Squatting Tiger Week: Day 2- Sir Thomas

My Disciples,

Today we bring you Sir Thomas’s take on the Squatting Tiger pose. Sir Thomas contends that there are actually many different ways to do the pose, so he’s not very fussy about technique the way Brother Henry is. His feeling is, as long as you are at least kind of squatting, and channeling your inner tiger, it’s correct. He decided to do his version of Squatting Tiger on the couch.

Thomas couch squat

Sir Thomas says that as long as you are at least partially squatting, and channeling your inner tiger, you are doing Squatting Tiger.

Take another 24 hours to process Sir Thomas’s entry in this debate. Tomorrow we will bring you Mama Cat’s Squatting Tiger submission. We’re all very excited that she agreed to participate!

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13 responses to “Squatting Tiger Week: Day 2- Sir Thomas

  1. Thomas is so fluffy 🙂

  2. Nice twisting motion. Head pose is elegant yet alert and focused. Tail nicely draped. Soft surfaces present a challenge – but the couch back provides a steadying allowing extension and that twist. The competition is furrious.

  3. We agree Sir Thomas, there are many means to an end…

  4. Not only are these blog posts a gift, so are the comments. There must be some special kind of grace and humor belonging to cat lovers. What’s that? Topic? Oh yes. Well, I think Thomas is getting by with a little help from his friend the couch, but it’s nice to see his inner tiger emerge after all that doubt. Can’t wait to see Mama Cat’s entry!

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    We must admit, we went back to compare Sir Thomas’s Squatting Tiger with Brother Henry’s. After studying them both we’ve come to the conclusion that the Squatting Tiger is an art and like art it is impossible to compare two different artist. The technique of Brother Henry, so flawless and perfect, while Sir Thomas shows such flare and drama. And tomorrow we will get to see the Feminine Mastery of Mama Cat. We are breathless with anticipation.

  6. Oh we can see this is gonna be a tough competition.

  7. Well, it seems his Squatting Tiger was successful, he’s actually got his paw on the bird!

  8. Me sayz Sir Thomas n Mum sayz Brother Henry….diz iz gonna bee so hard to deecide!!
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too

  9. Sam

    Well depending on your age, why stand to do squatting tiger when you can sit to do it. You are one up on Brother Henry, you actually touched the bird.

  10. What complete extension of whiskers too!

  11. Heather

    Sorry Sir Thomas, but I’m voting for Brother Henry thus far. I’d definitely give you an award for cutest though!

    I wonder if Brother Henry can hold up to Mama Cat’s finesse? I just don’t know.

  12. Sir Thomas looks very in the zone 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

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