The Cookie Hothouse 3000

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. As Brother Henry mentioned in his post earlier this week, we are all doing OK and processing The Leader’s passing in different ways. One of the ways the Guardians have been processing their grief is highly visible in our front yard.

Cookie Hot house 3000 1

Look closely, and you will see how the Guardians have been processing their grief.

You may recognize that tortoise shell kitty lounging under the toastinator. She is Cookie, and she and Mama Cat used to share the same Guardians. Cookie still lives in the house next door… well… as much as any Limbo Kitty gets to live in the house. For a long time now, Cookie has been sleeping in the Guardians’ cold frame whenever she is out of the house. She gets in and out where a window pane is missing.

Cookie Hot house 3000 2

Here is how Cookie enters and exits the cold frame.

Because the weather has been getting colder, the Guardians decided to turn the cold frame into great big Toastitron for Cookie. First, they sealed the top of the cold frame to keep the rain out. Then they placed a board on top of the dirt at one end of the cold frame, put a waterproof heating pad on top of the board, and covered that with a towel. Finally, they hung a toastinator above the heated bed and the Cookie Hothouse 3000 was born!

Cookie Hot house 3000 3

Cookie approves of the new Hothouse 3000.

Of course the Guardians still wish that cats like cookie would not be forced to live in Limbo or The Shadows but, unfortunately, humans are very slow to change. They can’t snatch every Limbo kitty in the neighborhood and find them more responsible guardians, but they can at least make the world a little better, and warmer, for our feline brothers and sisters that are repeatedly shooed out the door and into the cold.

In Otis’s name,

Brother Oliver

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29 responses to “The Cookie Hothouse 3000

  1. Do you think she looks for Mama cat? x You guys are the best

  2. Juni B and I are happy that you and the guardians are carrying on with your work. I personally would love to see a Cookie and Mama Cat reunion when Mama Cat is allowed to enter the Outdoor Domain. It would warm my heart.

    • Ummm… Cookie and Mama Cat actually don’t like each other at all, knews2me. There has been a “reunion” in the Outdoor Domain, but it involved the two of them trying to fight one another through the wire!

      – Brother Oliver

  3. The Cookie Hothouse is a beautiful tribute to Otis, and a fantastic way to direct grief for the guardians. Every life improved is worth the effort. We too, in our neighborhood of Jersey City, NJ, are slow to see humans change their perspective on kitties who live in the shadows yet we do not falter. Together in a mission of rescuing and re-homing, The Squeedunk Cats and Z-Girl.
    PS give Cookie an extra scoop of yummy food from us…

  4. I had to look very close for the first picture. I guess always finds the best places.

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    Oh dear, Brother Oliver,
    We think the Cookie Hothouse 3000 is an awesome place for a kitty to get warm on a cold day. We just wish it wasn’t needed. Even when our HuMom was young and lived in a house where kitties went outside, the kitties were kept in when the sky threw down wet or it was cold out. Even the grandfather, who though animals belonged outside, made sure the kitties had a warm barn with plenty to eat. We will never, ever understand how humans can leave a kitty out without any worries. Even our HuMom doesn’t understand. But we are very glad that Cookie has a warm place to stay when the cold & wets come. We think she will be very comfy there.

  6. A tortie named Cookie in a hothouse! My tortie Cookie was my garden cat–in the cold frame and out–for nearly all her 20 years with me. She left me last year for other ventures, but I can tell you, if a Cookie was in my hot house she’d be inside before she was fully baked! So kind of you to do this for her. I truly hope you can rescue her from Limbo. Those are the worst–a truly homeless cat you can simply take in, but a cat who is being neglected by someone else is not so free to move.

  7. What a great idea…I just know Leader Otis would approve.

  8. MJ

    The Will of Otis be done!

  9. I need to do something similar for a limbo kitty that has shown up on my property. Are those heat lights safe? Is there a risk of them catching fire?

  10. This made us smile. Our feral girl was seen this morning exiting and then re-entering the garage. Like Cookie, we do what we can.

  11. Your guardians are very clever!!

  12. What a wonderful tribute to Leader Otis. We hope that poor Cookie enjoys the warmth. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  13. We are glad Cookie got a toastier place to rest during the cooler months ahead.

  14. Mmm … warm cookie … I mean, kitty. So as we all expected, Leader Otis continues to inspire many kinds of kitty kindness. Thanks to the Guardians, Cookie now has a place where she can bake gently, with her walnuts crisping and her chocolate chips melting … Sorry. I think I should go have breakfast.

  15. Good news for cookie…somehow I can see a high rise apartment block of tostitron units like a development of Condos…

  16. We’re trying to do something similar for Woolfie, a Shadow cat who’s adopted us. While he won’t let us near him, at least he gets several bowls of food a day, water, and a place to shelter him from the cold. Just don’t lnow if he feels safe enough to use it yet.

    Love to you all!

  17. Nasty of me to say. But those humans who “owned” Mama Cat andCookie are irresponsible and I hope never ever touch another companion animal. I had no idea Cookie existed!!! Hmmmm…. Maybe I can get a catswat team together and catnap her then sneak here across the borders… Let me go paw an outline plan

  18. That’s a great house for Cookie, looks like she likes it too.
    My cousin is a recent convert to being a cat person and as suddenly as she got her first kitty, several neighbor kitties started coming in her yard, she feeds them and worried about the cold coming. I told her about toastatrons and your site and she now has a toastatron for her limbo kitties. Otis’ legacy continues.

  19. Oh, yea! At our old house, we made a little green house structure for plants on the back porch up against the house with heat lamps…and a little door in a sheltered spot with a flap. Little boxes/apartments with heated blankets in extreme cold. Some of the neighbors kitties would find themselves outside without anyone to let them in their own homes. Many leaned there was a dry warm spot and a bowl of water if they needed a place. Several visitors became residents of the house realm eventually. The tired, the neglected at least found a temporary shelter if they did not wish to stay.
    Yours is so pretty!

  20. Leader Otis would give 2 paws up for the Toastinator 3000!!! Well done Guardians for making such a lovely little place for Cookie girl…I wish I could do something like that here but as I am in ‘council housing’ I am limited…
    At least I can sneak food out to Midnite Milo on the patio after dark 😉
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxo

  21. What a beautiful girl Cookie is. I had a tortie with almost the same coloring. Stay warm Cookie. Thank you guardians for giving her a place to keep warm.

  22. That Toastinator will definitely keep Cookie toasty during the cold weather! Good job, guardians.

  23. I was wondering what happened to Cookie. Although I am sad that she is still out in limbo, it is good to hear that the Guardians are helping her as much as they can.

  24. What a lovely place for Cookie to get some respite from the cold..i would be ashamed if i thought my babies had to seek comfort somewhere else..bless her i hope she stays warm and comfy 🙂

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