The Cult of Otis Lives!

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. We are all still processing our painful loss, but we are beginning to heal. I want you to know that, although Leader Otis is no longer with us in the fur and flesh, the movement he started continues. The Cult of Otis lives!


The Cult of Otis lives!

As I said, we are all still processing the loss, and we all have different approaches to doing so. More than any of us, Brother Oliver always served as The Leader’s kitty caretaker. He was The Leader’s preferred pillow and surrogate mother figure. As much as Brother Oliver complained about being used as a pillow, I know he really loved The Leader and cherished the time they spent snuggling together. Since The Leader’s passing, Brother Oliver has been sleeping in the bed in which the Leader passed the last days of His life. The lingering scent of Leader Otis is bringing him some comfort.


Brother Oliver has been spending a lot of time in Leader Otis’s bed.

Sir Thomas has taken a different approach to grieving. I went up to Kitty Valhalla a few days ago to find him sitting on the Sacred Orange Pillow of Enlightenment. When I walked closer, he began giving me Kitty Kissy Eyes. When I asked what he was doing he said, “Leader Otis used to sit on this pillow to seek wisdom and enlightenment. His scent is still very strong on the pillow, and when I sit on it I can feel His wisdom and love flowing through me. It makes me so happy I just can’t help but share the love!”


Thomas is processing his grief in a very positive manner.

I asked Mama Cat… from a distance, of course… how she was doing, and she said, “Oh child, I’m hurting a little bit, but I’m also amazed at what I saw happen here. In the 14 years I spent in Limbo I saw a lot of death, but none of it was so peaceful, so loving as the passing of The Leader. No coyote carried Him off. No car crushed Him beneath its wheels. He was never cold, or hungry, or alone during His long convalescence. While it’s hard that He is gone, every kitty should be so lucky as to leave this world the way He did.”


Mama Cat’s grief has been tempered by the loving way in which The Leader passed.

And how am I doing? Well, I’m not going to lie and say that it’s been easy for me. As The Leader’s primary body guard for the past 6+ years, my every waking moment was dedicated to ensuring His safety. Yes, I still have the rest of The Inner Circle to look out for, but The Leader always needed the most protection, especially as His illness progressed.

But you know what? I still feel His presence. I know a part of Him is still here and, it’s strange to say it but our roles are now reversed. Although I used to watch over Leader Otis, I now feel like He is always watching over me.


I feel The Leader’s presence. I am no longer watching over Him. He is watching over me.

So we will continue, Disciples of Otis, to carry on in The Leader’s name. There is still much work to be done, and we are just the kitties to do it. We may no longer have His physical presence, but we are all filled with His spirit. Oh, and don’t think for one minute that we have forgotten about you, Mongrel Horde. Even in The Leader’s absence we remain vigilant, and any attempts by agents of The Long Feared Dog Uprising to infiltrate Cult headquarters will be quickly foiled by 17 pounds of tabby fury and 14 pounds of knightly valor!


We’re still watching you dogs!

Thank you all so much for the supportive comments, the cards, the emails, the hugs, the thoughts, and the purrs as we have grieved the loss of Leader Otis. You really did help carry us through a very dark time. We’re ready to resume our work, but we are still adjusting to life after Otis, so we may not be updating every day like we did in the past. Time will tell. Thanks again for your continued support. It really does mean the world to all of us.

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Henry

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42 responses to “The Cult of Otis Lives!

  1. Keep updating us as much as you can! We want to hear more about Mama Cat, Oliver and Henry.

  2. Wonderful. And we mean that in the literal sense; we are filled with wonder at how Leader Otis continues to permeate your lives and philosophy. Brother Henry, keep a close eye out for the MH, and we’ll listen for Otis, too.

  3. Fay de Grimston

    Dear Brother Henry,

    So glad to see you all have surfaced and are coping with this most grievous loss of Beloved Leader Otis. Your posts, however, are still making me cry. Ouch.

    xoxo Little Evie



  4. Chris, Monster, Buggy, Bunk and Calico (and a wiener dog)

    We’re very happy to see CoO back online even sporadically and you all are continue to be in our purrs.

