Score Tally Sunday

My Disciples,

The votes are in and… well… Brother Henry is not very happy about the results. You see, of the 135 votes cast as of 10 am today, Brother Henry received only 5. He says it is a travesty, and it undermines the whole traditionalist Squatting Tiger movement. He was pouting all morning.

Henry disappointed

Brother Henry spent the morning pouting. He was not happy with the voting results.

So who came in first? Me! I received 41 votes, and I thank you all for supporting kitties rights to interpret Squatting Tiger however they wish or, in My case, however they are able.

Otis Playing on floor

Thank you for voting for the most inclusive approach to defining the Squatting Tiger pose!

The second-most votes were cast for “Who cares? I just want to see more cute photos of cats playing!” That option received 39 votes. Mama Cat came in third with 30 votes, and she was pretty excited. In fact, she did a flying squirrel to celebrate!

Mama Cat flying Squirrel

Mama Cat performed a Flying Squirrel to celebrate her third place standing. That’s Brother Henry in the background moping.

Brother Oliver came in 4th with 14 votes, but he is currently hiding from the Guardians so he didn’t perform any celebratory moves. Brother O had to go to The Bad Place on Friday because his left eye looked cloudy. He is now on some nasty oral meds and eye drops so he’s keeping a low profile.

Even though Sir Thomas came in 5th with only 6 votes, he still found cause for celebration. Brother Henry has been his mentor since he was swept up in The Capture, and he couldn’t believe that he got more votes than the mancat he so looks up to. He busted out a fancy, sideways aerial move to show his appreciation to his 6 supporters.

Thomas side jump

Thomas offers this crazy move as a thank you to the 6 people and fur people that voted for him.

I felt really bad that Brother Henry was so upset by his epic loss. I spent most of the morning telling him that the whole voting thing wasn’t really important at all. I told him that the point of this whole exercise was to encourage people to engage their own kitties in enriching play activities so that the kitties would have healthier, richer indoor lives. Upon hearing that, Brother Henry’s mood changed. He said, “Ohhhhh… I got so caught up in my own opinion on Squatting Tiger that I totally missed the larger point. I’m sorry Leader Otis. Of course I’m on board with encouraging Guardians to play with their kitties. In fact, I’m going to bust out a move right now so I can provide some encouragement of my own.” And then he did.

Henry flying leap

Brother Henry busted a move to encourage Guardians to play with their kitties.

I asked Brother Henry what his move was called, and he simply smiled and said, “Who cares? The only important thing is that I’m playing…” In that moment, I was very proud of My High Priest.

So Sayeth Otis

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28 responses to “Score Tally Sunday

  1. Oh, sir Thomas, thank you for the wonderful move, I was one of the 6! LOL

  2. Congratulations Otis!
    And to Henry for finally getting it!
    I think you all rocked it!!!

    • Thanks Andrea! And I’m glad Brother Henry finally realized the point of the whole competition. I really did like his Squatting Tiger though, even if he was being a bit stubborn about it being the only right way. 🙂

  3. Leigh

    Poor Brother Henry! His tummy bearing Squatting Tiger really was my fave (even though the Guardians said he would not be into belly smooches), but in the end I had to vote for the Leader’s Laying Tiger! We do love you Brother H!

  4. Well, I think ALL the moves were super-duper excellent!


  5. mistletoeandhitch

    You all displayed extraordinary talent in the Squatting Tiger category. Of course, those of us who have followed the Cult of Otis for awhile, know that the Flying Squirrel is Mama Cat’s signature move. Brother Henry never had the time to devote to his Catlympic practice due to his awesome security responsibilities. And no cat on planet earth can compete with Brother Oliver when it comes to photography. Sir Thomas, though still quite young, is the most gallant of felines and in addition boast the longest whiskers within the Cult of Otis. And you, Leader Otis, have taught your followers so much. Thanks to your wise teachings we all now realize that the heart plays a primary role in the Squatting Tiger.

  6. Seriously, we think you all are winners! Those were some excellent Squatting Tigers and we don’t think we could even come close to beating any of them. 🙂

    Hey, Mama Cat! We LOVE your Flying Squirrel!

    • Thanks Island Cats! And Mama says thanks also for the positive comment on her Flying Squirrel. She actually flies a bit lower these days due to the extra pound or two she has gained since coming into The Promised Land, but she still impresses us all. 🙂

  7. Otis, you can tell Brother Henry that I’ve been playing a lot more with my cat these days because of what I’ve learned from you and the Cult. Luna is grateful and I am too. If my house is ever attacked by a long piece of string, I know Luna will kill it with practiced ease. P.S. I loved the competition because it gave me a chance to see all your lovely bellies. I hope this doesn’t make me some kind of pervert.

    • That makes Me so happy, Rhiannon! And I know Brother Henry will be thrilled as well. Hmmm… I don’t think liking fluffy cat bellies makes you some kind of pervert. I think it makes you a wonderful human being. 🙂

  8. I forgot to add, I hope Brother Oliver’s eye gets better soon!

    • Thanks Rhiannon! It’s improving, and he has a recheck at The Bad Place tomorrow. No one even knows what he did to his eye, but it was cloudy and ouchy on Friday morning. Mama Cat said they should check for grass seeds… 🙂

  9. Ms. Phoebe

    Brother Henry, I’m sorry mew felt no one appreciated mewz moves, but that simply isn’t true- I know my human and I were quite impressed by everyone’s move and felt each of mew gave a different and insightful interpretation. Besides, look at how many votes went to ‘I don’t care, I just want to see more cute photos of kitties’- amongst those I’m sure there were more wig would have voted for mew if that option had not been there. And as Leader Otis said, the value of the competition was showing humans how important it is to play and stimulate us for out overall emotional and physical health. ConCATulations to mew all!

  10. I didn’t vote because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. All the kitties were fantastic!

  11. Leader Otis, you are indeed wise…

  12. Who is it who dares to displease Brother Henry! His commanding presence alone made us shivver.

  13. All of you looked really good. I think each interpretation was an inspiration. You have trained your Guardians well. I hope I do as well with my mama. She is a bit stubborn.

  14. In our eyez ALL of ya iz winnerz!!! We enjoyed all da pix n me even played alot more in honour of ya all!!! N me iz old butt me had sum guud play time wif Mum!!!
    Sir Thomas da move ya busted iz breath takin n pawsum….*swoonz*……
    Sorry Sir Thomas, Sherri-Ellen here…Nylablue is a bit ‘out of it’ after viewing your newest photo! The contest was super & we truly enjoyed it!! I have to say Momma Cat sure can fly like a flying squirrel…she is marvellous!!!
    Take care all of you! WE LOVE CULT OF OTIS!!!
    Sherri-Ellen & *swooning* Nylablue xo

  15. Oh Brother Henry 😦 we love your moves …and what great shots 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  16. Ahhhh…everyone is a champ because they are all in The Promised Land. Right where they belong…Sir T’s side flying squirrel is nicely done BTW..?And as you know MC always impresses us…even with a couple of added pounds 🙂

  17. Oh leader Otis I’m sorry to hear brother oliver only had six votes, but you are right. What matters is that guardians saw cats playing.

  18. All of you were excellent, but since I am a boy cat i had to make my person vote for Mama Cat. She is so gorgeous! I think the few extra pounds just add to her beauty. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

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