I Am The Wolf Eel

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. The Guardians were talking about some cool fish thing called the Wolf Eel that lives in the big body of water that is not far from our house. I have never seen that water, but I can smell its saltiness in the air sometimes. Anyway, when I first heard about the Wolf Eel I was scared because… well… wolf, right? King of the dogs. But Brother Oliver said, no, it’s just a long cool fish with wolf in it’s name.

So, what the Wolf Eel does is, he sits in a hidey hole with his big fangy face sticking out. He sits very still, and he waits.

Thomas Wolf Eel 1

the Wolf Eel sits in a hidey hole with his fangy face sticking out. Like this.

The Wolf Eel waits and waits, and eventually some prey wanders in close. I think the Wolf Eel still waits at this point, but he also might reposition just a little bit so he can get a better look at that prey.

Thomas Wolf Eel 2

When prey wanders close, the Wolf Eel might reposition just a little to look at it… I think.

So then, the prey gets closer… and closer… and… THE WOLF EEL ATTACKS WITH HIS PAW!

Thomas Wolf Eel 3


And then… what? What’s that Brother Oliver? The Wolf Eel has no paws? Oh… well, does he attack with his fins then? No? His what? Oh. OK.

Thomas Wolf Eel 4


And then, after the successful attack, the Wolf Eel is very pleased. So he just stretches out his paws, smiles, and gives Kitty Kissy Eyes to all of the other underwater creatures.

Thomas Wolf Eel 5

This is what the Wolf Eel does after a successful attack.

So it must be pretty awesome to be a Wolf Eel. Huh? What’s that Brother Oliver? Wolf Eels have no paws, can’t smile, and can’t give Kitty Kissy Eyes because they are fish and thus have no eyelids? Oh. OK. It’s weird though, because for a minute there I really felt like I was channeling the spirit of the Wolf Eel. Maybe it was just a catfish.

Thomas Out

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15 responses to “I Am The Wolf Eel

  1. Holy COD! Thomas, you’re lucky you didn’t flounder in your lair!

  2. We just gave our kitty Johnson a full half-hour of two-person petting this morning. Kissy eyes all over the place!
    I have never heard of a wolf-eel. I live about as far from the ocean as you can get… when our guys attack they are MIGHTY WARRIORS. FIERCE HUNTERS.
    And squiiiishyyyyfuzzzyyyycuuuuute!

  3. There seems to be no end to the animals you guys can imitate, Sir Thomas: tigers, panthers, flying squirrels, and now wolf eels. I wonder if you might like to try imitating a (gasp) wiener dog? Just in the spirit of “know thine enemy,” of course.

  4. Oh Thomas, no matter what animal you channel, you’re still fierce and adorable all at the same time! Kitty kissy eyes back to you!

  5. You are very ferocious, Sir Thomas! And Wolf Eels can have paws, claws and whatever else you want when your using your imagination. We love all sorts of fish! We wish we could see this Wolf Eel. We bet it’s no match for a ferociously playful kitty. But we are very happy because our HuMom got us a new Beta…,Beta Bob, we call him. We love to watch him swim and twice a day the HuMom feeds him. She says it’s like when they feed the sharks at some place called the Aquarium…..only here the spectators have the teeth! She changes his water every other day because it gets cat hair floating in it and the level of the water goes down considerably. We love getting a drink from his bowl. Our HuMom thinks she’s discovered the secret to getting us to drink more water. After all, humans like lemon in their water, we kitties like a little fish!

    Now, how do we get the HuMom to bring home a Wolf Eel?

  6. You make a good Woof Eel, Thomas…well ‘cept for the fact that you have paws and and can give kitty kisses and smiles. 🙂

  7. No other creature on earth hunts with the same level of cuteness as a cat – especially Sir Thomas!

  8. Oh Sir Thomas, that second pic has you channeling your kitten. 😀 Too cyoot!

  9. Oh Thomas you would make a wonderful wolf eel! Especially with the kitty missy eyes.

  10. Oh Thomas you had me hooked from the start 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  11. Thomas, you are so cute as you lurk waiting to ambush your prey. Kitty-kissy-eyes back to you. Selleck and His Person, Emily. 😀

  12. Sweet Sir Thomas you make a wonderful furry Wolf Eel & we were thoroughly convinced with your interpretation…..
    And those *kissy kissy* eyes are beautiful & a certain feline (who altho is not feeling great) still managed to *swoon* when she saw those eyes….I wish I had a printer so I could print that photo & show it to her all the time, hehehe!!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

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  14. plus there is the whole water thing Sir Thomas 🙂

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