  5. Leigh

    This makes me so happy! And your beautiful post also made me cry Brother Henry, The Leader is definitely looking down on you all with love and wisdom. 🙂

  6. mistletoeandhitch

    Dear Brother Henry,
    We all came running at the HuMom’s cry of delight when she saw your post this morning. We are full of joy upon hearing from you. We’re not sure the HuMom realized just how much she looked forward to reading the words of the Cult of Otis everyday or how deeply her heart would hurt at his passing. It caused her to reflect on how she could strengthen our bond. And now we are happy to read that the inner circle is healing.

    You, Brother Henry must now protect the memory and work that Leader Otis left behind. His physical body has gone, but his mission remains and needs your vigilance. We know you are more than equal to the task.

    We join you in keeping Leader Otis’s dream alive.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  7. Brother Henry we all fully understand your state of flux and the fluidity of the circumstances. We are in such a state ourselves with the loss of Mom’s dear heart and soul kitty Abby. We are sad we did not get to know Otis before his passing but we cannot help but think he and Abby hooked up on one of those fluffy clouds above us as they stand Guardians over our respective households. We look forward to your future postings with the Guidance from Otis as he watches safely over all of you.


  8. We are glad you are carrying on. We know Leader Otis will be with you in spirit.

  9. CindyD

    So glad you’re back. .

  10. I’m so happy to hear from you all! 🙂

  11. Leaky eyes again!!! But the tears are mixed with both sadness and joy. Still grieving the loss of the Dear Leader but joyful that all are healing. And I was delighted to see a new post! Don’t worry if it is not every day we hear from you. Time can help with the healing though there will always be a bit of a scar left from the tear in our hearts of losing Leader Otis.

  12. kris

    All my cats have mourned when one of the others died. It was such a surprise the first time. It made me feel less alone in my own loss. The closer the bond between them the longer the mourning lasted. It will take time. But Momma Cat is right, of course.

  13. This is such wonderful news, Brother Henry–humans are often unaware of the essences felines perceive, and even doubt that animals grieve. Leader Otis has gone on to teach his lessons elsewhere, and we know you will continue his work.

  14. So glad you’re back, what a beautiful post! Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  15. So say we all! Much love and purrs to you all.
    Ms. Stella O Houligan

  16. Peter Wilson (Savannah's Dad)

    We are all so pleased that you are all willing and able to carry on spreading Otis’ word throughout the world. And we are sure that He is looking down on us all. Love, hugs and purrs to each and every one of you!

  17. Minet

    Brother Henry – Minet here. Just a note to tell you that We have advised Our late First Lieutenant Sushi (Master of Stealth, Balance and the Spiritual Healing Powers of the Purrrfect Frequency) to second Otis in His transition. Be assured that Sushi’s talents will be of great help to your Leader, although He may not be aware of its provenance. As Our beloved Sushi would say: “When things are difficult, keep your paws firmly on the ground, stance still and silent, and the Universe will turn and move you to a better place.”

    Mrrrr to you all.

    Minet (T.G., T.S., F.E.)

  18. Welcome back, Brother Henry, and thank you for letting us know how all you kitties are doing. As a guardian myself, I have some sense of what your Guardians are feeling, but I wondered about you kitties. Your individual personalities shine through the blog, so it makes sense that you’re all grieving for Otis in your own ways. I’m happy to know that you’ll continue blogging when you’re able to. The love and compassion and humor in your posts help to counteract all the negative stuff out there (I think of it as “mews, not news”). But do take all the breaks you need.

  19. Claudine E.

    Brother Otis will always live in our hearts…first w/ his Guardians and Siblings and then all his followers with mucho love. Good memories often ease the pain of having said Adieu Otis. ♥

  20. I can completely understand what you’re going through. I haven’t felt very much like posting since my father passed away. I know that I will thought, hopefully soon. I know you’ve gotten a lot of support from the cat blogosphere, as I have, and it really does help. The love and care is amazing. As I’ve been assured, I assure you now, when you’re ready to post, we’ll be here. We love you.

  21. We’re glad you’ll be continuing on. It’s what Leader Otis would have wanted. Purrs to all of you….

  22. We too have been missing Leader O, but are heartened to see the dedication and nobility you give to his cause. Blessings to you all of the inner circle and to the guardians who care so much…

  23. Much love here and much love sent to you still….hugs Fozziemum xx

  24. We all grieve at our own pace and in our own ways…take whatever time you need and just know that we are all here for you kitties and your Guardians… With much love and comforting purrs, Spooky and Scout. Oh, our personal human sends her love your way too.

