A Miracle Has Occurred

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. First of all, thank you so much for the continued support. We have truly been overwhelmed by all the cards, comments, emails, and donations to animal charities in Leader Otis’s name. You are all amazing!

Oliver sincere thanks

Sincerely, thank you all. And Rhiannon… it was beautiful.

Today I would like to share one email in particular that we received from Disciples Linda and David. I think you will agree that it embodies all that The Leader called for in His final message. Here it is:

Dear Guardians, Brothers Henry and Oliver, Sir Thomas, and Mama Cat,

I know you are all still grieving your loss of our sweet Otis, and I hope you will not mind my intrusion to tell you about something that occurred last Wednesday. I was working at my office in the afternoon and saw a blur and heard something hit the window beside me. I thought maybe it was a bird and I looked out the window and saw a little kitty staring up at me. I went out our back door just as he started heading towards the street. We work right next to Fort Sam Houston, and there’s lots of traffic. I yelled, “hey kitty, kitty!” and he turned around and came running back towards me with his tail straight up in the air. I was struck by the fact that he has a little smudge of color right by his mouth, just like our Miles (aka Schmiley), who we lost about 2 years ago to what we think was a brain tumor. I scooped him up and brought him into the office where my office mate and I closed the door. I got down on the floor and he immediately ran over. He was purring and licking my nose as I petted him. One of the other women in the office told me she’d seen a younger woman with the kitty at the hair salon where she’d dumped the kitty onto the porch before going inside, so I picked him up and walked over to see if I could find her. She came right to the door and said it wasn’t her cat, she just thought he was cute so she had picked him up and walked with him a block or so. She said she’d had a cat but it disappeared a few days ago, and when I said I wanted to find a home for him, she said she would take him. I told her I wanted to find someone who would keep him indoors and she said, “oh I can’t do that — I have a big dog in the house!” I thanked her but said I thought it was important to find him a home where he’d be kept indoors, safe from traffic and the stray dogs that roam the neighborhood there.

Kitty in hallway

Here is the kitty Linda swept up in The Capture.

So I took him back to my office and called David, my husband. As soon as I sent him a picture and he saw the smudge he agreed that we should keep him. I left work and took him directly to our vet, where we discovered that he was negative for feline leukemia and HIV, was about 4 months old, and had an infected tooth. Other than that he seemed healthy and even pretty clean. Our vet had a hard time hearing his heartbeat because he was purring so loudly. When I told them he might be hungry, they grabbed a can of kitten food and scooped it out onto the exam table and he immediately lunged towards it and began gobbling it up. He never even looked up as they gave him his vaccinations and an antibiotic shot. We made an appointment to bring him back to have him neutered in a month, and I loaded him into the car to bring him to his new home.

David, and our three kitties — Lola (8 years old), Griffon (2 years old), and Luna (1 year old) — were all waiting. We debated keeping him in a separate room, but because he’s just a baby, we thought we’d let him out to see how the others would react. There was a bit of hissing as he roamed around checking out his new surroundings, and at one point, Griffon approached him and hissed right in his face, and the little guy opened his mouth and hissed back. Griffon looked surprised and from that point, he seemed to accept him.

In Guardian's arms

Here is the kitty in the arms of a true Guardian.

Two days later, he’s part of the family, galloping around and playing with the two younger cats as if he’d always been there. As I write this, Griffon is chasing him at full speed, and then reverse and [our new kitty] chases him, all the while trilling. Lola is a little more reserved, and doesn’t play as much, but she’s gone nose to nose with him a couple of times with no negative reactions.

Kitty reading

And what shall be this kitty’s name?

Oh, and most important: what did we name him? Otis, in honor of your beautiful departed boy who you’ve been kind enough to share with all of us. Know that every time we look at our Otis, cuddle him, play with him, and watch him stalk the birdies through our sliders, we will think of your beautiful boy. Thank you all for your dedication and love for the animals you touch, for sharing his life and adventures with all of us, and for raising awareness of how important it is to treat our fur friends with compassion and responsibility.

