A Haunting Photo From Mama Cat’s Past

My Disciples,

I was looking through some photos today, and I stumbled across one that really shocked Me. It was a photo of Mama Cat that was taken on April 14 of this year. She was still in Limbo at the time, and the Guardians had  recently set up the Mama Snuggle Shack 3000 for her. Looking at the photo I was… well… I was shocked. Was this really the cat she had become?

Mama Cat Outdoor

This is Mama Cat as she appeared on April 14, 2013.

It just doesn’t seem possible, especially when I look at Mama now. I mean, take a look at this photo taken on September 22, 2013.

Mama Cat Indoor

Here is Mama Cat on September 22, 2013. See any difference?

It’s amazing what a difference a few months of affection, attention, and fulfillment of her needs has made. And you know what? Even when a door opens, she has shown no desire to return to the world without walls. She has become quite content to live within the confines of well-defined, safe boundaries. And that is where she will remain. I wish every Limbo and Shadow kitty could be so lucky…

So Sayeth Otis

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46 responses to “A Haunting Photo From Mama Cat’s Past

  1. Such good condition you guys have done a fantastic job xx

  2. What a beautiful girl. So glad she is safe and cared for.

  3. Oh, I just started crying as soon as I saw the after photo because I’m so happy for MC! She really is blessed that she was living within reach of the Guardians. I wish all cats could be so lucky.

  4. Home at last. Home at last. Lovely portrait (and so wise she came for help. We all purr others to safe havens)

  5. The first picture is absolutely heartbreaking. Bless the Guardians for sweeping her up in the Capture. I agree with Smash–I wish all limbo kitties could be so lucky.

  6. Poor Mama looks so scraggly in the first photo. How fortunate she was to live right next door to the Guardians of Otis!

  7. Awwwwww….you know we luvluvluv Mama Cat. And the change in her condition reminds me of how much my cousin Leo changed as he overcame his hepatic Lipidosis Being in our home, safe and loved gave him the will and desire to live…just like MC.

  8. JackieP

    Such a difference! She looks so much healther and happier. 🙂

  9. A transformation achieved through generosity, compassion, and love. Well done, Guardians and kitties. Even if Mama Cat’s True Spirit does sometimes manifest in hissing at Brother Henry …

  10. She looks like a completely different animal. Mama Cat is so lucky to have found a home with the Guardians. May her remaining days be many and happy. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  11. Wow, amazing. She has changed so much…I am glad I have gotten to watch her progress. Much love Mama Cat and her boys..and her Guardians. 🙂

  12. wow – what a difference. we hope ALL limbo kitties find a family as good as you!!

  13. Well, if I remember right, she used to be able to come and go at her old house until her old Guardian got too sick and they kept leaving her entrance closed up. She probably is afraid to go out now because she might not be able to get back in. She is probably afraid she would be forgotten again. So she doesn’t want to go outside again and risk such an awful thing happening.

  14. Carolina Fracas

    Amazing!!! So so happy for Mama Cat, she is a lovely lady ^^

  15. Love is such an amazing thing.

  16. She’s gorgeous….just stunning!

  17. ena

    what a difference indeed. I hope all limbo/shadow cats are as fortunate. I once rescued one and he was what my daughter to this day calls, “the best cat ever.” He was so grateful for everything we did for him. Years later we still miss him.

  18. Oh wow, the difference is incredible. You really saved this cat’s life. Can’t believe how much she has changed for the better. Proof that miracles do exist.

  19. mistletoeandhitch

    This beautiful transformation in Mama Cat got the HuMom to thinking about Hitch and his trip from the shadows to the Promised Land. He was a skinny, dirty 5 month old kitten when he hitchhiked his way home on Dec. 12th and the pictures from Christmas that year show a mischief seeking, sleek, handsome gray & white almost teenager cat. As Mama Cat’s photo proves, love changes everything.

  20. Batya Harlow

    I knew she was healthier looking, but the difference is staggering. I think Mama Cat might not have survived a winter outside. All those people who think cats should be “free” to roam the outdoors should see the before picture. It’s a great example showing that Limbo and Shadow cats are “free” to get weak, get sick, and die alone in the world without walls. Blessings on your Guardians, Otis, for taking in Mama Cat (and everyone else).

  21. Wow. What a difference. Mama Cat is one of the lucky ones. 🙂

  22. Leader Otis….those photos speak volumes!! I have never seen old pics of Momma Cat & I was shocked when i saw the April photo…poor girl looked awful…now she is gorgeous as she should be!!! I am so glad she shows no interest in the outdoors & has your Guardians to care for & love her as she deserves….it only all Shadow & Limdo cats were so lucky….thank for for sharing Momma Cat’s story!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

  23. Leader Otis what a change indeed,she looks like a different cat..but it’s not just her condition it’s her whole aura that was one of complete sadness and helplessness..bless you all for showing her the kindness that does and can exist in this harsh world..hugs Fozziemum xx

  24. Tracey Rogers

    This photo brings tears to my eyes. To see how she looked before and how great she looks now is amazing and I’m so glad she is indoors and safe. She’s an amazing kitty and she deserves to have a great life for her remaining years. Thanks to the Guardians for recognizing her need and taking her in.

  25. What a huge difference! It’s almost not the same kitty! What a difference safety and security makes in a kitty!

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