I Am in the Presence of Royalty!

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Oh my gosh! There she is, just ten feet away! All this time I have been in the presence of royalty and I was not even aware!

Protect the Queen 1

There she is! The Queen!

It all makes sense now. Leader Otis must have known that Mama Cat was The Queen. The Cult of Otis needed a knight, not only to lead the crusade to keep cats happy, healthy, and safely confined, but also to protect Her Majesty! This is a knight’s greatest honor! I am so happy right now!

Protect the Queen 2

I am honored to protect Her Majesty, The Queen!

What was that? I heard something! Oh my gosh! Does the LF(W)DU know that The Queen is here? Are they, at this very moment, secretly training a bunch of regicidal Rottweilers?

Protect the Queen 3

Is the LF(W)DU plotting against Her Sovereign Majesty?

Well, they shall not succeed! Not so long as this knight draws breath! To The Mongrel Horde I say, “Do your worst!” All who threaten Her Majesty shall be slain by my mighty blades!

Protect the Queen 4

Heed my words mongrels! All who attack The Queen shall perish!

Oh, my heart swells with pride at this great honor. I must bow before Her Majesty and pledge my allegiance to her! Your Majesty! I am at your service! Your will, my paw!

Protect the Queen 5

Your will, my paw!

Wait… Your Majesty… why are you growling?

Thomas Out

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25 responses to “I Am in the Presence of Royalty!

  1. *sigh*

    Even a Knight can’t get no respect!

  2. Sir Thomas, the best thing ever is the fact you treated Mama Cat as a Queen from the beginning, well before you overheard the fact of her royal position. But remember, Her Royal Highness had walked among the commoners in the world without walls for many a day, keeping her status a secret to protect herself. We wonder if she is prepared for your knightly devotion after the trials she has endured. May we suggest that you keep your allegiance to Her Majesty to yourself, perhaps confiding in Leader Otis as he is in the position to assist you. Plus, he might appreciate the distraction. As Her Highness, Mama Cat, relaxes among the Cult of Otis, then you might make your loyalty known. But springing your knowledge of her rank to soon might only raise her hackles and cause her to strike out in suspicion. Good Luck, Sir Thomas. Your quest is fraught with danger, not the least of which is Her Ladyship, herself.

  3. Aw Sir Thomas, Knight of the O(tis) Table, you are so special! When the knight was ready, the queen arrived. Don’t worry about her growling, royalty has a reputation of being touchy. I have no doubt that your brand of deference to the queen will win her heart one day. (maybe even before a certain pushy brother.. hee hee)
    Do I notice in that one picture that you are still doing that thing where you lift the one side of your lip where your tooth was removed? It’s so cute when you do that!

  4. I’m sure Mama Cat will learn to appreciate your gallantry, Sir Thomas. Perhaps you’ll even be the “gateway kitty” who teaches her that it’s okay to make friends with Brother Henry. 🙂

    • Do you think so, Rhiannon!? I am not sure a simple knight can actually be friends with The Queen though. My only wish is to serve her honorably… and not get bopped on the head by her. – Thomas

  5. Oh sir Thomas that is so wonderful you have an added mission. Remember don’t look the queen in the eye she hates that.

  6. Sweet Thomas has gotten so much friendlier and more curious since the Guardians took him in. Wish Mamma Cat would see that.

  7. ummmm…I’m kind’a thinking that MC has all the boys watching their p’s and q’s so to meow

  8. Yow Sir Thomas…ya lookz so reegal yerself purrtectin da Queen aka Momma Kat…she iz still gettin used to bein wif all of ya n safe…her growlin iz just a reeflex…in time she will meow wif joy!! (OK me WUUD meow wif joy if ya were purrtectin me!!)
    Mum n me lub da curly lip fing ya iz doing..makez ya look furrochuss fer shure!!!!
    Ya iz me HERO!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen
    Pee ess: Did ya notice Sir Thomas?? Me made it thru me reeply n did not *swoon*; me iz so proud!!! 😉

    • Way to go, Nylablue! I did not make it through without blushing though!
      🙂 – Thomas

      • Eeowww Sir Thomas….y\ iz so superblee pawsum…me just adorez ya beyond all da werdz n da werld!!! Dere NOW ya haz sumfing to *really* blush ’bout!!!! Mum sayz me shuud throw a hankie down on da ground fer ya to pick up. me sayz me jsut throw meself on da ground fer ya to pickz me up…who needz a hankie?? (What IZ a hankie??) MOL…
        Lub Nylablue ❤

  9. Keep protecting the Queen, Sir Thomas, even if she’s growling. 🙂

  10. Sir Thomas what a great deed you are charged with..protecting the Queen is an honour indeed..despite the growls 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  11. She’s lucky to have you guys!

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