Lots of love,

Linda, David, Lola, Griffon, Luna, and now, Otis

No, Linda and David, thank YOU. Thank you for seeing a kitty in need and taking action. Thank you for making sure that from now on he will be happy, healthy, and safely confined. Thank you for honoring Leader Otis by naming this kitty after him. Thank you for being the miracle.

In Otis’s name,

Brother Oliver

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30 responses to “A Miracle Has Occurred

  1. What an awesome story! Bless you both for your love and kindness.

  2. What a beautiful story; thank you to David and Linda for saving a sweet, loving boy from a life of uncertainty and hardship. I continue to think about Leader Otis’s final message, where he reminds us that the miracle did happen for him. At the beginning.
    Welcome, baby Otis, to your new life. Let’s see how many other hearts we can help open by passing along this message. I sure will!
    Peace to the Guardians, Brothers Henry and Oliver, Sir Thomas and Mama Cat…and above all, to Leader Otis as he shines his light in the dark shadows…

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It brought happy tears to my eyes. Miraculous indeed!!

  4. How Pawsome! Little Otis is one Lucky Kitty. Bless his New Guardians and his new furfriends. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  5. emilykarn

    Reblogged this on emilykarn and commented:
    A sweet story of Salvation.

  6. Good happens. Otis would be proud. Baby Otis, you picked the best guardians – you have a big name to live up to, but from the sound of your purrs, you will do just fine.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Baby Otis! Linda and David are the cat’s pyjamas for taking such swift action. You allare a great inspiration indeed

  8. That is so lovely. what a great story.

  9. Truly lovely. thank you so much for taking this kitty in!

  10. See…I knew Leader Otis was still with us…he would not leave us alone without his guiding spirit…I hope that by Dec I can share a miracle in my home…things are tough for me right now …but I heard Leader O’s last message ” Be the Miracle” and that is what I am trying hard to do. Wish me patience. Paw pats, Savannah

  11. Denise Goldstein

    what sweet people! saving a kitten and naming him after Otis. There is good in this world. 🙂 Thanks for your kindness. Tears of joy!

  12. mistletoeandhitch

    Miracles happen every single day, we just have to be willing to be a part of it. Thank you for sharing the story of young Otis and thank you to his forever family for being the miracle.

  13. I wish I could like this 100 times!!

  14. That is AWESOME!! A wonderful living tribute to the ongoing love we all have for animals and Leader Otis. 🙂

  15. O tidings of comfort and joy! The Leader continues to inspire good deeds, and another adorable little Otis will have a wonderful life with true Guardians. Thank you for sharing this, all, and Brother Oliver: you’re welcome.

  16. Bravo for the new Otis on the block, bravo for the guardians of the new Otis, Bravo for Leader Otis’ legacy

  17. Mary (and Phoebe and Mollie)

    Tears .. of happiness. :’)

  18. Bless you to the new guardians and thank you Leader O, we know you’re watching.

  19. What a wonderful story. The Leader’s message lives on.

  20. Fur-tastic!!! Bless you Linda and David for saving Little Otis. And bless Lola, Griffon and Luna for welcoming him into your fold.

  21. Oh how cute! I’m so glad to hear he was rescued.

  22. Holy cod, no sooner is my laptop back from the fixy place but is now awash in tears. What a fanCATstic story of rescue, love and redemption. Cod bless them all ! Little Otis is too darling and it’s a wonderful pre-Christmas miracle for sure. Even better that it’s Thanksgiving. With love and turkey for all!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  23. May the Purrrrrs be with you, little Otis.

  24. Fantastic story and what a lovely little boy he is…here’s to a long happy healthy life Otis 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  25. Wow! That’s so amazing! Good for you, and I’m glad the new little Otis is so happy!

  26. Susan Muglich

    Linda and David used to live in Cleveland and were our neighbors. They always have had several cats and served as our cats caretakers when we traveled. They are serious cat lovers, as one could tell by reading her letter. We miss them and I’m sure our cats miss their loving presence as well.

  27. So these guardian humans are especially endeared to young Otis because of his mustache? He looks plenty endeared to them too, especially in that last photo! What a lucky kitten!

  28. Thank you for sharing, and what a brilliant tribute to Otis!

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