The Luckiest Crow in the World

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Henry here. That crow would be mine. I would stalk him, and pounce on him, and crunch his birdie bones before he even knew what happened. I swear, I would do it.

Henry Crow Watch 1

I would have you before you even knew what happened, crow…

I don’t even care that he is in the road. I would run right out there and grab him. There’s no way I could just ignore a snack of that magnitude, cars or no cars.

Henry Crow Watch 2

I would run right out there in the road and crunch that crow!

Yes. I would have him. He would be mine. But that won’t happen. Because I am in here, and he is out there. We are separated by walls and windows and doors. He is the luckiest crow in the world because the Guardians will not let me go outside to get him.

Henry Crow Watch 3

That is the luckiest crow in the world because he is out there and I am in here.

And the Guardians should let me go outside, right? How else could I possibly be happy unless I’m out there catching prey!? There’s just no other possible alternatives, right? I… oh… hi Guardian. I didn’t see you there. Have you been watching me this whole time? What’s that behind your back? OH MY GOSH!

Henry forgetting crow


I am the luckiest cat in the world!

So Says Brother Henry

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29 responses to “The Luckiest Crow in the World

  1. You look so fierce attacking the fake bird Brother Henry. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  2. Batya Harlow

    All indoor kitties are the luckiest cats in the world! Hooray for the Guardians!

  3. You’re correct, Brother Henry, that is the luckiest Crow in the world. And you are a very lucky cat to be safely inside where you are protected from the outside dangers and can enjoy catching and killing the artificial bird without risking your lunch flying away.

  4. LOL, Exactly! Who needs the danger of outside when there’s such great toys inside! And wonderful guardians to wield them! Plus, I bet treats taste better than any ol’ crow. Why else would the expression ‘eating crow’ be a bad thing?
    Brother Henry, LOVE your great catch there! What do you call that move? Sitting Prey Prayer? hee hee

    • Good point, Andrea! I still would have liked to crunch that crow though… it’s in my nature I guess. As for the move, I like to call it “Preying Panther”.
      🙂 – Brother Henry

  5. Brother Henry, that crow would put up a fight, but not your toy! We are interested in what the crow is sitting on–is that a cold frame? Our human has one too–the chipmunks run into it to keep warm!

    • I’m sure it would put up a fight… but what chance would it have against 17 pounds of tabby fury!? Yep that’s a cold frame out there, but the crow was actually in the street beyond it. The Guardians like to grow food in the cold frames, but some of the neighborhood Limbo Kitties get in there to keep warm sometimes too. – Brother Henry

  6. You have a handsome profile, Brother Henry. Love your sideways smile. And is that a Squatting Tiger with your bum OFF the ground? I knew you could do it!

  7. Leigh

    Another eloquent and funny message driving home The Good Word. Thank you!

  8. merbear74

    Indeed you are.

  9. Ms. Phoebe

    Brother Henry mew are a magnificant hunter, but the guardians are right in keeping mew inside and safe- after all mew have been through, mew do not want to ever go back to that life. Da Bird is a great alternative to a real one, mew can still pounce, crush, swipe fhe vermin!

    • Fortunately, I was never out there in Limbo Ms. Phoebe. From what I have observed though, and from what Leader Otis, Sir Thomas, and Mama Cat tell me, I definitely don’t really want to go out there. I can still dream about crunching those birds though. 🙂 – Brother Henry

  10. Brother Henry, that feather is almost as good as that crow. 🙂

    • I don’t know about that, Island Cats, but I do agree that it is probably safer to play with the feather than to run out into the road after the crow. If the window hadn’t been there, I couldn’t have helped myself though! – Brother Henry

  11. There’d be nary a rodent safe in the neighborhood if Miss P. was allowed to roam free. She watches them for hours from her ground-level cat perch. Priestess Jen on the other hand has no taste for game. She prefers to play with yarn or the occasional cricket. Either way, both cats are happy to play with human-powered fake prey, just like Brother Henry.

  12. You ARE the luckiest cat Brother Henry!! Guardians who have birds for you to play with…what more can a kitty boy ask for?? And yes that Corw is certainly very very lucky too… 😉
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

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