None Shall Pass… Without Permission!

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. I need to tell you what happened last night. One of the Guardians trampled all over one of our venerated Cult rituals and observances! There is an unspoken order to things here in The Kingdom of Otis. There are rules that must be followed. One of those rules is that any time the bigger Guardian brushes his teeth, he must come up to Kitty Valhalla afterward and pet or brush me.

I heard the Guardian begin brushing his teeth last night, and I heard him finish. That was my cue to run to the stairs and give him the traditional pre-stair climb greeting which indicates that he has my permission to enter Kitty Valhalla with me. Imagine my shock when I found the hallway next to the stairs completely empty. Imagine my further shock when I climbed the stairs, peeked into Valhalla and discovered that the Guardian had entered without my permission!

Thomas looking wary

The Guardian had entered Valhalla without first gaining my permission. I was not pleased.

This flagrant disregard for routine put me on high alert. I mean… disregarding the usual order of things is something a wiener dog would do. How else can you explain their ridiculously long bodies and comically short legs!? I guess the Guardian must have realized he made a mistake, because he apologized to me and began giving me pets. I accepted his apology reluctantly, but I continued to eye him with my most disapproving expression.

Thomas looking displeased

I reluctantly accepted the Guardian’s apology while still maintaining my expression of disapproval.

When I determined that I had expressed the proper level of dissatisfaction with his actions, I settled in and enjoyed the rest of the night’s pets.

Thomas enjoying pets

When I determined that the Guardian had experienced enough of a reprimand, I settled in and enjoyed the pets.

After about 10 minutes of pets, the Guardian said he needed to go to bed. I disagreed. I thought that since he had broken all the rules, he needed to at least double the length of the session. As he got up to leave, I first stood at the top of the steps to block his exit. Then, when he tried to step over me, I whacked him hard on the lower leg. I am an honorable knight, so I didn’t extend my claws when I whacked him, but I know that the Guardian knows I could have. I’m pretty sure he will be thinking about that tonight while he is brushing his teeth, and afterward we shall see if he has learned his lesson.

Thomas Out

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21 responses to “None Shall Pass… Without Permission!

  1. We love these pictures Thomas, we can see your gorgeous eyes so well! Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  2. Yow Sir Thomas, Knightly Knight of da Kitty Valhalla land….yer Hu’Man waz bery bery knotty!!!! Maybee her furgot ’cause he waz bery tired!! Siriusly Mum triez diz wif me n me haz to remind her to brush me befur bed n smack sum tinkle ballz around too….
    Me lubz yer expression of disgust, it iz clearly dere on yer face…………*swoonz*
    Sorry Sir Thomas NYLABLUE has swooned again!! This was the longest she lasted while pawing a reply to you tho; that is SOME progress, right???
    As M’Lady was saying, there is a protocol here too & if I forget or try to ‘rush’ thru there are repurrcussions….a good whap usually reminds me of what must be done before bed!!!
    We Hu’Manz KNOW we must obey πŸ™‚
    Love frum Sherri-Ellen & *swooning* Nylablue

  3. Sometimes the guardians need to be put in their place.

  4. Perhaps the bigger Guardian was just testing you Sir Thomas — sometimes routines can dull the senses. Knights must maintain vigilance. But then, maybe a good clawless swack was just what was needed. One can never tell with humans — they are often fickle.

  5. You’re a strict task master, Sir Knight! That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps you can show that guardian what a disrupted routine looks like and go sleep on his spot in the bed one night. That’ll teach him because he’ll have to sleep on the floor, bwahaha! Or perhaps, you can sleep there all the time with the guardians then you can have your petting time on the comfy bed rather than in Valhalla, sound good? Maybe? Eventually?

  6. Good job Sir Thomas…gotta keep those Guardians in line!!

  7. The Guardians must learn that us kitties love routine…and they should never ever divert from it once established. Good job, Sir Thomas!

  8. Sometimes even Guardians need reminders!

  9. Goodness such cheek πŸ˜‰ most generous of you to whap without the claw I think that showed true restraint considering the breach of nightly rules ritual πŸ™‚ hugs to you sweet Thomas Fozziemum xx

  10. Leigh

    Bigger Guardian, how naughty of you! πŸ˜›

  11. Priestess Jen has been fussy lately as her favorite routine (treats before bed) has been abolished. (She has to be on a strict diet now due to skin issues.)

  12. Ms. Phoebe

    Sir Thomas I must commend mew on mewz handling of the Guardian in his shocking and flagrant disregard for tradition and protocol. Clearly mewz Guardian had something wrong with him whether it be early onset dementia, temporary insanity, lack of proper sleep, dehydration induced delirium, or simple no excuse human distraction. Regardless of what the cause, mew handled it with great distinction and the proper redirection and consequence techniques of behavior modification.
    I also must add my admiration as a tortie ladycat on mewz look of complete contempt- this is a look we torties are famous for and is sometimes referred to as ‘tortitude.’ For a cat who is not a tortie, mew have it down purrfect. This is a great and rare feat and when I say rare I mean it literally, as 99% of calicos and torties are ladycats. Male ones are not impossible, but few are born to the world compared to females- so mew truly are exceptional in so many ways!

  13. A brilliant lesson for him to learn.

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