Mama Cat’s Conversation

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. Yesterday, I walked into the living room to find Mama Cat sitting on the cat tree in the front window. She was looking out toward the yard, and I don’t think she knew I was there. She was talking softly, and as I moved closer, I could hear what she was saying. Mama Cat said, “You’re OK now. It’s over. It’s really over. They see you. They hear you. They love you. They will protect you. You are no longer alone. You’re safe. Just let the fear go…” I wondered to whom she was speaking.

Mama Cat talking

Mama Cat was looking out into the yard and talking, but to whom I couldn’t see.

Mama Cat continued talking, saying, “No more cold. No more hunger. No more painfully matted fur. And no more loneliness. Yes… at last… no more loneliness.” I walked toward Mama Cat, intending to ask her with whom she was speaking, but as I drew close I saw it… her face was reflected in the window before her. She was talking to herself.

Mama Cat window reflection

As I drew close I could see it. Mama was talking to her own reflection.

I didn’t know what to say, or even if I should say anything at all. So I left before Mama Cat knew I was there. Honestly, with her history of neglect, there probably really wasn’t anything I could have said to make Mama Cat feel better. Seeing her there on that cat tree though, and listening to her as she fought her inner demons, I felt inspired to recommit myself to Leader Otis’s mission.

I hope you will do the same, Disciples of Otis. Millions of Shadow and Limbo Kitties are depending on you. Please do all that you can to shed light on their plight, and continue to spread The Good Word about keeping cats happy, healthy, and safely confined.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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41 responses to “Mama Cat’s Conversation

  1. Oh Mama Cat….. you remind me of what happened earlier this week. Jen came home from work and saw three kitties dart across the street and under our next door neighbor’s evergreen tree. They peeked out as DeDe and I went outside for a bit. I wonder if they hope to one day have what you have.

    • I think they would hope for it, Rumpy, if they knew it was a possibility. I think many of those Limbo and all of the Shadow kitties are too busy just surviving to have hope for anything more. 😦 – Brother Oliver

  2. Realization that you are caught safe and forever home is sometimes hard to believe after living on the streets. Warm mental hugs, Mama Cat – and believe, it is true. One lucky kitty. We shall purr all those at risk to those who will care.

  3. Joseline

    Mama Cat, I know your apprehensions – let it go ’cause you are in a safe place.

  4. hugs Mama Cat…..we are glad you are trying to overcome your past. our mom talks to our feral girl every time she sees her.

  5. HRH MC – you most certainly are deserving of the title “Essence”. We do not know what it is like to have lived a life outdoors and full of neglect. We have known love, warmth and safety, and we are happy that you now share a life like that. May you find the peace in your safety, trust in the love and purr all day long.

    kitty kisses,
    Raleigh & Uma

    • Brother Henry and I never lived in the world without walls either k.emma, and we are thankful for that. Neither of us has the inner demons that Mama, Thomas and Leader Otis have had to deal with. – Brother Oliver

  6. Count your blessings Mama Cat and thank the Guardians daily. You are one of the lucky cats. My Person was very sad Wednesday. She saw 3 dead cats lying along the road in 25 minutes. I’m proud to be an Indoor Cat. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  7. 2 cats

    Mama cat is beautiful, inside and out

  8. Oh mama cat you are safe and loved. No more hunger, cold or loneliness. I know its hard to believe after so long. It may take a while to sink in. There is no more wanting for anything. Leader Otis was right you are the essence, the reason to spread the good word. I’m just sorry you couldn’t be swept up into capture sooner.

  9. *sniff, sniff*. Just what I keep telling myself, and I have been in my purrfect home almost two years. I still am terrified to be picked up…I may never lose that fear but my guardians are fine about that…they treat me like a princess.

    • It’s hard to let go, isn’t it Savannah? Leader Otis eventually conquered His inner demons while He was awake, but the past still haunts Him in dreams. Thomas has come a long way, but still has a long way to go, and Mama’s pain is still pretty fresh. All are safe, happy and loved though, and that is what is most important. – Brother Oliver

      • you know…I too have dreams…bad ones…just the other night, first time Mom ever heard me during a dream…I was on the end of the bed and she heard this moaning, mewing sound…thought Dad was snoring funny *snicker* but it was me! Even woke Dad up. So Mom gently touched me and I woke mewing…then dashed up to the head of the bed so she could reassure me….I stayed right by her head for a long time. Usually I awake from a bad dream when I am sleeping downstairs….and they can hear me crying for them…this time I was right there…very bad dreams…

  10. Beautiful Mama Cat of the golden eyes, you were loved (though you didn’t know it) even before you were given a safe home. The Guardians were doing their best for you and you had many admirers here. But now I think you’re beginning to feel the love, definitely from the Guardians, and perhaps even from your friendly man-cat companions.