  25. Batya Harlow

    Brother Henry, thank you for letting us know how you and the others are. It’s still a very sad time, but knowing that Leader Otis’s work will go on is comforting. I needed to feel more connected to all of you, so I bought a Cult of Otis bumper sticker, with the wonderful new logo. Love and purrs from Batya, Trout & Kismet.

  26. Our new little boy Mika is very excited to hear that Otis’s mission is continuing! Mika is very scared of new things, but he will sleep easy knowing that you shall continue to watch for the Long Feared Dog Uprising.

  27. Brother Henry it is wonderful to hear from you once again..not a day has gone by that I have not said a prayer for all of you there. You know Brother Henry you look very regal in your photos…like you have become a Leader…is it possible?? I think so…I agree Leader Otis is now watching over you & he is so proud of you & the others & the Guardians.
    Sir Thomas & Brother Oliver are doing very well it appears & I can imagine the scent of their Leader is a huge comfort. Momma Cat bless her furry heart is such a wise lady cat…she is right that Leader Otis left this world in peace & surrounded by Love & that is what is most important.
    In honour of Leader Otis I have been feeding a Shadow cat who I have named Midnight Milo. He is becoming more & more feral daily & forgetting that we Humans can be nice. He will not let me near him but he waits from a safe distance for his food nightly. Funny how he showed up the night Leader Otis had left all of us…..
    Much love to all of you from Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

  28. I adore Mama’s Cat attitude in this.

    Purrs to you all

  29. Brother Henry, it is so nice to hear from you. I was just leaving another comment on Leader Otis’ last message when I saw this post. I hope you know you have brought so much joy to my life as a fellow pet blogger. I am glad you are finding comfort in the love being sent from all of the readers. I know it’s a comfort to still smell the Leader on a blanket or pillow. And Mama Cat’s words made me cry just a little harder. Please update when you can and I will continue to send love and purrs from the furry family.

  30. Leader will be so proud of you all xxx

  31. Take as much time as you need. Be sure to take extra good care of the Guardians, as they are having a rough time, too, I’m sure. Love and purrs to all of you.

  32. Brother Henry, thank you for the update on how everyone is coping with their grief. I’m very happy that the Leader’s work will continue and look forward reading posts from all the Brotherhood members. Keep the faith.

  33. We is glad to see you are back, carrying on the message of Otis and the love he had for his fellow kitties. We is sending our purrs for efurrybody.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  34. Our thoughts–and hearts–are with you. (((hugs))) Take all the time you need. We will wait patiently for your wisdom and advice.

  35. Brother Henry and all a the House of Otis…I could not comment..even tho’ my Dad Peter Wilson was able to leave a short one. I just could not. Mom Linda and I still have too much water in our eyes…but we know, we always knew. that the Leader’s work would go on. And, his last message asked of us to “Be The Miracle”…and I hope that we have….but we cannot say for sure for a few more weeks…paw hugs, Savvy and Mom Linda

  36. Sending you all a really big hug, it’s going to take time and we will be here for you during that time!

  37. I’m so happy that the cult will continue and that everyone’s spirits are healing. Even though Otis is gone he’ll never be forgotten and it’s important to carry on with the cause. You’ve already made such a monumental difference with the work that’s been done thus far, and you can only continue to soar. So keep spreading the good word and keep that place in your heart for Otis warm.

  38. We think of you often and our guardian who goes by “mom” says that it is very hard to lose someone so dear and precious, we have seen her cry many times and know she understands what the “great sadness” is.

    We hear “mom” telling “dad” about you all and reading these posts to us all and it makes us happy that you are all safe and loved so much. we can only hope that there are lots more “mom” and “dad” out there like ours!

    We will do our best at keeping the legacy going and teaching the ways of Otis and true guardianship.

    Raleigh & Uma

  39. Otis will always be close. A soft brush of whisker in the dark when needed. A soft padding beside as encouragement and comfort. We will walk your walk, Otis. You showed the way. Paws in salute

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