Tabby Tower Takeover

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. Ever since Mama Cat was swept up in The Capture, she and I have had a bit of a struggle getting along. Well… to be truthful, it’s mostly been her struggling to get along with me. Our main source of conflict has been her insistence on taking over Super Outpost Tabby Tower. It has become her go-to lounging spot despite the fact that it is the most strategically important security structure in the house!

Mama Cat lounging on tower

Mama Cat has completely taken over the most strategically important structure in the house!

Now, I’m not an unreasonable cat. I’m more than willing to share Tabby Tower with Mama Cat, but I’ve tried to do just that on many occasions without success. Every time I climb up on the tower I get the same response, a big ol’ hissy fit from Mama Cat.

Mama Cat yelling loud

Mama Cat throws a hissy fit no matter how politely I approach her.

Making matters worse, whenever Mama Cat throws a hissy fit, Sir Thomas yells “Protect The Queen!” and comes running. Despite his knighthood I think he still respects my authority as head of Cult security, so he doesn’t attack me or anything. What he does do is give me the meanest face he can manage, which is a little unnerving despite the fact that I outweigh him by a good five pounds.

Thomas with his mean face

Thomas doesn’t attack me when Mama Cat hisses at me, but he does give me this look.

So I officially concede. Mama Cat can have Super Outpost Tabby Tower. Who needs this headache? Sure it might make us more vulnerable in the event of an attack by The Mongrel Horde, but I guess the most important thing is that Mama Cat gets her way. Then again, I pity the dog that tries to take Tabby Tower with Mama Cat on it. Anyway, I’ve discovered a much better security outpost on which to sit sentry duty. It’s a bit shorter, but there’s just something about it.

Henry on new security outpost

The new security outpost is much better anyway.

OK, I’ll admit it. The new tower is not really a tower. It’s just the bench in front of the computer desk. But it really is better than the Super Outpost Tabby Tower! Why you ask? Well, because this new security “tower” has something the SOTT does not.

Henry on the Mystical Mat

That’s right. The new “tower” has a Mystical Mat of Toastiness.

See! What it lacks in height, it makes up for in sheer toastiness. I dub this new security station Super-duper Outpost Toasty Tower! Take that Mama Cat! Wait… no… why are you coming over here? Mama Cat! I didn’t mean that you should literally take it! NO! STOP HISSING! Crap… hi Thomas.

So Says Brother Henry

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48 responses to “Tabby Tower Takeover

  1. Poor brother henry. Maybe you can strike a deal with mama cat thru Thomas. She can have the tower for a bit and when she moves to get warmer you can have the tower.

  2. Cat politics are so complicated until all the treaties are pawed approved. Old Granny and RC are still in negotiations but luckily the sunny room has multiple warm sun pools – and Granny is pleased RC gave her a cozy bed (RC says it was old TIgers’ and she never found it comfortable for her plank style of sleeping…but Granny doesn’t know and is so pleased with it)
    Mama Cat: pick one. Pick ONE. Encouraging paw waves to you, Brother Henry

  3. I think you are right Henry. Pity the dog who comes face to face with Mama Cat. She’s perhaps one of your most effective weapons against the LFDU. Nobody’s gonna mess with her! And kudos Thomas, on such an imposing face.

  4. Oh Thomas, even your mean face is too cute for me to handle. And wow, does that shot of you ever show off those looooong whiskers you have! So handsome.

  5. Brother Henry, we understand the “battle” for the tower. With 16 kitties here a squabble over something in inevitable. Unfortunately that squabble usually ends with some hissing and/or growling a smack of the paw of doom.

  6. A good strategic retreat with benefits, Brother Henry. Next time Mama Cat tries to requisition your new Toasty Tower, maybe point out to her that the fleece on the Super Outpost Tabby Tower purrfectly matches the color of her fur. It really does look as if it was made for her. Wishing you lovely long naps … I mean, hyper-alert security watches … wherever you end up lying.

  7. Chris, Monster, Buggy, Bunk and Calico (and a wiener dog)

    Brother Henry, if I were you I’d assume Sir Thomas could probably use those long whiskers as whips should he…..ever figure it out.

  8. Guess Mama C has Sir Thomas wrapped about her royal paw…heh…heh

  9. Leigh

    Her Majesty The Queen and Sir Thomas are becoming quite the duo!

  10. Oh Brother Henry. We think you have two choices – let her have the heated bench (in which case you get the tower back), or draft her services while she is on the tower.

  11. I’m guessing that Thomas and Mama Cat have formed an alliance and left you out.

    What does Brother Oliver have to say about all of this?

  12. Well, Henry, we think you might have gotten the better end of the deal! Enjoy the warmth.

  13. mmmm…. this time of the year, we’ll gladly take the toastie!

  14. You know, Henry, considering how long Momma Cat was outside and how many dogs she’s probably had to deal with up close and personal, I’m betting that she likes the SOTT for the same reason you do, she can watch out for dogs from there. And I bet if she does see a dog about to do something wrong, she’ll raise an even bigger hissy fit than she does at you. Which will alert the Knight who will, I’m sure, alert you if you don’t notice on your own. So what you have there, is another set of eyes on the same situation. And you get toasty buns out of the deal!

  15. Temper aside, Her Majesty is one pretty lady.

  16. Oh Brother Henry!! I think you got the better end of the deal. But your last comment was just to cute!!!

  17. After so many years in Limbo, maybe Mama Cat deserves the best perch in town. I saw a poor lost limbo cat outside tonight, yowling for her humans. She looked sort of like Priestess Jen, but it’s hard to imagine Priestess Jen living outdoors. Now, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine Queen Mama Cat living anywhere but the Guardians’ house.

  18. “Save the Queen!” We nearly lost a life over that one!

    Ms Stella O Houligan

  19. I am sure that Super-dooper OTT is right 🙂 looks to me like Mama cat is yawning heheheh 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  20. Brother Henry me finkz ya shuud aseed da Outpost Tabby Tower to Momma Kat as she iz da Queen n finkz it iz her throne!! Plus dat getz Sir Thomas off yer back n givin ya da ebil stare of Knightly power n ya getz Mystical Toastee Mat…it’z all guud, right???
    What wuud leader Otis say?? 😉
    Lub frum Nylableu n Sherriellen too xxxxxx

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