Mama Cat’s Blog Fail

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. We were all very excited when Mama Cat announced earlier this week that she wanted to do her first official blog post. Even though she has little patience with all of us man cats, we all feel like the fact that she spent 14 years in Limbo makes her uniquely qualified to speak on behalf of all the other Limbo kitties out there. She is, after all, The Essence of The Cult of Otis.

The only problem is…well… during her 14 years in Limbo Mama Cat had limited exposure to computers or other technology. Still, when she asked to do a blog post, I assumed that maybe she had learned about the computer by watching the rest of us work on it. I assumed wrong. When Mama Cat approached the computer to work on her blog post, I was watching from across the room. It was a little embarrassing.

Oliver a little embarrassed

I was watching from across the room as Mama Cat tried to blog.

First, Mama Cat tried talking into the corner of the screen. I heard her say, “People and fur people who are Disciples of Otis…”, and I knew immediately that Thomas had been coaching her on at least content, if not the technical details of how to write a blog post.

Mama Cat talking to screen

Mama Cat tried to write her blog post by talking into the corner of the computer screen.

I said, “Ummm… Mama Cat? You can’t write a blog post like that. You need to use the keyboard.” Mama Cat replied, “What? Oh. Keyboard. Yes. There are letters on that, so I guess it makes sense that I would use that to get letters on the screen.” She then put her face down by the keyboard and said, “People and fur people who are Disciples of Otis…”

Mama Cat talking to keyboard

I told Mama she needed to use the keyboard… but she tried to talk into it.

Annoyed, Mama Cat said, “Nothing’s happening!” I tried to be helpful saying, “Wait Mama Cat. Let’s start at the beginning. The first thing you need to do is make sure the computer’s power light is lit.” Mama Cat said, “Make sure the power light is licked? That’s weird… but OK, Brother Oliver, if you say so. I’m guessing this is the power light?” Mama Cat then proceeded to lick the desk lamp sitting next to the computer.

Mama Cat licking light

Mama Cat thought I told her the power light needed to be licked. She also thought the desk lamp was the power light.

As Mama Cat licked the light she said, “Ith et wooking, Brutha Othifa?”, and I said, “No! No! No! Mama Cat!” Before I could say anything else, Mama Cat stopped licking the lamp and walked over to the Sacred Fountain of Eternal Hydration. Her tongue was sticking out and she said, “Bleah! You toms need to dust that thing once in awhile! We are not amused!”

Mama Cat nasty taste

Mama Cat said that we need to dust the lamp. She was not amused.

After drinking from the cool waters of the SFOEH, Mama Cat said, “Well, I think I’m done blogginizing for today. I’m pretty sure I have a grasp on the basics now though, so I’m sure I will be bloggerating like crazy in no time.” She then climbed up to the top of Super Outpost Tabby Tower and quickly fell asleep. I can’t say that I shared her confidence in her newly developed “blogginizing” skills.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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23 responses to “Mama Cat’s Blog Fail

  1. Poor Mama Cat! She is a senior citizen by cat standards and we know how much trouble some of them have with new technology. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    This blogging business is harder than it looks Brother Oliver. That’s why we are readers and not writers at this point in our journey. It seems like Mama Cat has two blogging choices. She could, 1- buy equipment that would allow her to dictate her blogginizing or 2- ask for help. We think that number 2 may cost Mama Cat more that she’s comfortable with but is probably the best choice. How about it, Brother Oliver? Are you willing to take dictation from Mama Cat? Or shall she seek out the services of the infamous Siri?

  3. Hang in there Mama Cat!! I consider myself a full on techno dweeb that knows just enough to get myself in trouble most the time. You’ll get it eventually. I’m sure those man cats won’t mind helping either. 😉

  4. As with everything, Mama Cat will accomplish bloggerificationing with her own brand of panache…

  5. Mama Cat may need a little more practice, but it was a very cute attempt!!

  6. Help the elder is need here boys x

  7. Be patient. She will get it. If she needs help I can send Chris over there to teach her. He doesn’t do the actual blogging here but he is constantly showing me how to bring up windows I didn’t even know existed. He then leaves without showing me how to get rid of them.

  8. Chris

    Brother Oliver, as the brains of the Cult of Otis, it may be time for you to figure out a way to assist Mama with her blogging, without making her feel bad. Perhaps one of you could act as “personal assistant to the Queen” in this matter?

  9. So funny! Reminds me of the first time I was told to “log on” to a computer — I looked around for the falling timber. I agree with mistletoeandhitch, dictation may be the way to go. From Mama Cat’s brain to your paws, Brother Oliver, or perhaps to Sir Thomas’s, since she’s taking instruction from him already.

  10. Poor poor Mama cat 😦
    But I think she will learn in NO time 🙂

  11. Oh, we’re sure Mama Cat will figure it all out real soon. She may be older, but she’s one smart cookie. 🙂

  12. Maybe sir Thomas needs to type it for her while she tells him what she wants to say.

  13. Batya Harlow

    Mama Cat: Dictating to a cute, young, male cat is the way to go.

  14. Momma Cat might not be amused.. but we are! Maybe we shouldn’t tell her that though.

  15. well A for effort MamaCat. she has tons of wisdom to share i am sure. maybe she should get a secretary to do the typing. sometimes mama types mine if there’s going to be a lot of words.

  16. Yow Momma Kat guud ferst attempt!!! me finkz ya need to get a Hu’man to do da typin fer ya…me iz shure one of da guardianz wuud help ya no prublem…ya just ‘meow’ to dem n let dem typey type fer ya!! me haz Mum propurrley trained here n she iz a ‘dab paw’ typin (az long az da light iz on!)
    We will await yer next bloggie fer shure….
    Much LUB n support frum Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xo

  17. Mama Cat, you’re so silly! 😉

  18. *giggles* sorry this is even better the second day. I wanted to ask if the cult and guardians would be interested in exchanging holiday cards.

  19. I’m amazed by how good Mama Cat’s teeth look in that first photo. She is a lucky kitty to have such good health at her age! (And yes, I’ll be the first to admit that the Guardians are responsible for her happy, healthy, condition.)

  20. I loved that last photo!! Just tell her to get herself a typist and blogville will be her oyster!

  21. msphoebecat

    Mama Cat my fellow senior ladycat Queen, mew must not worry mewzelf with such minion activities as entering a blog post in to a computer. Mewz words and voice are of utmost importance and valuable to the followers of the Leader and World, yet mew can simply dictate them to a minion or one of the many Toms in mewz Indoor Domain Queendom to enter it in to the computer. That’s what I do with my staff/Guardian/minion/Mom, and she knows this all part of her job AND the honor of serving a Royal Feline Ladycat. If she at all hesitates or seems to forget, using a firm paw jolts her memory surprisingly well. Remember: It is Good to Be Queen, We Deserve It. 😻

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