  11. EEoooww Momma Kat me can reelate to ya bout bein unwanted n alone n scared….me waz on da streetz too after me waz thrown out by da Hu’manz who kept me purrisoner fer me whole life to dat point. Even when ne waz picked up n taken to a new home it waz bad…made to have more kittz n den spayed n teefiez taken out n no lub….just fingz bein dun to me wif no xplanashun. It waz only when me came to Mum here dat me began to trust Hu’manz. As ya nose me bin sick frum da day she rescued me from da other place n she haz stood beeside me thru it all. Snugglin me; singin to me; talkin to me; playin wif me when me feelz guud enuff; takez me out in Condo; made da bloggie fer me to have a voice..dere iz nuffin she wuud not do fer me n yer Guardianz are da same way Momma K…purrfect Hu’Manz!!! We are truly blessed n we never ever haz to wurry bout being cold n hungree n lonely ever again….
    *paw patz* n Lub frum Nylablue xxxx

    • Oh Nylablue… I am so glad Sherri-Ellen found you. I’m sending my most comforting paw pats and purrs your way. – Brother Oliver

      • Me tooz Brother Oliver…me waz gonna bee put to sleep when me waz just 5 yearz old beecause me waz sick wif Cysitits n Perrydontell Disease…Mum rescued me n she neber looked back!! Her Fiance at da time helped wif all me surgery n eben den he went away fer 2 yearz butt once he came back into our livez as furendz he still helpedz wif me Vet billz…
        Phankz fer da comfertin *paw patz* n *purrz* Ebery little bit helpz me feel bettur 😉
        Lub Nylablue xxxx

  12. Heather

    I LOVE Mama Cat!!

    • I kinda do too, Heather! Especially when she’s not hissing at me. Sir Thomas seems to love her even when she is hissing at him though. He is one dedicated little knight! 🙂 – Brother Oliver

  13. We have weepy eyes of joy for Mama Cat. We know she is safe and loved and is beginning to really feel it. You are wise Brother O to let her have her own time to process. She will thank you for it one day.

  14. It warms our kitty hearts seeing Mama Cat inside…and happy. 🙂

  15. Angel Sabeen Maire

    I was a Limbo kitty once and though it took me a long time to overcome the demons it was glorious when it happened. I was relatively demon free for a few years before the cancer got me and I live at the Bridge now. but having a Momma was the bestest thing ever. Even better than toys when I finally learned to play with and the warm when it was cold out. I hated snow and would scream at the sky when it started to snow. Momma would hold me and tell me I would never be cold again and I never was. You will see Mama Cat, the demons will go away and it will be glorious.

  16. I so love Mama Cat..what a beauty.

  17. Batya Harlow

    Though I am so very sad about Leader Otis’s failing health , it cheers me to see Mama Cat safely indoors, loved, healthy, in all her beauty . . . truly the Essence of the Cult of Otis. I’m so happy she is starting to feel a little bit more comfortable and relaxed. I love all the Cult of Otis cats.

  18. Ms. Phoebe

    Although I have had sad leaky eyes lately thinking of our dear, wise leader leaving us TOO SOON, my leaky eyes are now happy ones to know that Mama Cat is slowly learning to trust. My younger brother Kaspars was caught up in the Rapture a few months after appearing in our yard one snowy day ten years ago. Emaciated, cold, and scared he hid in the bushes for almost two months before he would let one of the Guardians sit near him while he ate, pausing between bites to constantly look over his shoulder or jumping at ever loud noise. Ten years later, he has learned to trust the Guardians and show affection, but only on his terms and has not lost his cautious, skittish ways. I have told him there is no need to be so cautious of people we know, or jump when a cupboard is closed yet I know his past life on the streets encompassed birth to two years. That is a long time to fend for mewzself, and while I was dumped out in the country to fend for myself while pregnant, I found some kind humans within a few days and had lived with humans my whole life before- so my trust issues and worries of hunger and prey are non-existent. I was one of the few lucky ones, while he was not until he was a grown mancat.
    Mama Cat and my brother and so many others inspire me to carry on with Leader Otis’ message. I am happy to know cats CAN become formerly feral, learn to overcome and trust at their own pace and level, and most importantly: that humans can learn from reading about the Leader, mew brothers and Mama Cat’s stories, and how they can help so many more neglected souls become swept up and healed.

  19. Sending Mama cat a big hug, however I know it may freak her out so just tell her we are thinking of her!

  20. Four of my Six are “limbo kitties” and they are ever so grateful to me for rescuing them. I can tell.

    Big Hug and Smooch to Mamma Cat.

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