis,

It’s Thomas. There they are again. It happens almost every night. There was a slight adjustment when Her Majesty the Queen moved in with us, and another adjustment when Leader Otis departed, but they have still continued the tradition. It looks so cozy and peaceful!

Henry, Oliver, Mama Cat, Guardian on couch

They do it almost every night. It looks very enticing!

Sometimes I sit underneath them just to be close. During those times, Brother Henry usually comes down to visit me, and he coaches me on letting go of my remaining fear. Leader Otis used to do this too, and I am pretty sure that He asked Brother Henry to continue encouraging Me in His absence.

Thomas and Henry under couch

Brother Henry usually joins me under the couch and gives me encouragement.

And I have felt encouraged. Actually, just the other night, the big Guardian was sitting on the couch with Her Majesty sitting next to him. I decided that I might try to jump up on the blanket at the opposite end of the couch. When I jumped up there though, Her Majesty growled loudly at me! I assumed that She was upset that I was not out on patrol assuring Her safety as She rested. I immediately jumped back down and retreated to a high observation point on the big cat tree with drawers.

Thomas being timid

The Queen did not take kindly to my attempt to rest on the job, so I took up a position on an elevated lookout spot nearby.

I have decided though, that someday I shall join them there on the couch. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow… but someday. Preferably when Her Majesty is already sound asleep. Otherwise, She will not be amused.

Thomas Out

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14 responses to “Someday I Shall Join Them

  1. Good for you Sir Thomas!! Any attempt to expand your comfort zone, whether thwarted or not, is a step in the right direction. I am confident that you WILL be joining the cuddle soon.

  2. Keep at it Sir Thomas! The mark of true courage is facing your fears even if you fail to conqueor them. What matters is that you try. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  3. Sandy

    I’m so happy that Mama Cat feels comfortable on the sofa. Perhaps you can join Brother Henry and Brother Oliver on the other side? If you can convince your guardian to move towards the middle, there would be more room – or consider perching on the top of the sofa as a start? It would give you a good view of any possible wiener dog invasions. Thanks to Brother Henry for his continued encouragement.

  4. Always good to make analysis before jumping in the middle of things. The German sometimes chooses to stretch out on the floor along the couch and partly under the coffee table..unless she get to the couch before Molly. But if no guardians are around, both of them seem perfectly happy piled up together on the couch

  5. Eeeoww Sir Thomas ya iz so handsum n me wuud like to ask ya *swoonz*….
    Sorry Sir Thomas, Nylablue fell over with delight yet again at seeing your photos!! What a kitty girl!!
    I will continue on her behalf. Momma Cat is fitting in so well there & the Brothers look wonderful also…definitely Momma aka Her Majesty feels you ‘should’ be on guard especially when she is in your proximity…so under the couch or on an Outpost is good….& yes one day I KNOW you will join the others on the couch with the Guardians….
    Your loyal subjects, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (just coming out of her daze…)

  6. So heart-warming to see Mama Cat enjoying the good life!

  7. I know for sure you will join them Sir Thomas…Leader Otis will guide you.

  8. We know you will join them, Thomas…when you are ready.

  9. Oh poor sweet sir Thomas. I know its scary I can only imagine what you’ve been through, but there’s nothing but love your house. You are safe.

  10. Oh Thomas, I’ve been hoping for that day ever since you arrived. I know it will happen. And there will be rejoicing everywhere! Waiting until Moma Cat is asleep is probably a good idea

  11. I’m glad to see Mama snuggling happily on the other side of the Guardian. I hope you will join them Thomas. Maybe it will be a very gradual process for you, but I bet you will like it when the day comes.

  12. I’m looking forward to seeing pics of you on the Guardians’ laps Thomas!

  13. Thomas – if you rest on the back of the couch, you can be on duty and on the couch at the same time!

  14. I am sure you do! I hope it is sooner rather than later, but it will be at the right time for you and that is the most important thing!!

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