Squatting Tiger Week: Day 4- Brother Oliver

My Disciples,

We have now seen three takes on the Squatting Tiger pose, but it’s time to add another kitty into the mix. Today, that kitty is Brother Oliver, and he contends that none of the poses we have seen so far were even close to accurate. Brother Oliver says that a squat is when your legs are bent, but your booty is still slightly off of the floor.  Therefore, Brother Henry, Sir Thomas, and Mama Cat were all actually sitting in their photos. He thinks that they should be disqualified for performing Sitting Tigers instead of Squatting Tigers. Here, in his opinion, is how a Squatting Tiger is actually performed:

Oliver true squat

Brother Oliver says that in a true Squatting Tiger, your booty is slightly up off the floor. Otherwise, it’s a Sitting Tiger.

Whoa! Calm down everyone! Sorry, My Disciples. Brother Oliver’s controversial statement about booty placement has caused an argument to break out among the contestants. I’ll try to calm them down. In the meanwhile, ruminate on Brother Oliver’s entry and we’ll be back tomorrow with My entry in this debate.

So Sayeth Otis

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14 responses to “Squatting Tiger Week: Day 4- Brother Oliver

  1. Quite a demonstration of strength, and free swing ability. The paws curved downward represent complete control and confidence – only showing full claws and complete extension when the situation is ramped up to highest level requiring total response. While all contestants have shown a intent focus, Brother Oliver should get points for his warrior mouth position.
    Selection of a winner will be difficult

  2. Does the mouth need to be partially open for the squatting tiger? Because if so he gets bonus points. Glad you are able to take part in this leader Otis.

  3. I have to agree with Brother Oliver; they should be squatting, not sitting.

  4. The visible Fangs of Fury really do raise this pose, like Brother Oliver’s booty, to another level. I know I’d be terrified if I were a small bird. Such a tough competition! Can’t wait to see your entry, Leader Otis.

  5. Ahem….well…Brother oliveer DOES make a very vaild point!!! This makes it even harder to decide….Nylablue threw her paws up in the air & went out in her condo leaving it to me to pick the best poser….thanks Kitty Girl….. 😉
    I need some more time to ponder this….
    Is there anywya to put all the pix in one post so we can ponder them all together??
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxoxo

  6. mistletoeandhitch

    We agree with Nylablue’s Mum. Brother Oliver is correct about the bum placement…but, we wonder if the problem might be with the camera operator? Since the Squatting Tiger often transitions into a Sitting Tiger, the slightest delay by the camera operator might miss the actual squat. Also, on review, we believe Mama Cat is definitely in a squat. Anyone who doubts Mama Cat’s abilities should refer to her previous work in this area. We are sure Bother Oliver is more interested in the spirit of the competition and wouldn’t want to win on a technicality, would he? We are excited to see the next entry in this remarkable show.

  7. Brother Oliver has a point there. He’s got very good technique.

  8. ohhhhhhh…Nylablue and Mistletoe and Hitch…they’re pretty spot on there…the squat is key…let me go back to see Mama Cat *clickity, clickity*…hmmmm…oh yes!! yes! I can that Mama Cat IS DEFINITELY squatting…her tock is NOT on the ground. It is hard to see cuz of her longer furs, but there it is…her bum is off the ground…the contest is really heating up! Go Leader Otis!!!

  9. I think Brother Oliver is right about the booty thing. A squat is not a sit. But I am not an authority on the Squatting Tiger.

  10. Heavens to Murgatriod! What impressive fangs!

  11. I have to agree that the fangs add a certain something to the mix. But I disagree that everyone else we sitting, no squatting.. I think there was a very teeny tiny bit of air under everyone’s butts. I don’t think they were “sitting” sitting, they were squat-sitting!
    I’m not saying Oliver isn’t impressive, just that so were everyone else!

  12. Heather

    Brother Oliver does have a point. Leave it to Mr. Big Brain to figure that out. I appreciate a cat who makes a sound argument, though ‘m surprised he didn’t accuse the others of using substance enhancers (catnip).

    Well, hmmm…with Brother Oliver’s intelligence, game face, and fangs of fury he just might be a contender.

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