A Rude Awakening

My Disciples,

This morning I was sound asleep in a box when I was suddenly jarred awake by Brother Oliver’s raucous laughter. I opened My eyes to find him laughing right in My face. It was very disorienting!

Oliver laughing close-up

This is what I saw when I woke up.

With thinly veiled annoyance in My voice I said, “Brother Oliver… is there something you wanted to tell Me? Something amusing, perhaps?” Brother Oliver picked up on My annoyance immediately and got himself under control.

Otis in box annoyed

I asked Brother Oliver if he had something to tell Me. My annoyance was evident to him.

Brother Oliver said, “Oh. Sorry about waking you up like that, Leader Otis. It’s just that… well, it’s so funny!” When I asked him what was funny, Brother Oliver continued, “When I walked into the living room this morning Mama Cat was sleeping on the topmost observation Β deck of Super Outpost Tabby Tower. Thomas was lower down on the post on sentry duty. When I approached the post, Thomas said, ‘I am sorry Brother Oliver, but Her Majesty is resting. You will have to seek an audience with Her another time.’ He then returned to scanning the room as if he was expecting an attack at any moment.”

Thomas Protecting The Queen

Brother Oliver said Thomas was sitting sentry duty on SOTT while Mama Cat slept.

I looked at Brother Oliver with a puzzled expression and he said, “Don’t you get it, Leader Otis? Sir Thomas overheard our conversation the other day about Mama Cat being a queen. He didn’t understand that girl cats are called queens. He thinks that Mama Cat is THE Queen!” Then Brother Oliver started rolling around laughing again.

Oliver laughing again

Brother Oliver told Me that Thomas thought Mama Cat was The Queen. Then he started laughing again.

As Brother Oliver’s laughter started to subside, I said, “Brother Β Oliver… how can you be sure that Thomas isn’t right?” Brother Oliver said, “What? What do you mean?” And I said, “How do you know that Mama Cat isn’t The Queen? There have been many other Shadow and Limbo kitties that the Guardians have rehomed, but they brought Mama Cat in to My Domain, to live with us. Don’t you think that might mean there is something extra special about her?” I could tell that Brother Oliver’s mind was in a state of confusion now. He said, “Wait… are you saying she might really be The Queen? I…”

Oliver starting to believe

Brother Oliver became confused when I asked him how he could be sure Mama Cat wasn’t The Queen.

I finished My conversation with Brother O by saying, “I’m not saying she is or she isn’t, Brother Oliver. I’m just saying that, as you well know, there is more to us kitties than first meets the eye. What I will say though is, even if Mama Cat isn’t THE Queen, after 14 years in Limbo, she deserves to be treated like she is.”

Brother Β Oliver agreed with that, and he also said that he wouldn’t make fun of Thomas for believing Mama really was The Queen. I thanked him, and then rolled over to go back to sleep. As I drifted off, I thought I heard Thomas’s voice from the back hallway saying, “Make way for The Queen!”

So Sayeth Otis

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31 responses to “A Rude Awakening

  1. Wonderful photos, as usual. The first one is especially striking!

  2. I love the laughing photo at the top! I love all your tabbies too! ~from the house of black cats.

  3. As usual, Leader Otis, you’ve given Brother Oliver something to think about.

  4. CindyD

    I love these stories!!! Many thanks for making me smile every day!

  5. you guys always bring joy to my day…and seeing MC ruling the boys…too funny

  6. Doesn’t everybody know that “Gingers Rule”????

  7. Besides, now she has Sir Thomas to keep away the riff-raff πŸ™‚

  8. Otis, you are so wise! I think Momma Cat is certainly queen of your realm if nothing else. How wonderful of you to encourage such consideration!

  9. Leader Otis, I agree that mama cat is special and I am glad to hear sir Thomas taking his duty to her seriously. I have a queen here myself that I care for. It is an honor to care for such a beautiful creature such as herself.

  10. I am particularly fond of the third picture. Sir Thomas is in very close proximity to Mama Cat and she doesn’t seem to have any problems with that. There is indeed hope that she will become accustomed to living with 4 wonderful man cats. Maybe all it took was the realization of her status?

  11. Leader Otis, I think you might be pulling Brother Oliver’s tail … just a little bit!

  12. “Queen” is indeed a fitting title, considering she rules the roost most of the time.

  13. You are very wise Leader o!

  14. All female cats are The Queen. Pebble certainly is πŸ™‚

  15. Oh Brother Otis…I can see the annoyance on your sweet face over Brother Oliver’s raucous laughing…he is still kind of young & has alot to learn…you show daily why you are the Leader with your patience & wisdom. Sir thomas is a wonderful Knight isn’t he?? As for Momma Cat being a Queen she is a Queen not only because she had kittens but because she has been brought into the Domain & that means she is indeed very very Special….
    Nylablue is a Queen also as that is what females who have kittens are called….she says she is just a Pampurred Princess… πŸ˜‰
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.
    P.S.: She managed a small *swoon* on seeing Sir Thomas’ photo today…she may not be well but she still ‘admires’ her Knight!!! πŸ˜‰

    • Sir Thomas sends his best wishes, purrs, and gentle paw pats to Nylablue, Sherri-Ellen, as do the rest of us. πŸ™‚

      • EEowww Sir Thomas iz it really ya?? Phankz fer da purrz n paw patz….when me haz to get doez injeckshunz tomorrow m eiz gonna fink of ya; all stroung n mighty n brave…it will bee sumtime ‘tween 1-2 pm our time so tween 6-7 pm yer time….purrleeze say a purrayer for me to bee brave ok?? Phankz so much,,ok Mum over to ya….
        Hi Guardians & Cult Kitties..Nylablue is stable today altho quiet. We appreciate your support immensely.
        Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

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