The Frustration Box

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. As I was walking through the kitchen this morning I heard Mama Cat’s voice coming from the living room. She sounded frustrated, and she kept repeating, “I want them. I want them. Why are they in there? Why can’t I have them? I want them.” I entered the living room and found her sitting on top of the big cat tree with drawers by the window. She fell silent when she saw me.

Mama Cat wants them

Mama Cat fell silent when she saw me.

I said, “Hi Mama Cat… is everything OK?” She said, “No, Brother Oliver, everything is not OK. Don’t you see them? There must be at least forty or fifty perfectly good feathers right here next to me. They are locked inside this glass box. I want them. I WANT THEM!” As she said that last sentence, she got an intense look about her that was a little bit frightening.

Mama Cat wants them 1

Mama Cat looked very serious when she said, “I WANT THEM!”

I said, “Well, I’m sorry Mama Cat, but the Guardians put things in glass boxes like that when they don’t want us to get them. Leader Otis calls them ‘frustration boxes’, but we’ve gotten so used to them they don’t really frustrate us all that much any more…” Mama Cat was silent for a moment, and then she said, “Frustration boxes… well…WE ARE NOT AMUSED!” Then she stormed off with her nose in the air. It was a little weird, but you know what? As she left she kind of had a royal air about her…

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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27 responses to “The Frustration Box

  1. CindyD

    You guys just crack me up every day! My Stanley cat thinks I have a “frustration jar.” It holds his cat candy treats. I just to go check on him just to make sure he was OK. Now I don’t bother. He’s just begging for a treat. Spoiled cat! But I love him so!!!

  2. uh oh – the Queen is unamused….. 🙂

  3. I can see where that would drive a kitty crazy! My Leo is a feather nut and I’m afraid he’d be determined to get to those feathers too!
    On another note, Gosh is Momma Cat gorgeous! Love her slightly crossed eyes and fluffy furs! I’d be tempted to want to pet her all the time. Does she allow your guardians access to all that lovely fur yet?

    • The Guardians have no choice in the matter, Andrea. They must pick Her up when She demands it, and they must allow Her to drape Herself over their shoulders like a fur stole. She gets very angry if they try to put Her down before She is done riding around up there. – Brother Oliver

      • Oh my gosh! That is utterly fantastic! I, myself, have what I call my “Leo Scarf” my big furry boy likes to hang over my shoulder too and it’s awesome! I’m so glad she’s attached so firmly to the guardians even if she is still touchy about a certain brother!

  4. I guess you could call her “Queen Ehissabeth”…

  5. She sure sounds like a Queen and looks very regal now. Selleck and His Person, Emily. 😀

  6. Brother Oliver, try telling Mama Cat that there’s been a movie made about her, called The Queen and starring Helen Meowren. Might make her feel better.

  7. Brother Oliver you handled yourself with decorum & calmeness with Momma CAt…maybe the others could take a lesson from you 😉
    As for those feathers in the ‘frustration box’ I can see how that would upset her…When I bring feathers in I have to soak them in alcohol solution & keep them away from Nylablue or she is all over them like a rash….birds of a feather..oh wait cats of a feather stick together..
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  8. Poor mama cat. I never thought of frustration boxes. I may have to get some.

  9. Mama Cat gets more beautiful every time we see her. It is wonderful to see her getting frustrated with the ways of the Guardians there in the Promiseland. It’s so much better than the fear that permeates throughout Limbo. Now we realize the Guardians have long cared for Leader Otis, but now they also must care for and cater to the Queen! We the the Guardians must stay very busy.

    • The Guardians stay VERY busy, M and H. In fact, we cats often fall behind on replying to all the wonderful comments here because the Guardians aren’t home to turn on the computer for us! – Brother Oliver

  10. Mama Cat is still learning the ways of being an inside cat. By the way, we are so impressed with how beautiful she is!

    • She is definitely a beauty, Island Cats. She has only become moreso since She came into The Promised Land and stopped being afraid and stressed all the time. 🙂 – Brother Oliver

  11. That last pic expression is IN-TENSE!! She has really blossomed in the Promise Land.

  12. Priestess Jen can look like that when she wants my yarn.

  13. BOL I love the idea of her storming out!!

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